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SURVIVOR INSIDER, Vanuatu: Episode 5
« on: October 15, 2004, 11:45:40 AM »
As always posted by DCReads56
 :)_{},I will update as he adds the other clip transcipts ..

 SURVIVOR INSIDER, Vanuatu: Episode 5
 Welcome to Survivor Insider!

I finished Yasur Tribal Council, Sarge Walks the Walk, Julie and the Gender Split, Rory the Rat, Eliza Needs Her Sleep, and From Giddy to Game On.

I will transcribe Travis' Final Words, Travis: The Day After, Yasur Tree Mail, and Hey Leann, It's Your Birthday later.

Of course, some candy corn would definitely speed up the process. Only the white-orange-yellow ones, please. The ones with brown are disgusting.

Yasur Tribal Council
Travis Turned Away

Leann (Votes Travis): Travis, you had the opportunity to stay a little while longer, and you blew it today, and you know you did. But we’ll still hang out. Don’t worry about it.

Scout (Votes Bubba): Bubba, America loves you. We love ya. You’re a great father. You’re a wonderful husband. God bless you.

DC Notes: She practically yells this. So much for discretion.

Rory (Votes Bubba): Bubba, you know you’re my brother. I love you from the bottom of my heart. We were just put in an awkward situation where it’s going to be you or I. 50-50 chance. Thank you much.

DC Notes: He marks the corners of his ballot again. Why this time? To send a signal to the women? I can’t read what it says, but I’m fairly sure it doesn’t say Zion.

Lisa (Votes Bubba): Well, you know I don’t want to write your name, but

(CUT – WHY???)

Lisa: See you, guy.

Bubba (Votes Rory): Rory I picked you and I told you before I cast the vote because I don’t want the girls thinking I’m trying to throw pot shots. But the fact was, that it was, I do not regret what I’ve done, because my back was against the wall and you let me know that it was going to be one of us two before it was done. I had my back against the wall, so I was gonna do what I was gonna do.

Eliza (Votes Bubba): Bubba, I’m voting for you tonight because I wasn’t going to vote for one of my ladies. I’m glad you said no hard feelings, because I Think you’re a great guy, and I’m sorry you ended up with the short end of the deal, you know, being on our tribe. You were right: you didn’t have a chance. Sorry.

Ami (Votes Bubba): Sorry Bubba, you know why. I’m going to miss digging in the dirt with you.

Sarge Walks the Walk

Description: Never one to hold back, Sarge compares new tribemates Julie and Twila with departed Rory and Bubba. Find out how Sarge thinks the women stack up against the men.

Sarge (Confessional): Having two females in camp has changed life a lot, because even though they’re smaller, fragiler females, they’re actually putting forth more work than Rory and Bubba did. Rory and Bubba, their whole appears at the tribe was more as the jokers, the clowns. To make people laugh. They go for walks. Julie and Twila actually get down and work, constantly. So it’s a lot more work being done, and less joking. We miss the mountain humor and the Des Moines walks, but I like the work better.


On the way to – yesterday, when we got back, needed water, I took Twila down and showed her where the water creek was, and we talked about our strategies. We talked about our threats. We didn’t really talk about bonding as a group. We talked about her tribe and our tribe. What was the strong points, what was the weak points. We were talking about what we’ve been eating, where our food supply was. We talked about things that we liked out here. And we basically just kept it common. We didn’t talk about, “Hey, do you trust me right now? We’ve known each other for five minutes.” That would have made it awkward. So we kept it a nice, clean conversation. A he-said-she-said about what’s going on, what you like, what you dislike. We talked a little bit about our families and where we stand, and what have you.


On the way to the creek we talked about what alliances we had - well I don’t have any alliances. We talked about what pacts I had and what pacts I didn’t have. Who she was strong with in her camp, who made her camp weak. I told her who made our camp weak. I told her who the bad attitudes are. I told her I was overjoyed that we got rid of our bad attitude.

The walk was basically an exchange of information, and actually, it was a very enlightening walk,, to find out where they stood and where we stand. If we ever do merge, I know who the strong points on the other side are.

Julie on the Gender Split

Description: Julie and Twila are outnumbered in their new tribe, and Julie thinks that sucks. She’s ready for a win at the Immunity Challenge

Julie (Confessional): Tree mail was very artistic. We had a boat waiting for us. We all gathered around. It was pretty simple. Planned out what we had to do: gather up the parts of a boat and put it together and probably row somewhere to declare, “We win.”


Well, besides the boat, it had a map separating the boat into three different pieces, so we’ll probably have to put it together somehow, so hopefully the guys looked at that pretty well. I don’t think anyone’s studied as much as they should, but I guess that’s on them, because they said I just have to carry the flag and row it out.


Everyone’s looked at the map but Chad, I guess, was designated to put it together if needed to. And I think Sarge would be good at it just because of his military background, possibly. He was looking at it and talking about knots.


Yeah, I think we’re all looking forward to it just so we don’t have to worry about the hassle after. Or I guess me and Twila don’t, because we’re on the chopping block.


Gender split here is a little uneven, so we kind of got the outs. And John’s not really taking Twila’s bait or my bait to kind of swim on our side because the other guys were going to vote him out earlier. He’d be fourth string for them too. I don’t know. Everyone’s just giving bogus answers, and saying they’re not talking about it. And blah, everyone’s lying and it sucks, and whatever. So hopefully they’ll just vote out Twila first, and then we’ll merge, and everything will be all set for me.


It’s very poignant for us to win this challenge just for team immunity, and I think we have the advantage, strength-wise, but just for Twila and I, because we’re obviously outnumbered. It sucks!

Rory the Rat

Description: How will Rory adapt to his new Yasur tribe? Why does he compare himself to a rat? Get the answers here

(Rory and Ami collect wood)

Rory: Ami?

Ami: Huh?

Rory: All I want is a clear shot.

Ami: There’s something that I want you to look at me and say though. You’re on our team now. If you’re still on the other team, don’t bother.

Rory: If you have any doubt whatsoever that I love each and every one of you women, I feel more comfortable here than I ever did at Lopevi. My alliance was right at my home and ya’ll are making me feel at home, and I never spite someone who makes me feel at home.

Ami: Well, you know where I stand.

Rory (Confessional): With Tribal Council, you never know what’s gonna happen. But I tend to be like a rat. No matter what ends up happening, a rat can always find his way through.

DC Notes: At this point in time, he’s been hit with votes THREE TIMES. Out of THREE councils! After tonight he’s FOUR FOR FOUR. Oh yeah, he’ll find his way through all right.... to the loser lodge.

(Everyone packing for Tribal Council)

(Rory and Bubba at their “hugging circle”)

Rory: Thank you lord for everything you’ve done for us. Thank you for all the opportunities that you’ve to given us. Thank you for the beautiful days on Vanuatu. Thank you, lord, thank you.

(Rory and Bubba hug)

Rory: You know I love you, brother.

Bubba: You too, bro.

Eliza Needs Her Sleep

Description: Eliza likes Bubba and Rory, her new tribemates, but maybe not so much at night. Watch this to find out why.

DC Notes: If Eliza getting her beauty sleep will somehow reduce the size of her eyes, I say let her sleep for a week.

Eliza (Confessional): So we had dinner with our new tribemates on the beach. And they it was great. They were so appreciative. They loved us and couldn’t stop thanking us and helped us keep up the fire, and then we all kind of sat around the fire and talked for a while. So it was fun to have some new voices around. Hear some new stories. And then we went to bed (giggle). And Bubba started snoring. It sounded like somebody was trying to suffocate him. So I kind of (giggle) reached out my arm with my hat and I kind of hit him over Scout to try to get him to be quiet, because I couldn’t fall asleep. It was fine. It was nice to have them around, and hopefully we can win the immunity challenge.


So when we got back, Ami was like, we’re in the process of coking breakfast, and Ami comes back with the treemail that says this is going to be our toughest challenge yet. It’s going to be a combination of running through the jungle and paddling through the sea, and we need to study our directions. And they were accompanied by a map on how to build a boat. One of those outriggers that the natives used. And we’ve all been looking at it, trying to figure out if it’s going to be everyone’s running, everyone building, everyone paddling it. Or people assigned to certain stages, and who will sit out and how we’ll do it. And I hope we can win!


Unlike the last immunity challenge where if we didn’t win, I felt like it was possible that I could’ve been voted off, I no longer feel that’s possible, but I would still really like to win because we don’t want to vote off Bubba or Rory. We like them both a lot.

From Giddy to Game On

Description: Chad recounts the fun and frolics at Lopevi’s waterfall Reward and gives his first impressions of new members Julie and Twila.

DC Notes: I think he may actually be naked during this interview.

Chad (Confessional): At one point we’d just been gorged. We went to go to the waterfall. We were walking up to this beautiful scene. You could feel the mist. And we just wanted to cool down and celebrate, so we found this nice pool under the tallest waterfall, and it was just amazing. It was surreal how nice it was.

And we were just giddy from winning and getting to know each other, and this beautiful scene. It was just all mixed together. Amazing.


Well, you know, even though we didn’t know each other that well – well, a lot of us did – there’s something exciting about meeting new people, and especially under those circumstances, it made for really easy bonding and easy transition into getting closer. So it was perfect. It was the perfect place to get to know the other tribemates.


We sort of frolicked in the water, in the waterfall, and had a great time. And then people started getting hungry again. I did! My stomach was full, but I wanted to get back down to the chips. So we got back down and ate more and drank some more beers. Then that sort of giddiness had settled a little bit, and we were able to mellow, have a mellow talk, get to know each other. It was just perfect.


Tribal stuff came in after we had gotten to know each other a little bit better. We learned about the Yasur tribe. Some surprising stuff about, I don’t know. I have kind of preconceptions about some of the other women at the other tribe. I learned about sort of some groupings and personalities and such.


Julie and Twila, when we were there learning about the other tribe, Julie and Twila were telling us about some of the other members, and apparently those two weren’t close at Yasur when they were together, but now they are starting to get to know each other better under these circumstances. We’re learning about the other women in the tribe too. Specifically, Eliza is being, someone who seems like she’s working hard but doesn’t really get much done. That’s what I hear. I thought she was really a physical threat, but she’s apparently not. And we just heard about how the other women were voted off and such. It’s just really interesting

DC Notes: I find this comment VERY interesting. Either:
1) Julie is protecting Eliza, her only remaining alliance partner, by downplaying Eliza’s athletic skills and removing her off the threat radar
2) Eliza’s real strategy is to disguise her athletic ability with laziness
3) Twila and Julie pre-thought out what they would tell the men, and lied about some/several/many things.
4) Eliza really is a lazy, worthless donkey.


Details about the other women at the other tribe is certainly good to know. We’re kind of getting bits and pieces. It’s something – we’re putting the puzzle together.


Yeah, game’s always on. So even under the circumstances of getting to know each other and bonding, you’re still getting little clues and hints, and it’s game on.


My first impression of Twila before we had met was she was a country gal, you know. She wore a straw hat and was probably very nice and easy to talk to and stuff. And that’s the case. She’s just a genuine person, just is as generous as you can imagine. And she’s just a sweetheart.

With Julie, my first impression was that she was, I don’t know, her own –

(He crosses his legs. He’s definitely pants-less. Aaaaand there’s his hip. Yep. He’s naked. This is weird because I think he’s back at Lopevi. Does he walk around naked at camp, or just whip off all his clothes for his confessional?)

- Julie’s kind of her own person. She doesn’t have a lot of expression on her face. It’s hard to read her before I got to meet her. But now that we’re getting to know each other, she’s a lot deeper than I initially thought.


When we were bringing the girls back to our camp, we were trying to describe before we got there. We’re kind of proud of what we’ve got there, and I think we have a nice camp. So when we brought them home, we were proud to welcome new guests into our home. It was a good feeling, knowing how much work we put into it.

When we first got into camp, we showed them the hut that we’d built. Obviously, our shelter. And we have our nice little fire pit we’ve built where we sleep. It’s the Round Table, we call it sometimes. Little knickknacks around camp. And they liked it. And we were able to share oranges with them, which was a big treat.


I think that the girls were impressed to a certain extent. That the guys had done the little things. Obviously the hut and the shelter is something guys can do. But we had kind of made it look more homey and a little more aesthetically pleasing, I suppose. I think that they were impressed.