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TAR Canada 7 Racing report, episode #2 is on page #1
« on: July 09, 2019, 01:03:21 PM »
I will do reports for all legs again but some of them may be a bit late as I will be traveling.
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Re: TAR Canada 7 Racing report, episode #1 is one page #1
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Racing report
Amazing Race Canada Season 7, Episode 1, "Canada get more maps"
Film dates: 2019-04-23 - 2019-04-24

This seasons starts at David Pecaut Square in Toronto. 9 teams assemble here and then Jon presents the 10th team. Before the race CTV let Canada choose among three teams of former racers and Canada choose Jet & Dave so they get to run the race again.

The racing teams are:
  • Sarah & Sam - Olympian Teammates from Toronto and Calgary, AB
  • Nicki & Aisha - best friends from Toronto
  • Anthony & James - married couple from Edmonton, AB
  • Lauren & Joanne - sisters from Regina, SK
  • Aarthy & Thinesh - dating couple from Vancouver
  • Trish & Amy - friends from Toronto
  • Meaghan & Marie - queer twin sisters from Halixfax, NS
  • Gilles & Sean - grandfather and grandson from Sunderland, ON
  • Dave & Irina - married couple from Montreal, QB
  • Jet & Dave - best friends from season 1
Jon also presents the prize for the winners of this season. It is two new Chevrolet cars, a trip for 2 around the world, $250,000 and the title.

When Jon says go teams rush up the stairs where their find the first clue waiting on their bags.

Make your way to Extreme
Reach recording stdio and
search outside for your
next clue!

You have $900.00 for
this leg of the race.

NOTE: In this leg there
are two Express Passes
up for grabs!
Teams rush to find taxis.
 "We're scared of Canada's choice, Jet & Dave kind of ruined my day", Gilles & Sean

They arrive at the studio in the following order:
  1. Dave & Irina
  2. Jet & Dave     
  3. Gilles & Sean
  4. Nicki & Aisha
  5. Anthony & James
  6. Sarah & Sam
  7. Meaghan & Marie
  8. Lauren & Joanne
  9. Aarthy & Thinesh
 10. Trish & Amy

Road block: Woo can hear the lion roar?

In this sponsor road block contestants must record the voice over for the trailer to the upcoming Disney move the Lion King. They do have the text in front of them, all six lines of it, but timing is everything and the judge is strict. Each contestant seem to get a practice room but there are only two recording studios where they can do the task.

We learn that Aisha has a degree in acting so she feels confident with this task.
 "Cut, go back and practice", but the director has other ideas
 "I got to my second line and she said cut so that's not good", Jet

 "I've got to memorize these lines", Sam thinks he has to memorize it all
 "I have wasted so much time", Sam when he realizes the lines are in the recording booth

Teams complete this road block in the following order (* denotes team member doing the road block):
1(+0)Dave & Irina*    (0-1)On her 1st attempt
2(+0)Jet* & Dave      (1-0)On his 2nd attempt
3(+1)Nicki & Aisha*   (0-1)On her 7th attempt
4(+3)Meaghan* & Marie (0-0)On her 4th attempt
5(+5)Trish* & Amy     (1-0)On her 5th attempt
6(-3)Gilles & Sean*   (0-1)On his 8th attempt
7(+1)Lauren & Joanne* (0-1)On her 7th attempt
8(-3)Anthony* & James (1-0)On his 6th attempt
9(+0)Aarthy & Thinesh*(0-0)On his 8th attempt
10(-4)Sarah & Sam*     (0-1)On his 13th attempt

The next clue sends teams to the Ontario food terminal (17min 14km). Here they must search for two halves of a postcard which will reveal their next destination.

Teams find the two halves in the following order:
 1(+1) Jet & Dave     
 2(-1) Dave & Irina
 3(+0) Nicki & Aisha
 4(+1) Trish & Amy
 5(+2) Lauren & Joanne
 6(-2) Meaghan & Marie
 ?(+?) Sarah & Sam
 ?(+?) Anthony & James
 ?(+?) Aarthy & Thinesh
 ?(+?) Gilles & Sean

The postcard tells teams to go to Kamloops BC. They must now make their way to the Toronto airport and sign up for one of two flights landing 30 minutes apart.

The first flight carries:
  Jet & Dave     
  Dave & Irina
  Nicki & Aisha
  Lauren & Joanne
  Trish & Amy

The second flight carries:
  Meaghan & Marie
  Sarah & Sam
  Anthony & James
  Aarthy & Thinesh
  Gilles & Sean

Teams fly to Kamloops via Vancouver.

Once they land they need to find a sponsor car and their next clue in the parking lot.

Road block: "Who likes mine games?"

In this road block the team mate who did not perform the previous road block must zip-line 1000ft across the abandoned Ajax Copper mine. While they do that they must throw a yellow ball so it lands inside a target floating on the lake 100ft below. They will get their next clue once they hit the target.

 "I know where we are, I just don't know where we are going", Amy

Teams arrive to the mine (33min 25km) in the following order:
  1. Jet & Dave     
  2. Nicki & Aisha
  3. Dave & Irina
  4. Lauren & Joanne
  5. Anthony & James
  6. Trish & Amy
  7. Sarah & Sam
  8. Aarthy & Thinesh
  9. Gilles & Sean
 10. Meaghan & Marie

 'I'm a basketball player, I've got this on lock", Nicki is sure of herself (but misses)

 "He's gonna get it in the first try, 100%", Irina is certain of her husbands abilities
 "What happens if he doesn't?", Jet

The only one really struggling here is Gilles which takes quite a few tries. Sean gets stressed when all other teams have left and they are the only ones left.
 "At this point I need a team to mess up for us to get trough this game", Sean (and fortunately for them somebody is messing up)

Teams complete this road block in the following order (* denotes team member doing the road block):
1(+2)Dave* & Irina    (1-1)On his 1st attempt
2(-1)Jet & Dave*      (1-1)On his 3rd attempt
3(+1)Lauren* & Joanne (1-1)On her 2nd attempt
4(+3)Sarah* & Sam     (1-1)On her 1st attempt
5(+1)Trish & Amy*     (1-1)On her 2nd attempt
6(-4)Nicki* & Aisha   (1-1)On her 3rd attempt
7(+3)Meaghan & Marie* (1-1)On her 2nd attempt
8(+0)Anthony & James* (1-1)On his ?th attempt
9(-1)Aarthy* & Thinesh(1-1)On his 2nd attempt
10(-1)Gilles* & Sean   (1-1)On his 7th attempt

Route info: Drive yourselves to Circle Creek Ranch an search the grounds for your next clue.

 "As a navigator it is my job to follow the map, but I don't have a map", Jet
Jet & Dave have trouble finding the ranch.
 "Navigate to the youngest person with the newest phone", Jet has some navigational tricks
Eventually Jet & Dave arrive in Merritt, which is about an hour from where they need to be. Here they find somebody who can show them where they should be.

Teams arrive to Circle Creek ranch (14min 8.7km) in the following order:
  1(+0) Dave & Irina
  2(+2) Sarah & Sam
  3(+0) Lauren & Joanne, just after #2
  4(+3) Meaghan & Marie
  5(+1) Nicki & Aisha
  6(+2) Anthony & James
  7(-2) Trish & Amy
  8(+0) Aarthy & Thinesh
  9(+0) Gilles & Sean
 10(-8) Jet & Dave     

At this ranch teams must search a heard of 30 calves. Their next location is written on a tag attached to the ear of one of the cows. The text is written in fairly small type so they must get relatively close without spooking the younglins.

Lauren & Joanne work with Sarah & Sam at this task. This makes sense since they are both there together but one team is ahead so they are probably not fighting for first.
 "We're hoping that if we do this together, none of us are eliminated", Sam

 "This is way harder than I thought", Meaghan

 "I hope I get to do some dressage, most beautiful of the horse dances", Dave (of Jet & Dave)
Teams get the next destination "Kamloops bike ranch" in the following order:
  1(+0) Dave & Irina
  2(+1) Lauren & Joanne
  3(-1) Sarah & Sam, just after #2
  4(+0) Meaghan & Marie
  5(+2) Trish & Amy
  6(+0) Anthony & James
  7(-2) Nicki & Aisha
  8(+0) Aarthy & Thinesh
  9(+0) Gilles & Sean
 10(+0) Jet & Dave     


Drive yourself to the
Kamloops Bike Ranch
and search the bike
trails on foot for Jon at
your first Pit Stop.

Warning! The last team
to check in may be
The bike ranch (16min 14km) is a big place and Jon is waiting at the top plateau.

Nicki & Aisha has trouble finding Jon. They think he will be at the bottom, which is very wrong.

Teams reach Jon and the mat in the following order:
  1(+0) Dave & Irina, win a trip to Cape town and 2 express passes
  2(+1) Sarah & Sam
  3(+1) Meaghan & Marie, just after #2
  4(-2) Lauren & Joanne, just after #3
  5(+0) Trish & Amy
  6(+0) Anthony & James
  7(+1) Aarthy & Thinesh
  8(-1) Nicki & Aisha
  9(+0) Gilles & Sean, just after #8
 10(+0) Jet & Dave, are eliminated

The winners get 2 express passes. One for them to use and one which they must give away by the end of the 3rd leg.

 "This is like the worst thing that could have happened", Dave
 "We learned a hard lesson. Maps are very important. They actually show you locations. Maps are great. Hey, Canada get more maps", Dave gets the title

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Re: TAR Canada 7 Racing report, episode #2
« Reply #2 on: July 13, 2019, 01:41:56 PM »
Racing report
Amazing Race Canada Season 7, Episode 2, "Our Competition's Not That Smart"
Film dates: 2019-04-26

The last pit stop was at the top of the Kamloops Bike Ranch. Teams are released from the Riverside Park in central Kamloops after a pit stop of over 24h. They are released in the following order:
1.Dave & Irina    05:46
2.Sarah & Sam     06:13+0:27
3.Meaghan & Marie 06:15+0:29
4.Lauren & Joanne 06:16+0:30
5.Trish & Amy     06:23+0:37
6.Anthony & James 06:45+0:59
7.Aarthy & Thinesh06:46+1:00
8.Nicki & Aisha   06:56+1:10
9.Gilles & Sean   06:57+1:11

Route info: Drive yourselves to Revelstoke, British Columbia. Find your next clue along the way at the last spike.

The last spike is a memorial 47km outside Revelstoke and is a memorial where the Canada Pacific railway was completed. Teams will pass it on the way to Revelstoke.

 "Our competitors are not that bright so we're gonna do fine", Irina gets the title
 "Canada's most hated couple", Dave has a good idea how they will be portrayed

 "I'm gonna do better today", Gilles feels he let his grandson down in the last leg

As long as you get on to the trans Canada Highway navigating is easy. Teams seem to arrive at the last spike (1h53min 166km) in the following order:
 1(+1) Sarah & Sam
 2(+1) Meaghan & Marie
 3(-2) Dave & Irina
 4(+2) Anthony & James
 5(+0) Trish & Amy
 6(-2) Lauren & Joanne
 7(+1) Nicki & Aisha
 8(-1) Aarthy & Thinesh
 9(+0) Gilles & Sean

Road block: Who is ready for the main course?

In this road block contestants must drive a dirt bike one lap around a track in 1:50 or less.

The task takes place at Glacier House resort (39min 52km) and teams have to do some navigating to get there. They arrive to the road block location in the following order:
 1(+2) Meaghan & Marie
 2(+1) Dave & Irina
 3(-2) Sarah & Sam
 4(+2) Lauren & Joanne
 5(-1) Anthony & James
 6(-1) Trish & Amy
 7(+2) Gilles & Sean
 8(+0) Aarthy & Thinesh
 9(-2) Nicki & Aisha

Before teams may go on the actual track there is a mini driving school they must pass.
 "I kind of want to see that on tape", Joanne after she lost control of her bike during training

We learn that Marie broke her neck in 2016 but she miraculously recovered. Meaghan is very worried about her during this task. And it does not get better when on her first attempt Marie loses control in a jump and does a really spectacular wipe-out. But she is fine.

The non participating team members wait in a small lookout shelter. Here they start piecing together who went home in the last leg. They are all very happy when they realize that it was Jet & Dave who got eliminated.

Most racers seem to manage this task relatively easily. Sure many fall off their bikes but must seem to get it on their first or second attempt. The only one we see struggling is Joanne who gets scared of the bike so she needs 7 attempts before she makes it by exactly hitting the maximum time.

Teams complete this road block in the following order (* denotes team member doing the road block):
1(+1)Dave* & Irina    (2-1)
2(-1)Meaghan & Marie* (1-2)
3(+2)Anthony & James* (1-2)
4(+4)Aarthy* & Thinesh(2-1)
5(-2)Sarah & Sam*     (1-2)
6(+1)Gilles & Sean*   (1-2)
7(-1)Trish* & Amy     (2-1)
8(+1)Nicki & Aisha*   (1-2)
9(-5)Lauren & Joanne* (1-2)

Detour: Plant or paddle

In plant teams must travel to the BC Interior Forestry Museum (15min 13km). Here they must pick up 40 tree seedlings which they must plant at the correct distance and depth.

In paddle teams must drive to Williamson lake (21min 15km) where they must collect five flags. The trick is that they must do it while paddling two kayaks which are tied together bow to stern and stern to bow.

Dave & Irina goes for the planting. Irina does not see that they have a measuring rope so she start measuring the distance with her steps.
 "Oh fudge, I didn't think we had a rope", Irina after they see Anthony & James use theirs
They are nearly done when they find the rope and when they measure they realize they have planted the trees at the wrong distances so they have to redo everything.

Meaghan & Marie has done kayaking before. They are very surprised when they realize they kayaks are tied together forwards and backwards.
 "This isn't normal kayaking", Marie

 "So I'm a canoeing instructor, but the problem is boats are not supposed tied together going in opposite directions", Gilles

 "I can't even keep a house plant alive", Trish has doubts about their planting

Not only did Lauren & Joanne struggle at the road block, they are also having a hard time finding the detour. In short they are very last at this time.

Lauren & Joanne is the last team to arrive at the tree planting detour. Strangely enough both they and the two teams still present are cheered up by this. Nicki & Aisha and Trish & Amy are happy that they know on team is behind them and Lauren & Joanne are happy to see other teams.

Teams complete the detour in the following order:
 1(+1) Meaghan & Marie, paddle
 2(-1) Dave & Irina, plant
 3(+1) Aarthy & Thinesh, paddle
 4(+1) Sarah & Sam, paddle
 5(+1) Gilles & Sean, paddle
 6(-3) Anthony & James, plant
 7(+0) Trish & Amy, plant
 8(+0) Nicki & Aisha, plant
 9(+0) Lauren & Joanne, plant


All aboard!

Drive yourselves to the
Revelstoke Railway
Museum and use all the
pieces in a model train
set to build a track.

Then conduct your train
around the track to
receive your next clue.

Teams must now drive themselves to the railway museum (9min from both detours). They arrive in the following order:
 1(+0) Meaghan & Marie
 2(+0) Dave & Irina
 3(+1) Sarah & Sam
 4(-1) Aarthy & Thinesh
 5(+0) Gilles & Sean
 6(+0) Anthony & James
 ?(+?) Trish & Amy
 ?(+?) Nicki & Aisha
 9(+0) Lauren & Joanne

The track they put together must use all available pieces and form a closed circuit without any dead ends.

 "I was a train nerd when I was a kid", Anthony
This turns put to be a hard puzzle. The trick is forming a track without dead ends with the pieces they have (4 switches and a bunch of straights and curves). There are multiple possible solutions.

Meaghan & Marie struggle with this task. It is so bad that they think about taking a penalty. Eventually they ask Sarah & Sam if they can come and look at theirs. Sarah & Sam know how much racers can help each other so they agree, probably hoping for a future pay back.

Lauren & Joanna arrive as Trish & Amy leave and the only other team still at the task is Nicki & Aisha.

Teams complete this task in the following order:
 1(+3) Aarthy & Thinesh
 2(+0) Dave & Irina
 3(+2) Gilles & Sean
 4(-1) Sarah & Sam
 5(-4) Meaghan & Marie
 6(+0) Anthony & James
 7(+?) Trish & Amy
 8(+?) Nicki & Aisha
 9(?0) Lauren & Joanne

Route info: Drive yourselves to Revelstoke Mountain resort.

At the resort (14min 8.5km)  teams must ride the gondola to the top and then search on foot for the mat. It is a bit of a walk and the height makes it a lot harder, but nobody seems to have any trouble finding Jon so either the way was marked or players could see it from the gondola.

As usual when you have two teams fighting for last we see the first team struggling and the second team seem to cruise through all navigation. But we are jaded and have seen that kind of edit many times. It is usually just a trick to add excitement to a non-exciting situation. But in this case the edit did not lie.

Teams reach Jon and the mat in the following order:
 1(+0) Aarthy & Thinesh, win a trip to Madrid and an express pass
 2(+0) Dave & Irina, just after #1
 3(+0) Gilles & Sean
 4(+0) Sarah & Sam
 5(+0) Meaghan & Marie
 6(+0) Anthony & James
 7(+0) Trish & Amy
 8(+1) Lauren & Joanne
 9(-1) Nicki & Aisha, are eliminated

Jon tells Aarthy & Thinesh the express is good until the end of the 7th leg.

 "Team 8 is not team 9, we're still here", Joanne can hardly believe that they survived

 "Even though we did not make it as we wanted to, we have some good stories", Nicki