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Nat Geo is picking up a new show by Bertram and Elise called "Race to the Center of the Earth". Per the article, Four teams of "adventurers" will be racing around the world on a "challenging course" on a quest to beat the others to a buoy in the middle of the ocean and win $1 million. There aren't eliminations, but the first team to reach the buoy splits the $1 mil. Apparently, it's supposed to be sort of like a mix of a survival show and "action-thriller" race show.


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National Geographic has ordered an eight-episode series called Race to the Center of the Earth from Amazing Race creator Bertram van Munster and executive producer Elise Donagieri.

"Our goal is to create a gripping, completely real experience that pushes the edges of adventure and embeds viewers in extreme action, breathtaking drama and stunning locations as we follow four highly skilled teams on the race of a lifetime," said Geoff Daniels, executive vp unscripted entertainment, National Geographic Networks. "Unlike other competition formats, Race to the Center of the Earth will combine the grittiness of a survival show with the cinematic style of a feature film action-thriller dropping viewers into the middle of a heart-pounding journey unlike anything ever made for television."

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