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Racing report season 31, episode #4 is on page #1
« on: April 21, 2019, 02:43:31 PM »
Placeholder for the title.
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Re: Racing report season 31, episode #1
« Reply #1 on: April 21, 2019, 02:44:58 PM »
Racing report
Amazing Race Season 31, Episode 1, "You're in our race now"
Film date: 2018-06-10 - 2018-06-11

After a way too long hiatus the race is finally back. This time with a special season billed as a reality clash with contestants from previous seasons of Big Brother, Survivor and The Amazing Race.

This race starts at the end of the pier at Hermosa beach in Los Angeles, CA. The contestants this year are:
  • Rupert & Laura - married, Survivor
  • Janelle & Britney - friends, Big Brother
  • Leo & Jamal - cousins, Amazing Race
  • Nicole & Victor - engaged, Big Brother
  • Rachel & Elissa - sisters, Big Brother and Amazing Race (Rachel)
  • Colin & Christie - life partners, Amazing Race
  • Tyler & Korey - friends, Amazing Race
  • Becca & Floyd - friends, Amazing Race
  • Art & JJ - friends, Amazing Race
  • Chris & Bret - friends, Survivor
  • Corinne & Eliza - friends, Survivor

 "I'm doing this for you Pablo", Leo is racing for his cat

The start happens on the edge of the pier and the first task is to dig into a giant octopus sand sculpture on the beach to find their first clue. And when Phil says go the teams start running the ~400m to the beach and start digging.

 "My sand is broken", Christie make a reference to an earlier saying by Colin

Teams find their clue in the sand in the following order:
  1. Rachel & Elissa
  2. Rupert & Laura
  3. Nicole & Victor
  4. Becca & Floyd
  5. Janelle & Britney
  6. Leo & Jamal
  7. Chris & Bret
  8. Colin & Christie
  9. Tyler & Korey
 10. Corinne & Eliza
 11. Art & JJ

Route info: "Fly to Tokyo, Japan."

The starting line task had a second part which is not shown on the telecast. It involved pulling down octopus kites and looking for clues on their tails. Allegedly this task let you win an extreme roadblock which allowed you to make a roadblock harder for another team. Rumor has it that this went unused so it seems production cut the whole task.

All teams are on the same flight to Tokyo:
 AA169  LAX-NRT  12:25 - 15:55+1

Once teams arrive in Tokyo they are put on a bus and driven to Shibuya. Teams are handed their next clue when they exit the bus.

This clue is a route info telling them to travel on foot to one of two locations and pick up their next clue. The locations are ACB Lock & Security and Tokyo Tokyo restaurant. Both locations are about 500m away from where teams are dropped off (next to the Apa Hotel). There is a limited number of clues at each location.

Here teams are immediately thrown into the  the deep end of the pool. They get a navigational task at night in a chaotic city where there is a big language barrier. As one could expect chaos ensues.

 "Racers have an advantage. this ain't Big Brother, this ain't Survivor, You're in our race now", Jamal gets the title
 "Umm, I don't even know what to do", Rupert

Leo & Jamal spot a clue location across the street but as they have a number of other teams following them they pretend to be lost and fight over directions. Eventually the other teams move on and they can go and collect their clue.

As Rachel & Elissa find the locksmith they call Tyler & Korey who are nearby.

Teams reach one of the two clue points in the following order:
  1. Rupert & Laura, the restaurant
  2. Chris & Bret, the restaurant
  3. Leo & Jamal, the locksmith
  4. Janelle & Britney, the restaurant
  5. Colin & Christie, the restaurant
  6. Becca & Floyd, the locksmith
  7. Nicole & Victor, the restaurant
     Rachel & Elissa, the restaurant, but it is out of clues
     Tyler & Korey, the restaurant, but it is out of clues
  8. Rachel & Elissa, the locksmith
  9. Tyler & Korey, the locksmith
 10. Corinne & Eliza
 11. Art & JJ

Route info: "Travel on foot to the 5th floor of Edgeof Shibuya Building." This building is about 500m away.

 "This is way harder than Survivor", Rupert
Teams find the clue box in the Edgeof building in the following order:
  1(+2) Leo & Jamal
  2(+3) Colin & Christie
  3(+1) Janelle & Britney
  4(+3) Nicole & Victor
  5(+3) Rachel & Elissa
  6(+3) Tyler & Korey
  7(-1) Becca & Floyd
  8(-6) Chris & Bret
  9(-8) Rupert & Laura
 10(+0) Corinne & Eliza
 11(+0) Art & JJ, after all others have left

Road block: "Who wants a sweet new pair of shoes?"

This road block is yet another task inspired of a Japanese game show. Teams must find one of only 12 shoes made of chocolate in a room filled with more than 100 shoes, and they way to do this is to bite into it. They must sit down on a bench and indicate to the staff which shoe they want to try and when the shoe is brought to them they must try to take a bit to figure out if it is made from wood or chocolate.

If the shoe was wood the staff takes it to the side to be washed before they place it back on the shelf.

Once they find a shoe made of chocolate the staff draws two red lines on it and both team members must eat up to their respective line.

Teams complete this road block in the following order (* denotes team member doing the roadblock):
1(+0)Leo & Jamal*      (0-1)On his 6th attempt
2(+1)Janelle* & Britney(1-0)On her first attempt
3(-1)Colin & Christie* (0-1)On her 12th attempt
4(+0)Nicole & Victor*  (0-1)On hist 43rd attempt
5(+1)Tyler* & Korey    (1-0)Seems to find it on his first attempt
6(-1)Rachel & Elissa*  (0-1)On her 10th attempt
7(+0)Becca & Floyd*    (0-1)On his 14th attempt
8(+0)Chris* & Bret     (1-0)After at least 27 attempts
9(+0)Rupert & Laura*   (0-1)
10(+0)Corinne & Eliza*  (0-1)On her 39th attempt
11(+0)Art & JJ*         (0-1)After many attempts

The next clue tells teams to travel by taxi to Onarimon Station. Once there they must proceed to Shiba Koen and search for their next clue.

 "We feel like we're a strong team and we haven't been able to prove that", Corinne thinks they are stronger than their placement indicates

Shiba Koen is a park and Onarimon Station is right at the edge of it. The park is not that big and the clue box is about 100m from the station, but some people have a hard time finding it. Janelle & Britney head down into the metro station and waste a lot of time down there. And then we have Rupert & Laura. Instead of going through the park they follow the street at the edge.
 "There's lights that way", Laura spots the challenge across the street, but Rupert does not think it can be it so they continue

Teams find the clue box in the park in the following order:

  1(+0) Leo & Jamal
  2(+1) Colin & Christie, as #1 is still doing this task
  3(+2) Tyler & Korey
  4(+0) Nicole & Victor, as #3 is at the task
  5(+1) Rachel & Elissa, as #3 is finishing
  6(+1) Becca & Floyd
  7(+1) Chris & Bret
  8(-6) Janelle & Britney
  9(+1) Corinne & Eliza
 10(+1) Art & JJ         
 11(-2) Rupert & Laura, as #10 is still here

Road block: Who wants to climb Mt Fuji?

In this road block contestants must dress up in a leotard and a ridiculous wig (which hides a helmet). Then they have to climb up a 20ft slippery slope and grab a clue from the top. There are hand holds on the slope but they start a bit up and are quite far apart.

Also the person who did not do the previous road block must do this one.

This task is extra hard since it has been (or is) raining so the slippery slope is extra slippery as it is wet.

Floyd is very sure that Becca will do it in under 30 seconds, and she delivers.

Most teams seem to complete this task without much trouble. The exceptions are Leo, Bret and Art. Leo struggled a lot. Bret got up fairly easily but he has not read his clue properly so he does not know what to do at the top so he slides down again without grabbing a clue. He then struggles when he has to climb it again.
 "I can't say anything", Chris at least know the rules
 "Go twinnie, you can do it", Eliza know at least something about the race

The biggest surprise here is Art.
 "I'm in way better shape than I was 7 years ago", voice over as he starts the task
Art struggles and after a while his legs start to cramp.
 "This is embarrassing", JJ
Eventually they realize that there is no way Art will be able to complete the task so they decide to take the penalty. This is four hours and they have to wait it out at the spot.

As they are waiting Rupert & Laura finally arrive, after having wandered through the park for more than two hours.

So Art & JJ can only sit and watch as Rupert attempts the climb. Art is pretty sure Rupert will never make it, but is proven wrong when Rupert gets to the top on hist first try.

Teams complete this road block in the following order (* denotes team member doing the roadblock):
1(+0)Leo* & Jamal      (1-1)
2(+0)Colin* & Christie (1-1)
3(+0)Tyler & Korey*    (1-1)
4(+0)Nicole* & Victor  (1-1)
5(+0)Rachel* & Elissa  (1-1)
6(+0)Becca* & Floyd    (1-1)
7(+0)Chris & Bret*     (1-1)
8(+0)Janelle & Britney*(1-1)
9(+0)Corinne* & Eliza  (1-1)
10(+1)Rupert* & Laura   (1-1)
11(-1)Art* & JJ         (1-1)Art was unable to do the climb so they took the 4h penalty

Route info: "Make your way to the very first Pit Stop, Atago Jinja"

This temple is built on the highest hill in Tokyo and as Phil introduces it he also tells us that the last team to check in will be eliminated.

Teams reach Phil in the following order:
  1(+0) Leo & Jamal, win a 7 day cruise in Tahiti
  2(+0) Colin & Christie
  3(+0) Tyler & Korey
  4(+1) Rachel & Elissa
  5(+1) Becca & Floyd
  6(-2) Nicole & Victor
  7(+0) Chris & Bret
  8(+0) Janelle & Britney
  9(+0) Corinne & Eliza
 10(+0) Rupert & Laura
 11(+0) Art & JJ, are eliminated

At the pit stop Phil asks Chris & Bret about how the race differs from Survivor.
 "It is go go go, decisions, decisions, you have lots of time on Survivor to ponder your next move. Here it is go!", Chris

 "It just felt a little bit out of sync for us today", JJ

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Re: Racing report season 31, episode #1 is on page #1
« Reply #2 on: April 21, 2019, 03:19:06 PM »
I was waiting for this!!
To all the people that went on record saying the leg design was "shockingly bad", take a look at how many navigation issues the teams faced and how much the positions kept changing up until the last task.

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Re: Racing report season 31, episode #2
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Racing report
Amazing Race Season 31, Episode 2, "Knock the Newbie out of us"
Film date: 2018-06-13 - 2018-06-14

The last pit stop was at Atago Jinja, a temple in Tokyo. This also seems to be where teams are released after about 28 hours. They are released in the following order:
1.Leo & Jamal      00:42
2.Colin & Christie 00:45+0:03
3.Tyler & Korey    00:54+0:12
4.Rachel & Elissa  01:00+0:18
5.Becca & Floyd    01:04+0:22
6.Nicole & Victor  01:06+0:24
7.Chris & Bret     ??:??+?:??
8.Janelle & Britney??:??+?:??
9.Corinne & Eliza  02:06+1"24
10.Rupert & Laura   04:25+3:43

Route info: "Fly to the city of Luang Prabang in Laos"

When they arrive they must travel by Tuk Tuk to Villa Santi where a courier will arrive with they next clue before sunrise.

The extra information mentions "When traveling in Laos you should wear pants and a shirt which covers your shoulders, stomach and back".
 "Hawaiian shirts are coming out", Becca

At the starting line we get an interview with Colin who think they have a grown a lot since season 5. He was very intense and frantic back then but has since noticed that that does not really help you get anywhere faster.

First teams must go to "Tickets Today" and pick up their tickets.

Tickets Today is a small ticket agency which is just a window to the street, or at least that is what is open when the racers get there in the middle of the night.

When they arrive in their taxis to the area where the ticket agent is Elissa asks Floyd if they should work together to find it. Then it seems as if Nicole & Victor arrive and Becca & Floyd join them as well and go looking. They do not seem to wait for Rachel & Elissa when they seem busy talking to their camera (about how they just formed Team Fun 2.0). Rachel & Elissa feel hurt by this.

At the airport Rupert & Laura are happy to see the other teams.
 "We just want to keep in the race and keep getting more knowledge, keep getting more experience and knock this newbie out of us", Rupert gets the title
All teams are on the same flight via Hanoi. It seems their flight was something like:
  VN311  NRT-HAN  10:00 - 14:10
  QV314  HAN-LPQ  19:10 - 20:30

All teams make it to Villa Santi where they get a chance to sleep a few hours before the courier arrives at 05:00. When he arrives he is mobbed by racer wanting their next clue.

Route info: "Make your way to give on to the monks"

Teams must now make their way to Wat Sensoukaram and participate in a ceremony where they must give to the monks.

Rupert & Laura share a Tuk Tuk with Leo & Jamal. The other teams make it there on foot. The Tuk Tuk ends up behind Corinne & Eliza. The girls make sure to stay on the road and make sure the Tuk Tuk can not pass them.

 "The Afghanimals looked like they had the most fun when we watched them on TV", Eliza
 "And then they weren't that fun or helpful", Corinne

Teams arrive at Wat Sensoukaram in the following order:
  1. Chris & Bret
  2. Tyler & Korey
  3. Janelle & Britney
  4. Corinne & Eliza
  5. Leo & Jamal
  6. Becca & Floyd
  7. Rupert & Laura
  8. Colin & Christie
  9. Rachel & Elissa
 10. Nicole & Victor

They pick up baskets of offerings and sit down in the order they arrived. After a while the monks arrive and receive their offerings.

Once the racers run out of offerings they run back to the table where they got their baskets and get their next clue. Some racers at the back of the line seems to run out faster because they run over as the ones at the front are still handing out offerings.

Route info: "Make your way on foot to the big tree by the Mekong river and search for your next clue".

 "Half the teams ran that way and half the teams ran that way", Jamal when they arrive at the river
At the tree teams find a double U-turn board. They reach it in the
following order:
  1(+8) Rachel & Elissa, U-turns Becca & Floyd
  2(+6) Colin & Christie
  3(+7) Nicole & Victor
  4(+1) Leo & Jamal
  5(+1) Becca & Floyd, U-turns Tyler & Korey
  6(-2) Corinne & Eliza
  7(-5) Tyler & Korey
  8(-5) Janelle & Britney
  9(-8) Chris & Bret
 10(-3) Rupert & Laura

Leo & Jamal were thinking about U-turning Tyler & Korey but then decided to let Becca & Floyd, who were just arriving, do it. They make sure to tell team Fun to U-turn Tyler & Korey though.

Detour: "ABC or BBQ"

In ABC teams must go a nearby school (Ecole maternel Louangprabang) and learn to pronounce the letters of the Laotian alphabet. The letters all sound very much alike to westerners but the board they learn them from has English versions written on it as well (like kor, khor, kkhor, ngar...). Once they think they got it they go to a nearby classroom where they have to repeat the letters as the teacher points to another board (this time without the English versions). The classroom is filled with very cute kids which laughs when they make an error, but the judging does not seem too harsh.

In BBQ teams must head to a nearby market and prepare barbecue skewers. They first have to go and buy the ingredients, 3 ducks and eight fish. Then they have to gut and descale the fish and cut the ducks.

 "Big Brother did not prepare us for the exhaustion of the race at all", Britney
 "We saw right away that the language was very tonal", Korey

Teams complete the detour in the following order
        Tyler & Korey, ABC
  1(+5) Corinne & Eliza, ABC
  2(+2) Leo & Jamal, BBQ
  3(+0) Nicole & Victor, NNQ
        Becca & Floyd, BBQ
  4(+4) Janelle & Britney, BBQ
  5(-3) Colin & Christie, BBQ
  6(-5) Rachel & Elissa, BBQ
  7(+3) Rupert & Laura, ABC
  8(-3) Becca & Floyd, ABC
  9(+0) Chris & Bret, BBQ
 10(-3) Tyler & Korey, BBQ

Route info: "Travel by Tuk Tuk to Elephant village on the bank of Nam Khan river and search for your next clue".

On their way to the Elephant Village Corinne & Eliza are in the lead but they stop when they see a sign and start debating what it means. As they do so two other teams pass them.

When they arrive at the Elephant village Corinne & Eliza and Janelle & Brittney run past the clue box at the entrance. Once inside Victor starts to help them but is stopped by Leo. Eventually the girls backtrack and find the clue.

Teams find the clue at the Elephant village in the following order:
  1(+1) Leo & Jamal
  2(+1) Nicole & Victor
  3(-2) Corinne & Eliza
  4(+0) Janelle & Britney
  5(+0) Colin & Christie
  6(+0) Rachel & Elissa
  7(+1) Becca & Floyd
  8(+1) Chris & Bret
  9(+1) Tyler & Korey
 10(-3) Rupert & Laura

Road block: "Who likes to be in command?"

In this road block contestants must get up on an elephant and then using commands in Lao convince it to cross the river and search for a musician in the jungle.

 "My life is made", Nicole as she rides her elephant across the river
 "Wait, there is no like harness? I'm just gonna bareback?", Britney

All teams are at this road block at the same time. But they are spread out as it seems to take a while. Also the deciding factor here seems to be which elephant you get, the last teams to arrive got the most sluggish elephants.

 "Pai baby please", Rupert tries to get his elephant to move.
 "This is the slowest footrace I've ever seen", Victor as the first teams try to get their elephants to go the last bit
 "I'm so happy", Korey likes being on an elephant
 "He loves elephants but I do not think he loves that elephant", Laura sees Rupert struggle to get his elephant to move

Teams complete this road block in the following order (* denotes team member doing the roadblock):
1(+1)Nicole* & Victor  (2-1)
2(-1)Leo & Jamal*      (1-2)
3(+0)Corinne* & Eliza  (2-1)
4(+2)Rachel & Elissa*  (1-2)
5(+0)Colin & Christie* (1-2)
6(-2)Janelle & Britney*(1-2)
7(+2)Tyler & Korey*    (1-2)
8(+0)Chris* & Bret     (2-1)
9(-2)Becca* & Floyd    (2-1)
10(+0)Rupert* & Laura   (2-1)

The next clue is a route info telling teams to race to the next pit stop. They must first travel by Tuk Tuk to Wat Xiengthong where they can board a long tail boat which will take them to Prince Phetsarath's palace.

The first two teams finish the road block seconds after each other and there is a mad dash to the pit stop. At a crucial moment Leo & Jamal manage to confuse Nicole so they can pass them and are first to the boats.

Teams reach Phil in the following order:
  1(+1) Leo & Jamal, win $2,500 each
  2(-1) Nicole & Victor
  3(+1) Rachel & Elissa
  4(+1) Colin & Christie
  5(+1) Janelle & Britney
  6(-3) Corinne & Eliza
  7(+0) Tyler & Korey
  8(+0) Chris & Bret
  9(+0) Becca & Floyd
 10(+0) Rupert & Laura, are eliminated

 "I consider myself one of the toughest survivors out there, and Amazing Race kicked my ass", Rupert
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Re: Racing report season 31, episode #2 is on page #1
« Reply #4 on: April 28, 2019, 08:44:17 AM »
Maf, here are the things:

The Pit Stop rest was in between 28 hours long, not 24 hours.

Also, the flight from Hanoi to Luang Prabang on June 13th, 2018 was Lao Airlines 314, departed at 19:10 and arrived at 20:30.

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Re: Racing report season 31, episode #3
« Reply #5 on: May 06, 2019, 04:51:39 AM »
Racing report
Amazing Race Season 31, Episode 3, "Here Fishy, Fishy, Fishy"
Film date: 2018-06-16 - 2018-06-17

The last pit stop was at Prince Phetsarath's palace in Laos. They may be released from the same place but we are only shown glimpses of the start. We are not even shown the start order.

From hints in the behind the scenes videos we can guess they got released around 06:30.

The first clue tells teams to fly to Ho Chi Minh city in Vietnam. Teams also get an IPhone which they must use to book their tickets on using the Travelocity app.

Once they arrive in Vietnam they must go to the house of Vietnamese medicine and find a doctor who will give them their next clue.

At the airport in Laos Becca & Floyd speak to Tyler & Korey and try to make amends for U-turning them in the last leg. They even have a peace offering, a package of Beccas heme made trail mix. After a while Rachel & Elissa turn up and they also have a small peace offering which they give to Becca. Everybody act civilized but we will see what happens in the future.
 "We are seeking revenge", Becca

Also at the airport the Big Brother teams (Rachel & Elissa,  Janelle & Britney and Nicole & Victor) make an alliance.

All teams are on the same flight. Probably:
  VN931  LPQ-REP  14:40 - 16:05
  VN812  REP-SGN  18:20 - 19:38

At the airport in Vietnam there is the customary mad dash for taxis (accompanied by the ride of the Valkyries inspired music)

The center for Vietnamese medicine is located in a building with multiple floors so teams have to search a bit to find the doctor.

As Leo & Jamal leave the center they encounter Corinne & Eliza. They try to fool the girls by arguing and saying it is not here. They manage to sow a little doubt but the girls soon decide out they must be lying and find the doctor.
 "They are the biggest liars", Corinne & Eliza

Teams find the doctor in the following order:
 1. Colin & Christie
 2. Tyler & Korey
 3. Becca & Floyd
 4. Rachel & Elissa
 5. Janelle & Britney
 6. Nicole & Victor
 7. Leo & Jamal, arrive after the earlier teams have left
 8. Corinne & Eliza, arrive as #7 are leaving
 9. Chris & Bret, arrive as #8 are leaving

Detour: Reel it in or Light it up

Reel it in takes place at Thanh Da, a local prawn restaurant. Here guests must catch their own dinner in a big pool. Teams must catch 8 giant prawns using a fishing pole to get their next clue.

In light it up teams must learn a dance routine. Then put on light-up suits and perform it together with a dance group in a dark room in front of a strict judge.

The detours are located just across the street from each other.

The dancing is harder than teams expected. The routine is quick and the judge is strict. There is only one stage where they can perform so after teams have done an attempt they must go to the back of the line.

 "We choose dance because we were both professional cheerleaders together", Rachel
 "Here Fishy, Fishy Fishy", Korey gets the title

At the fishing detour there are lots of locals also fishing so teams can get some tips. But mainly it is a matter of patience and some luck.

At the dancing Becca & Floyd are the first to leave the training area and that pays dividends when they are able to do their second attempt immediately as no other teams are waiting.
 "Are these light up suits?", Floyd is very exited when he realizes that the suits will light up
 "Energy, we got that", Becca when she hears the judge wants more energy
 "I think it was harder than any of us realized it was going to be", Colin about the dance
 "I feel like the dance could have gotten better if we weren't completely exhausted and dehydrated", Janelle & Brittney

The prawns turn out to be very big
 "Oh my go, that is humogo", Tyler
Once caught teams must open the mouth of the prawn to get the hook out. This is not for the faint of hearth. Specially Corinne & Eliza have trouble with this as they prawn keeps pinching them, and it actually manages to cause some minor bleeding.

Chris & Brett initially decide to go dancing but after having made one attempt they switch to fishing. They arrive to the fishing pond just as Corinne & Eliza leave.

Teams complete the detour in the following order:
 1(+2) Becca & Floyd, dance on their 2nd attempt
 2(-1) Colin & Christie dance on their 4th attempt
 3(+3) Nicole & Victor dance on their 8th attempt
 4(+3) Corinne & Eliza, fishing
 5(-4) Tyler & Korey, fishing
 6(-3) Rachel & Elissa dance on their 18th attempt
 7(-2) Janelle & Britney dance on their 6th attempt
 8(+1) Chris & Bret, fishing
 9(-2) Leo & Jamal dance on their 27th attempt

Road block: Who is ready to tune out?

In this road block teams must learn a few lines of a popular song in Vietnamese. They will then have to perform this in a Karaoke bar.

The team member not doing the karaoke gets to party with the locals in the performance area.

At the Karaoke Leo has a different approach where he skips practicing and goes direct to performing. It does not go well so he has to go back and actually do some practicing.

Teams complete this road block in the following order (* denotes team member doing the roadblock):
1(+0)Becca & Floyd*    (2-2)Leaves before the next team arrives
2(+1)Nicole & Victor*  (2-2)
3(-1)Colin* & Christie (2-2)
4(+1)Tyler* & Korey    (2-2)
5(-1)Corinne & Eliza*  (2-2)
6(+1)Janelle* & Britney(2-2)
7(-1)Rachel* & Elissa  (2-2)
8(+1)Leo* & Jamal      (2-2)
9(-1)Chris & Bret*     (2-2)

The next clue is a route info sending teams to the next pit stop at the Ho Thi Ky flower market.

Teams reach Phil in the following order (the arrival times are approximate)
1(+0)Becca & Floyd    22:50Win a trip to the Bahamas
2(+0)Nicole & Victor  23:38(+0:48)
3(+0)Colin & Christie 23:50(+1:00)
4(+0)Tyler & Korey    00:05(+1:15)
5(+0)Corinne & Eliza  00:20(+1:30)
6(+0)Janelle & Britney00:55(+2:05)
7(+0)Rachel & Elissa  01:00(+2:10)
8(+0)Leo & Jamal      01:12(+2:22)
9(+0)Chris & Bret     01:30(+2:40)Are saved by a non-elimination

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Re: Racing report season 31, episode #4
« Reply #6 on: May 11, 2019, 03:18:19 AM »
Racing report
Amazing Race Season 31, Episode 4, "I took out a polar bear"
Film date: 2018-06-18

The last pit stop was at the Ho Thi Ky flower market in Ho Chi Minh city, Vietnam. This is also where teams are released after a pit stop of 28 hours.

1.Becca & Floyd    02:47
2.Nicole & Victor  03:36(+0:49)
3.Colin & Christie 03:46(+0:59)
4.Tyler & Korey    04:06(+1:19)
5.Corinne & Eliza  04:19(+1:32)
6.Janelle & Britney04:55(+2:08)
7.Rachel & Elissa  05:02(+2:15)
8.Leo & Jamal      ??:??(+??:??)Probably at 05:12 (+2:25)
9.Chris & Bret     ??:??(+??:??)Probably at 05:30 (+2:43)

Route info: Make your way to Snowtown Saigon.

 "We are just like Mom and dad coming to play with all the young millenials with their big followings", Colin likes to keep a low profile
 "Is there anything we can improve from the last leg, other than... I don't know", Eliza
 "Why are we not better at this than they are?", Corinne wants to be better than the Big Brother teams

Snowtown opens at 06:30 so all teams have time to bunch up.
 "It's okay, at least we can juggle", Becca

Once it opens teams rush in and to the top of the not very big slope. Here they must find sleds (not that hard) and ride them down to the bottom where somebody dressed up as a polar bear will give them their next clue.

At the bottom of the slope there are a couple of locals who help the racers to stop. But they fail to stop Britney who instead crash into the polar bear.

Chris & Bret also find their speed bump here. They must make enough snowballs to fill a cooler and then bring it to the next route marker. The polar bear inspects all the snowballs as they make them, and he seems to be a strict judge They must be large enough and tight. This task is not trivial since the "snow" they have to work with is more like ice, and they are still in their summer clothes so it is cold and their hands get numb.
 "It was a very picky polar bear", Chris & Bret

The next clue is a route info which tells teams to make their way to the College Transportation Central and search the grounds for their next clue.

Outside teams frantically search for taxis. Rachel & Elissa seem to have kept theirs. Corinne & Eliza try to jump into it but Rachel & Eliza chase them off. Leo & Jamal also seem to have a taxi waiting. Some of the other teams seems to have to spend a lot of time hunting for a taxi.
 "On season 5 there would have been a lot more profanity, it would have been bad/i]", Colin after the hunt for a taxi

Teams arrive to the transportation hub in the following order:
 1. Leo & Jamal
 2. Rachel & Elissa
 3. Nicole & Victor
 4. Corinne & Eliza
 5. Chris & Bret
 6. Becca & Floyd
 7. Colin & Christie
 8. Janelle & Britney
 9. Tyler & Korey

Road block: Who feels like driving themselves crazy?

In this tasks teams must make their way through a scooter course. They must stay between the lines and may not touch the ground with their feet. The scooters have manual gears so it is not trivial to drive them.
 "It looks really hard, but luckily I have major balance", Elissa

Eliza really struggles with this task, a very contributing reason is probably that she is afraid of the scooter.
 "I'm getting worse, not better", Eliza
Teams complete this road block in the following order (* denotes team member doing the roadblock):
1(+0)Leo & Jamal*      (2-3)On his 6th attempt
2(+0)Rachel & Elissa*  (2-3)On her 7th attempt
3(+0)Nicole & Victor*  (2-3)On his 3rd attempt
4(+3)Colin* & Christie (3-2)On his 1st attempt
5(+0)Chris* & Bret     (3-2)On his 4th attempt
6(+0)Becca* & Floyd    (3-2)On her 2nd attempt
7(+1)Janelle* & Britney(3-2)On her 5th attempt
8(+1)Tyler & Korey*    (2-3)On his 5th attempt
9(-5)Corinne & Eliza*  (2-3)On her 10th attempt

Route info: Make your way to Binh Quoi Village #1 to find your next clue.

Teams get their clue here in the following order:
 1(+0) Leo & Jamal
 2(+0) Rachel & Elissa
 3(+1) Colin & Christie
 4(-1) Nicole & Victor
 5(+1) Becca & Floyd
 6(-1) Chris & Bret
 7(+0) Janelle & Britney
 8(+0) Tyler & Korey
 9(+0) Corinne & Eliza, arrive as team #6 are leaving

Detour: Irritation or Irrigation

In irritation both team members must get into a traditional Vietnamese circular boat (same type as broke Flo). Teams must paddle ~180 meters to retrieve a basket of fish. On the way they need to carry their boat over two bridges and avoid some annoying fishermen.

In irrigation teams must complete an irrigation wheel and once they get their build approved they must use it to fill an urn with water. They start by picking up a bag of parts and then go to an almost complete wheel where they must add their parts. There is an example to look at but not right where they are building.

It is hard to figure out which detour is the better choice from just the clue. Here we quickly see that paddling the boat is way quicker than building the irrigation wheel.

 "This looks like more fun anyway", Becca is happy they choose to paddle

Leo & Jamal have no problem with the building but then they realize they have to fill the urn as well, and this takes a long time. Rachel & Elissa struggle with their building. After some failed attempts Rachel wants to switch but Elissa wants to continue. After some more attempts the finally judge approves them. Then they also have to fill their urn.
 "This is worse than watching paint dry", Elissa

Colin & Christie are close to making a big mistake. When they get to the baskets with fish Colin grabs 5 fish and puts them in their boat. He leaves the basket which they also need to bring. But as he starts paddling back Christie rereads the clue, smart, and realize their mistake. They turn around and pick up the basket as well. This allows Nicole & Victor to pass them.

As they row back Chris is paddling and kneeling close to Brett.
 "Brett is taking a little love-ride"m Chris
 "I always dreamed Venice would be like this", Brett

 "I just sliced my finger wide open", Korey cut himself on the boat

Rachel & Eliza think that the annoying fishermen, who are standing up in their boars, are showing how they should do it so they both stand up in the boat. This is probably the reason they are the only team which capsizes.

We see that as Rachel & Elissa leave Corinne & Eliza are lifting their basket over one of the bridges so they are not quite as close behind as the edit suggests.

Teams complete the detour in the following order:
 1(+3) Nicole & Victor, paddle
 2(+1) Colin & Christie, paddle, just after #1
 3(-2) Leo & Jamal, build
 4(+1) Becca & Floyd, paddle
 5(+1) Chris & Bret, paddle
 6(+2) Tyler & Korey, paddle
 7(+0) Janelle & Britney, paddle
 8(-6) Rachel & Elissa, build
 9(+0) Corinne & Eliza, paddle

The next clue tells teams to run to Phil on the mat in Tam Vu Park. What we do not get to see in the telecast at right before the pit stop teams encountered a head to head. Teams had to play badminton against each other and the winners of each match could check in and the losers had to play the next team. The last team to loose faces elimination.

The pit stop greeter is a very cute little girl who definitely has an emotional impact on some of the racers.

Teams check in to the pit stop in the following order:
 1(+1) Colin & Christie, win a trip to the Dominican Republic
 2(-1) Nicole & Victor
 3(+2) Chris & Bret
 4(+0) Becca & Floyd
 5(+1) Tyler & Korey
 6(-3) Leo & Jamal
 7(+0) Janelle & Britney
 8(+0) Rachel & Elissa
 8(+0) Corinne & Eliza, are eliminated

 "She did it all today, I took out a polar bear", Brittney tells that Janelle did carry the team this day (and get the title)

Corinne & Eliza arrive to the mat as Rachel and Elissa stands there, and then things turn awkward. Corinne & Eliza are very sore losers. They roll their eyes when Rachel & Elissa try to be gracious and tell them how much they respect them.

 "We gave it everything we had, and when you know that you've given it everything you have and you still fail. They you, like what I had wasn't enough, which is the lowest of the low feeling", Corinne

It get so bad that Corinne & Eliza feel they have to step away from the mat so they can act out their disappointment away from Rachel & Elissa. There is nothing in what was shown which indicates that Rachel & Elissa bears any blame in this, they did try to act with respect but Corinne & Eliza refused to accept it.
 "I just couldn't cry on the mat in front of them like I'm not gonna give them the satisfaction", Eliza

Part of the reason for their extreme reaction could be that they felt that they were superior to the big brother teams and then it really hurt to loose to one of them. At least that is the impression the editors give us. Corinne & Eliza also make some comments about blocking other contestants on social media, but apparently that did not happen.

Normally each episode ends with an inspiring quote from the eliminated tea, but no such thing this week.