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Ryan, HOH, Jonathan, Anthony & Tom nominated, to be continued...

Feeds Summary
Wednesday, Jan 23, 2019

Feeds up at midnight.
Dina, Tom, Kato, Ryan, Jonathan playing cards in Kitchen. Tamar, Kandi, Lilo & Natalie in HoH bath.
Spoiler: Mooch is gone.
Spoiler: Kato won Veto.
Huge fight between Tamar & Kandi. Tamar tells Ricky that Kandi is shady as hell.
Natalie & Lilo studying days. Ricky won Veto but did not use it. Mooch left - there is talk of him claiming to be a mole. Ryan nom'd Kandi to replace Mooch. A second POV was played and Kato won (ceremony to come)
Natalie talks deal to Tom: if either of them wins HOH, they are safe, along with Lolo, Tamar & Kato.

(More to come, I will post here!)

-Ryan thinks the best option is Lolo as renom. Jonathan thinks Joey is best and seems to have convinced Ryan.
-Veto Ceremony today.
Ryan still unsure on a renom. Ryan asks Lolo & Natalie who they think should go up. A lot of tension here. Dina's name comes up.
Ryan talks to Joey about Joey being a pawn. Joey agrees to it.
Tom wears a Captain's jacket for the Veto Ceremony - says he found it in the "Tickle Trunk" in the HOH. [give yourself points if you know the Canadian trivia referenced here]
Feeds back after Veto Ceremony: Kato used Veto on Tom. Ryan named Joey as replacement.
Tamar is back in bed crying and Natalie & Lolo can't deal with her anymore. Natalie complains she is tired/has a cold & in no mood for Tamar.

Updated Status:
HOH: Ryan
POV 1: Ricky, not used.
POV 2: Kato, used on Tom
Final Noms: Jonathan, Kandi & Joey
*Kato & Natalie have immunity (from 1st HOH)
First Eviction is Friday

Ryan's HOH is a mess! The first HOH should have been easy!!! If Kato uses the Veto on Tom, Ryan will have to put up Dina in his place??? If Ryan nom'd Kandi as a pawn (my spec) he won't be able to nominate anyone else as a pawn. lmao

Well this is unfortunate. I'm sure so many news media were chomping at the bit waiting for him to dish on Trump and the White House, just like Omarosa.

It's been noted that if Anthony is gone, then why isn't his pic grayed-out???


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