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Racing report TAR Canada 6 (episode 2 is on page 1)
« on: July 08, 2018, 01:18:25 PM »
Placeholder for title.
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Racing report TAR Canada 6 episode 1
« Reply #1 on: July 08, 2018, 01:20:13 PM »
Racing report
Amazing Race Canada Season 6, Episode 1, "Just a Beaver hero"
Film date: 2018-04-23 - 2018-04-24

This season start at Vancouver Island. The 10 teams are riding tandem bicycles to the starting line. They are:
  • Chewy & Happy, Retired Canadian air force pilots and best friends from southern Ontario
  • Leanne & Mar, Mentors and cheerleaders from Toronto
  • Martina & Phil, Volunteering siblings from Vancouver
  • Taylor & Courtney, RCMP officers and siblings from Langley BC
  • Courtney & Adam, Engaged first responders from Calgary, Alberta
  • Todd & Anna, Dating advocates from Edmonton, Alberta
  • Zainab & Monica, Navy sailors and friends from Toronto
  • Dylan & Kwame, Coaches and friends from Fort Mc Murray, Alberta
  • Joseph & Akash, Volunteers and friends from Toronto
  • Nancy & Mellisa, Elite athletes and team mates from Tabor and Pine Lake, Alberta

The starting line is a Hatley castle and teams gather on one of the lawns. Jon tells teams that the grand prize will be two cars (one each), one around the world trip for two, $250,000 and the title.

The first clue can be found on the bags which are somewhere on the castle grounds. And once Jon says go teams can run and find them. Actually the bags are lined up just in front of the castle. And since that is where all the camera crews are waiting the teams have no problem finding them.

The first clue is a route info: "Take the BC ferries and drive to Squamish, BC". Teams must now jump into one of the waiting cars and drive themselves to the ferry (36km 34min).

So the race starts with some self driving and navigation.
 "Oh my god, what a rush", Nancy
 "We already look like the dumb jocks", Kwame as they have trouble finding the ferry terminal

All teams, and their cars, travel on the ferry from Swatz Bay to Tsawwassen terminal. all but one make the first ferry (although Courtney & Adam barely make it). Dylan & Kwame just miss it and have to take the next ferry which leaves 2 hours later.

The ferry takes 1:35.

Once on the main land teams must find the Sea to sky gondola in Squamish (105km 1h22min). Getting there means to drive along the outskirts of Vancouver. But Zainab & Monica take a detour trough downtown, which turns out to not be a shortcut.

When teams arrive to the Sea to sky gondola they find a sign up sheet. They sign up in the following order:

Gondola 1:
  Chewy & Happy
  Nancy & Mellisa

Gondola 2:
  Leanne & Mar
  Todd & Anna

Gondola 3:
  Martina & Phil
  Taylor & Courtney

Gondola 4:
  Courtney & Adam
  Joseph & Akash

Gondola 5:
  Zainab & Monica
  Dylan & Kwame

The episode is cut so it looks like teams go directly from the sign up sheet onto the gondolas. But in reality they spent the night nearby and the gondola ride happened the following morning.

At the top teams find a clue box which contains a road block: "Who wants to save a beaver?"

In this road block contestants must ride a short zip-line out to a net suspended in mid air 500m above the canyon floor. Here they will be strapped into a bungy-jump rig. The task is then to jump from the net and to grab a beaver toy hanging nearby. They have to jump high and far enough to grab the beaver before gravity takes over and they plunge towards the canyon floor way down there. If they fail they have to go to the back of the line and try again.

Teams arrive to the road block in the following order:
  1. Chewy & Happy
  2. Nancy & Mellisa
  3. Leanne & Mar
  4. Todd & Anna
  5. Taylor & Courtney
  6. Martina & Phil
  7. Courtney & Adam
  8. Joseph & Akash
  9. Dylan & Kwame
 10. Zainab & Monica

 "I've never done anything like this", Chewy
 "Just a beaver hero", Courtney (with Adam) gets the title
 "Thank god I'm already fixed", Chewy seems to find the harness tight

Teams complete this road block in the following order (* denotes team member doing the roadblock):
1(+1)Nancy* & Mellisa  (1-0)On her 1st attempt
2(+1)Leanne* & Mar     (1-0)On her 1st attempt
3(+1)Todd* & Anna      (1-0)On his 1st attempt
4(+1)Taylor* & Courtney(1-0)On his 1st attempt
5(+1)Martina & Phil*   (0-1)On his 1st attempt
6(+3)Dylan* & Kwame    (1-0)On his 1st attempt
7(-6)Chewy* & Happy    (1-0)On his 2nd attempt
8(+2)Zainab & Monica*  (0-1)On her 2nd attempt
9(-2)Courtney & Adam*  (0-1)On his 2nd attempt
10(-2)Joseph & Akash*   (0-1)On his 2nd attempt

Route info: "Drive yourselves to Squamish days loggers sports festival and search for your next clue".

Teams reach the clue box by the festival grounds (6km 5min) in the following order:
  1(+0) Nancy & Mellisa
  2(+0) Leanne & Mar, while Mellisa is doing the task
  3(+1) Taylor & Courtney, after the first two teams have left
  4(-1) Todd & Anna
  5(+0) Martina & Phil, after the previous teams have left
  6(+0) Dylan & Kwame, while Martina is climbing
  7(+0) Chewy & Happy, after the previous teams have left
  8(+0) Zainab & Monica, after the previous teams have left
  9(+1) Joseph & Akash, while Zainab is doing the task
 10(-1) Courtney & Adam, after all other teams have left


Who's ready to log on?

NOTE: The team
member who did not
perform the last Road
Block MUST attempt this

In this road block racers bust gear up and climb to the top of an 80ft pole using spiked shoes and a rope.

 "I have a hard time gauging how much I need to push her. I don't really know Mellisa much", Nancy
 "This is really really tiring", Anna
 "It looks pretty darn high", Martina as she is gearing up for the climb

As she is climbing Martina doubts her ability to complete this challenge. But after a commercial break she has pulled herself together and keeps at it and eventually reaches the top.

 "To be in last place is the worst feeling, and I'm terrified of heights", Courtney (with Adam)

Teams complete this road block in the following order (* denotes team member doing the roadblock):
1(+0)Nancy & Mellisa*  (1-1)
2(+0)Leanne & Mar*     (1-1)
3(+0)Taylor & Courtney*(1-1)
4(+0)Todd & Anna*      (1-1)
5(+1)Dylan & Kwame*    (1-1)
6(-1)Martina* & Phil   (1-1)
7(+0)Chewy & Happy*    (1-1)
8(+1)Joseph* & Akash   (1-1)
9(-1)Zainab* & Monica  (1-1)
10(+0)Courtney* & Adam  (1-1)

Route info: "Drive yourselves to Darrell bay and search for your next clue"

Teams reach the clue box at Darrell bay (6km 8min) in the following order:
  1(+0) Nancy & Mellisa
  2(+0) Leanne & Mar
  3(+0) Taylor & Courtney
  4(+0) Todd & Anna
  5(+0) Dylan & Kwame
  6(+0) Martina & Phil
  7(+0) Chewy & Happy
  8(+0) Joseph & Akash
  9(+0) Zainab & Monica
 10(+0) Courtney & Adam

Teams must now grab a tandem paddle board and make their way out into the bay. Here they will find over 20 buoys, each with a crab trap submerged below it. Teams must pull up a crab trap and bring it back to shore. Each trap contains one crab, but not all of them are of regulation size. If it is too small they have to go back out and get another one.

It is not shown in the episode but according to interviews some teams had to go back for new crabs many times.

Nancy & Mellisa overthinks the task and thinks that the obvious buoys are too easy and that the traps must be elsewhere. But they quickly spot their mistake.
 "I don't think it's here, we've got to hustle our asses back", Nancy

The last five teams all catch up with each other at this task. Which is demoralizing for the first of them but very uplifting to the last ones. And it seems they all finish very close to each other as well.

Teams complete this task in the following order:
  1(+1) Leanne & Mar
  2(-1) Nancy & Mellisa, just after #1
  3(+1) Todd & Anna
  4(+1) Dylan & Kwame
  5(-2) Taylor & Courtney, their 4th crab was big enough
  6(+3) Zainab & Monica
  7(+1) Joseph & Akash
  8(-2) Martina & Phil
  9(+1) Courtney & Adam
 10(-3) Chewy & Happy, say they tried about 15 crabs

The next clue instructs teams to drive to the Britannnia mine museum (8km 7min). Here they must find Mill No 3 where Jon and the pit stop are waiting.

There is an exciting footrace for last. Joseph & Akash have the lead but miss the entrance. In the end Joseph is first, Happy is second and Akash is third.

Teams reach the mat in the following order:
  1(+0) Leanne & Mar, win a trip to Tokyo
  2(+0) Nancy & Mellisa
  3(+0) Todd & Anna
  4(+0) Dylan & Kwame
  5(+0) Taylor & Courtney
  6(+0) Zainab & Monica
  7(+1) Martina & Phil
  8(+1) Courtney & Adam
  9(-2) Joseph & Akash
 10(+0) Chewy & Happy, are eliminated

 "If you are at loss for some of Mel's little idiosyncrasies, come and see me", Jon to Nancy (Jon has been teammate with Mellisa)
 "To be part of Amazing Race Heroes edition is humbling, it's an honor to represent the men and women in the armed forces", Happy

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Re: Racing report TAR Canada 6 (episode 1 is on page 1)
« Reply #2 on: July 08, 2018, 07:08:23 PM »
OMG, maf does these for international TARs <333333333333333333333

Great work, yet again!  :clap2: :conf: :woohoo: :cheer:
The Amazing Race and Hunted. Two of the GREATEST shows on television!

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Re: Racing report TAR Canada 6 (episode 1 is on page 1)
« Reply #3 on: July 11, 2018, 09:52:11 AM »
Due to some traveling the first episode is rather late. And upcoming episodes may also be late since there is a lot of traveling in the coming weeks.

Don't worry about it! Thank you for doing them and we will he happy to read them whenever they come!  :)

Pretty sure you knew that last season

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Racing report TAR Canada 6 episode 2
« Reply #4 on: July 13, 2018, 01:31:41 PM »
Racing report
Amazing Race Canada Season 6, Episode 2, "Fiddler's Fart"
Film date: 2018-04-25 - 2018-04-26

The last pit stop was at the Britannia mine museum in Sqamish, BC. Teams are released the following morning in the following order:
1.Leanne & Mar     13:09
2.Nancy & Mellisa  13:12+0:03
3.Todd & Anna      13:27+0:18
4.Dylan & Kwame    13:40+0:31
5.Taylor & Courtney13:42+0:33
6.Zainab & Monica  14:34+1:25
7.Martina & Phil   14:35+1:26
8.Courtney & Adam  14:36+1:27
9.Joseph & Akash   14:48+1:39


Make your way to Dawson
city Yukon. Search
outside the arrivals
terminal for your 2018
Chevrolet Silverado High
Country and find your
next clue inside.

You have $350 for this
leg of the race.

NOTE: In this leg there
are three Express
Passes up for grabs!

 "We're trying to find our way because we've only met a few times", Nancy

Martina has realize that she is the slowest runner so they had a quick look at what they actually need and consolidated that into one backpack. So on the way to the Vancouver airport they stop and give her backpack and some of their extra food to a homeless man.

Teams start this leg by driving to the Vancouver airport. It seems production has provided tickets because everybody is on the same flight to Dawson city via Whitehorse. It also seems teams spent the night in Whitehorse since it is early morning when they arrive in Dawson City.

The first clue in the cars tells teams to load their car with a campsite kit. Then they must drive to the Dredge No. 4 National Historic Site (26km 27min). Here racers will choose one of nine stations and set up a campsite with all of the gear to exactly match a provided example.

There is also a bonus prize here. The fastest team will win $5000 from Woods (a race sponsor).

 "Me and Adam do a lot of camping", Courtney
 "We're going to rock this challenge", Adam is sure they will get the bonus prize

As expected the campsite is elaborate. There is a tent, with an inflatable frame, beds, chairs, backpacks, stove etc. Lots of small details.

We quickly realize that some teams are used to tents with an inflatable frame, and some are not.
 "We do not camp", Martina

Joseph & Akash are having bigger problems than the others. They soon realize that they forgot to bring their tent, so they have to go back to the airport to pick it up. And given the distance this must cost them close to an hour.

True to their predictions Courtney & Adam is the first team to ask for a check. But they have missed one detail. It takes a while for them to realize that they have forgotten a gear net, and then it takes them a while to find it.

In the end teams complete this challenge in the following order:
 1. Todd & Anna
 2. Dylan & Kwame
 3. Courtney & Adam
 4. Nancy & Mellisa
 5. Leanne & Mar
 6. Taylor & Courtney
 7. Martina & Phil
 8. Zainab & Monica
 9. Joseph & Akash

The next clue tells teams to drive themselves to the bank of British North America in downtown Dawson City and search for their next clue.

The clue box by the bank is easy to find as it is located on the corner just outside the bank (16km 23min). Teams arrive here in the following order:
 1(+0) Todd & Anna
 2(+0) Dylan & Kwame
 3(+0) Courtney & Adam
 4(+1) Leanne & Mar
 5(-1) Nancy & Mellisa
 6(+0) Taylor & Courtney
 7(+0) Martina & Phil
 8(+0) Zainab & Monica
 9(+0) Joseph & Akash


It's time for a gold rush!

Using a GPS device,
collect 5 gold coins
located at different GPS
waypoint sites around
Dawson City and
exchange them at the
Bank of British North
America for your next

NOTE: There is one
Express Pass located at
three different GPS
waypoint sites.

The provided GPS units have nine waypoint sites programmed. Five leads to people handing out gold coins, three to an express pass and one is a dud. The express passes are located at the cemetery, the post office and the cultural center (but the teams do not know that)

 "Physically we are a threat, but cognitively maybe not as much", Kwame on why they need an express pass

At the cultural center Courtney & Adam run into Nancy & Mellisa. They decide to find the coin here together. Once inside they find a bunch of first nations people who start singing and dancing. Once they are done they hand over an express pass to Nancy & Mellisa (who did enter the center first).

One of the waypoints is at the post office. Here the clerk asks teams what their box number is. The trick is that there is a bunch of post boxes nearby, and they have small windows. Todd looks at them and sees an express pass in #286 so they ask for that and receive it.

 "We're currently running around Dawson city like chickens with our heads cut off", Courtney Courtney & Adam decide it is a better idea to drive around to the waypoints instead of running. Then they almost get into a fight about who should use the GPS. But the fight fizzles

Dylan & Kwame arrive to the post office after Todd & Anna have picked up the express pass which was here. They waste a lot of time looking though all the boxes for an express they feel should be there.

Teams collect all five gold coins and make their way back to the bank in the following order:
 1(+0) Todd & Anna, got an express pass
 2(+1) Courtney & Adam
 3(+2) Nancy & Mellisa, got an express pass
 4(+0) Leanne & Mar, got an express pass
 5(+1) Taylor & Courtney
 6(+1) Martina & Phil
 7(-5) Dylan & Kwame
 8(+1) Joseph & Akash
 9(-1) Zainab & Monica

The next clue is a detour:

Detour: "Chance" or

Chance: Become
blackjack dealers and
deal 2 hands each to
the satisfaction of the
Pit Boss to receive your
next clue.

Dance: Pull up your
petticoats and perform a
rousing Can-can routine
with the chorus line to
receive your next clue.

NOTE: There are limited
stations at both detours.

The dancing takes place at the historic Palace grand theater. The routine they have to learn is complicated and lasts 2-3 minutes. I.e. this is a hard detour.

The card dealing takes place at Diamond Tooth Gerties gambling hall. Teams must learn the rules of blackjack to be able to work as dealers. Both players must deal 2 hands each. There is only one table where teams may perform the task so there will be a line.

Contestants have to dress up for both detours.

 "I did not expect to dance the Can-can in Dawson city today", Todd
 "Fiddlers fart", Nancy gets the title when she failed a round of dealing

Adam considers himself a terrible dancer, but he attempts the task one time. When they fail miserably they decide to switch to the card dealing.
 "How close was that", Adam asks the judge
 "Not very close", The judge is honest

At this detour we learn that Mar has been dancing more or less professionally for 22 years. She thinks this detour is made for her. Leanne comes from competitive cheerleading background. She is a promotional cheerleader so she does not dance. And let us say that this shows.

For the latter teams in the gambling hall the mood is tense around the blackjack table. As there is only one table a single mistake will send you back to the end of the line.

On her second attempt at blackjack dealing Martina uses an old memorization technique. She uses a funny accept both when memorizing the rules mentally and she speaks it when doing the dealing. This seems to work for her as she gets it.

It seems the partner may not help the person doing the dealing while they are dealing.

Teams complete the detour in the following order:
 1(+0) Todd & Anna, Blackjack
 2(+1) Nancy & Mellisa, blackjack
 3(+2) Taylor & Courtney, dancing on their second attempt
 4(+0) Leanne & Mar, dancing on their second attempt
 5(+2) Dylan & Kwame, blackjack
 6(+0) Martina & Phil, looked at the dance but switched to blackjack
 7(-5) Courtney & Adam, started dance but switched to blackjack
 8(+0) Joseph & Akash, blackjack
 9(+0) Zainab & Monica, looked at the dance but switched to blackjack

We are not even shown Zainab & Monica finishing this task so we can assume they are quite a bit behind #8.


Drive yourselves to the
top of Midnight Dome
and search for Jon at
your next Pit Stop.

Warning!! The last team
to check in may be

 "We wanted to win, but this is still the coolest thing I've ever done in my life", Monica on her way to the pit stop
Teams reach Jon at the pit stop (8km 13min) in the following order:
 1(+0) Todd & Anna, win a trip to southern France and the $5000 bonus from the campsite challenge
 2(+0) Nancy & Mellisa
 3(+0) Taylor & Courtney
 4(+0) Leanne & Mar
 5(+0) Dylan & Kwame
 6(+0) Martina & Phil
 7(+0) Courtney & Adam
 8(+0) Joseph & Akash
 9(+0) Zainab & Monica, are saved by a non-elimination

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Re: Racing report TAR Canada 6 (episode 2 is on page 1)
« Reply #5 on: July 13, 2018, 01:36:55 PM »
Joseph & Akash started 12 minutes after Courtney & Adam? I thought the last 5 teams were all close together.