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I think there are now more sightings from Dover on shenshen333's twitter account. Im not sure how to post them here though
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Here's an interesting bit of information from rlangmit on the Amazing Race forum about what the teams were doing at Hart Plaza while the musicians were playing.

I was at Hart Plaza and talked to a producer...

The final task was assembling a drum kit.  He said it took much longer than expected.  It was possible to watch Colin (in his blue shirt, which stood out, though I was unspoiled and didn't actually know who he was then!) and Christie running back and forth through the band, over and over.  It took forever for them to finish, including one break for the band.  So sick of Seven Nation Army!!

We thought maybe they were searching for a particular musician but it appears they had to assemble a drum kit to exacting standards.


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Re: Amazing Race 31 LIVE Sightings! Tweets Go Here! **please read post 1**
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Now that we're done with TAR 32, backtracking a little bit to TAR 31! (This double filming schedule is throwing me off a little.)

Found some tidbits at Dover Castle, which was part of the penultimate leg in England. Teams entered through the Constable's Gate and ran down to the WWI fire command post. Possibly designed to get teams tired/lost, since there's a much closer gate (Canon's Gate) involving less navigation and running.

Production originally planned to have the clue/task in the wartime tunnels, where Operation Dynamo was orchestrated to evacuate British troops out of Dunkirk in France. That didn't happen for some reason, and this was relocated to the command post instead. On a good day you'd have a great view of the Channel and the coast of France. There isn't that much space for a task though.

If there's a task I'm speculating it might be something to do with wartime communications? That seemed to be a key theme in both the tunnels and the command post.

Looks like the focus is more on World War history than the medieval side of Dover Castle.
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Not a live sighting (obviously), but back during filming, there was a sighting where Colin had a band-aid/gash on his head.

It was because he got hit by a falling nail from workers doing construction on a building. Could've been muchhhh worse.

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Apologies if this has been posted but I've lurked RFF for this season and I stumbled upon these two videos that show the season finale.

There are two completed mannequins (one might be an example?) so it does follow what the spoilers have been saying.