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TAR6: First 2 Pitstop Locations
« on: September 23, 2004, 01:33:34 AM »
STARTING LINE: Chicacgo, Illinois (Buckingham Fountain)
1st PITSTOP: Iceland
2nd PITSTOP: Oslo, Norway
More to come!
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Re: TAR6: First 2 Pitstop Locations
« Reply #1 on: September 23, 2004, 01:35:58 AM »
Got this from another site. This could be the translation...
The Amazing Race: Everything at the boiling point at Leifur Eiríksson Airport
There was an uproar at Leifur Eiríksson Airport around noon today when contestants in The Amazing Race ran into the airport accompanied by shouting and a hullabaloo. They headed right for the Icelandair sales office at Leifur Eiríksson Airport, where they bought tickets to Europe.
Iceland is the first stop
It has come to light that the previous Víkurfréttir (News of the Week) had incorrectly reported that 4 groups are left, but the truth is that 11 groups are left. As a consequence, Iceland is the first stop for this series of programs and it is obvious that here the first group has been expelled from the race. The airport parking lot was adorned with the jeeps that they drove in around Iceland, but the contestants were in such a hurry that they didn’t even bother to close the doors and windows behind them.
According to Vikurfrettir’s sources, the program’s sponsors will have to defray the expenses for security at the airport, which resulted because of taking photos on the runway and for keeping the photographers away.
Appalling action and lots of stress
Ásborg Guðmundsdóttir, manager of the Icelandair sales office, was one of the people who expedited the group, and she said that they were very stressed. “They seemed to think that there were several travel agencies and several ways to travel from the country” and added that it was lots of fun to watch the appalling action. The main objective was to get out of the country first,” said Ásborg. They had got mixed up in various things at the sales office before, but never in such a hullabaloo, Ásborg told Víkurfréttir.
Next stop: Oslo
As Víkurfréttir has learned, there is extraordinary secrecy surrounding this entire adventure, and everything indicates that some groups of Icelanders will have to keep their mouths shut next month. And according to reliable sources of Víkurfréttir the entire group is on the same plane headed for Copenhagen, which took off right after one o’clock. From there they continue to Oslo where the next orienteering game takes place.
Ten RVs, campers and rental cars
There was an informal count in Svartsengi last night of the extraordinary large number of campers that were in the area because of the show, and there were approximately 25-30 plus ten rental cars and RVs.
Compared with the activity surrounding the recording in Iceland, the cost of such a reality TV show is staggering. The CBS TV network which will be broadcasting these programs is now broadcasting the fifth season. Auditions for season seven have now just begun in the United States.
It is become quite clear that Iceland is about to become noticed across the ocean because the path of the stars appears to head to Iceland with appurtenant recording equipment and extraordinary activity.

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Re: TAR6: First 2 Pitstop Locations
« Reply #2 on: November 14, 2004, 07:38:38 PM »
Chateau d If
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(11/1/04 7:21 pm)
Reply   One Minute Commercial
 I recorded a full one minute TAR6 commercial and here is a list of descriptions of the pieces:

1)        Phil says “Go”.
2)        Side view of teams running from the Buckingham Fountain.
3)        Two Time Emmy Winner (text)
4)        Front view of running teams.
5)        American Airlines jet on takeoff from a very desolate looking airport. Note the extra “wings” that seem to be attached to the undersides of the last 20 feet of wing. I have never seen that before on a plane. Does anybody know what those are?
6)        View from snow mobile looking forward.
7)        Kris and Jon driving themselves and Kris says “I’m so excited”.
8)        View onboard a snow mobile at the riders.
9)        View from a helicopter flyby of snow mobiles.
10)        A map graphic overlay on a coastline as seen from a helicopter.
11)        Victoria and Jonathan running to the seljalandsfoss waterfall.
12)        A male/female team running on wet pavement at night. The shot is from behind them. Oddly, the male looks like Colin to me. It’s going to take a while to be able to recognize new racers.
13)        Sphinx (TAR5)
14)        Take off with full moon (used in TAR5 when there was not a full moon).
15)        A large white SUV in a snow field.
16)        Freddy and Kendra riding in a vehicle (as passengers).
17)        3 Seadogs. This must be the approach to the start. Those boats looked too big to be one per team. So the shots of teams on the boats were made with the subjects sitting apart from the other two or three teams onboard.
18)        Victoria and Jonathan driving with Jonathan saying “You think I’m insane?” (So far? Yes.)
19)        At the Donauturm in Vienna, Jon of TAR4 does his backwards leap bungee jump.
20)        The regular hands showing the opening of the clue envelope.
21)        A city street scene with motorbikes going by. There are Chinese characters on the business signs. There are also Arabic lettered signs. This shot needs some careful study to figure out what country it is in. Okay, thanks to TAR Neobie at TWoP, this is footage from TAR2 Ep 5 of a detour in Chinatown in Bangkok.
22)        There is an aerial shot of Hong Kong from TAR2.
23)        A palace guard in London at someplace that is not the Palace. Maybe 10 Downing Street. 11/6/04: I just rewatched some TAR3 and I saw this snip of footage when teams learned that they were going to England. And it's not 10 Downing Street either.
24)        Victoria and Jonathan driving with Jonathan saying with increasing irritation “I don’t know, I’m not reading the map”.
25)        St. Petersburg (TAR5).
26)        Lena reading a map in the back seat.
27)        The tiger from TAR1
28)        That's Tara & Wil jumping in tandem from the Nevis Platform in NZ.
29)        Train approaching Stockholm.
30)        Tour Eiffel zoomed in (redo).
31)        Skydive, Eve of TAR3 in a blue jumpsuit, flailing her legs, jump master is in a red suit, same aircraft as #66.
32)        A train station (could be new material, but we have had a lot train stations so ...?)
33)        Icebergs in the berg lagoon known as Jokulsarlon, thanks to the incredable Slowhatch at TWoP.
34)        Some Greek and Egyptian antiquities. This footage was in the TAR2 credits.
35)        An elephant by a grass thatched house on poles. This footage was in the TAR2 credits
36)        Cityscape with a certain modern building that tapers near the bottom, this building is seen in TAR2 in Hong Kong.
37)        The side of a glacier. This may be the ice climb.
38)        View of an old world cityscape. It’s a hillside that looks Greek or Roman. This foogage appears in the TAR2 credits.
39)        A bejeweled woman. Asian? This fottage comes from TAR2 credits.
40)        A ancient bridge with five arches. This footage appears in the TAR2 credits, but I don't know where it is in the world.
41)        A mileage pole in New Zealand with distances to various cities around the world. The pole is sponsored by Air New Zealand. The distance to New York is 14334 km. The distance to Brisbane is 2309 km. This footage appears in the TAR2 credits.
42)        Share the Experience (text).
43)        A female racer taking a rope fall from the side of a gorge (new?).
44)        Kris and Jon hugging in a rural location. This looks like it could be material from their application video. She is wearing two wristwatches on her left.
45)        A Pontoon boat in the Jokulsarlon with Avi and Joe doing a high five.
46)        Rebecca doing the old-fashioned-toilet-flush “Yes”. She has on the red helmet that they use for the ice climb. She has on a Livestrong bracelet.
47)        Kendra and Freddy from their pre-race video in swim suits.
48)        Adam and Rebecca at the top of the ice climb reading the clue: “Drive yourselves to the pitstop!” She has an ice ax under her right arm and still strapped to her wrist. And the Livestrong bracelet.
49)        Feel the Emotion (text).
50)        Lori and Bolo at their SUV calling each other idiots.
51)        A pontoon boat in the Jokulsarlon with a male/female team looking like Victoria and Jonathan (he has on a blue bandana).
52)        There is a scene of old TAR2 footage at the finish line with Phil and the Golden Gate Bridge in the background. It is shown in a yellow tint and faded at the edges so we don’t get confused and think it is the finish of this race!
 53)        Adam and Rebecca on a Seadog going to the starting point.
54)        Freddy and Kendra on a plane.
55)        Victoria & Jonathan in thick red parkas kissing. Jonathan has a blue bandana.
56)        Kris and Jon, pre-race in swim suits.
57)        Hayden and Aaron, pre-race.
58)        Some race letters.
59)        Male racer wearing blue running along a path that looks like it's behind the Seljalandsfoss (see photo and link above).
60)        One team drives past another team that is at the roadside outside their Toyota SUV. There is one large male racer in a blue long sleeve shirt and black pants who is rushing to get back into the back seat of the SUV. I think this is Bolo. There is someone standing off the road who stays there (maybe that is a local who they spotted along the way and they stopped to ask directions).
61)        Avi and Joe in their Toyota, Joe says “There is Bolo off the road.” Avi replies “Guess what? I don’t care either”.
62)        Icebergs in the berg lagoon known as Jokulsarlon, thanks to the incredable Slowhatch at TWoP.
63)        Bolo and Lori in their Toyota with Bolo bellowing from the backseat “Don’t keep running your fricken mouth”.
64)        A close up of a Detour Clue. The clue reads:

Ice Clime or Ice Search

Ice Climb: Using the enclosed
map, drive yourselves 35 miles to
_____Skaftefell. Then, using ice
_____________must ascend a

That’s got to be a first. They rarely let us see the clues, even in the show.
65)        Avi & Joe looking at a clue.
66)        Skydiving, Derek or Drew of TAR3 in a yellow jumpsuit, same plane as #31, jump master is in a red suit, plane says “Skydive AZ” on underside.
67)        Aerial view of a circular palace which is in snow. It is yellow. I can’t place it. Where would there be an old-world palace with snow in August? Old footage?
68)        The outrigger boats of TAR5 leg 12.
69)        The Burj Al Arab hotel in Dubai, TAR5.
70)        A male racer climbing the ice wall with female partner saying “Come on baby, good job, you’re almost there”.
71)        Bungee jump off a snowy ledge (redo?).
72)        A skyscraper with a curved front. Maybe Sydney but I need to keep looking because a lot of buildings have been made with this kind of curve. (redo?).
73)        Don and Mary Jean at the clue box at the water fall. She says “I think we’re last.” He says “Okay” like he accepts that possibility but that does not matter, he is going to keep going as hard as he can,
74)        TAR5 bob sledging in Calgary,
75)        Icebergs in the berg lagoon known as Jokulsarlon, thanks to the incredable Slowhatch at TWoP.
76)        It’s not just a wonderful world...(text).
77)        Sand sledging from TAR2. Peach sand boarding at the Matterhorn sand dune in Namibia.
78)        It’s Amazing (text).
79)        A Chinese junk. This was the one shown in TAR2 in Hong.
80)        Aerial view of Rio de Janeiro TAR2 (definite, same footage).
81)        Pyramids, TAR5.
82)        Airplane on approach to landing.
83)        Skydiving, John Vito of TAR3 in a blue jumpsuit, jump master in a white suit, chute has opened and they are yanked vertically.
84)        The Hollywood sign (redo).
85)        Party masks from TAR4 in Venice.
86)        Roof of Thai temple (redo).
87)        The “20” road (redo).
88)        Indian/Asian performers (redo).
89)        Thai statue (redo).
90)        Sun behind the trees (redo).
91)        TAR4 pitstop in Amsterdam.
92)        The top of the lighthouse in Marseille from TAR4. It is called the Phare Sainte-Marie and it is not very far away from the Chateau d’If 
93)        I’m guessing that this is a Venice landmark. Pure guess.
94)        Marsh (redo).
95)        Escalator at CDG from TAR4.
96)        Arc de Triomphe, previous TAR.
97)        The Campanile di San Marco in Venice from TAR4.
98)        Tour Eiffel from Palais de Chaillot from previous TAR.
99)        Lizard (redo).
100)        Ocean waves on the rocks (redo).
101)        A view from the inside of a four level gallery, seems like new stuff to me.
102)        Trees at Saint-Remy-De-Provence of TAR4.
103)        Sun at the horizon.
104)        Maria standing a the icebar in Stockholm. She is watching a glass of beer go sliding across the ice slab that is the top of the bar. The glass is made of ice and is square on the outside with a round volume filled with beer.
105)        Adam and Rebecca in their pre-race video using a boxing bag.
106)        A little monkey with a black face and white fringe around that. Pointy brown top of its head. This is new.
107)        Los Dedos from TAR5.
108)        Bolo and Lori in their pre-race video.
109)        A stretch of the Berlin Wall. It says “For the East Side”.
110)        A Pyramid from TAR5.
111)        A lady with a bundle of sticks on her back (redo?).
112)        The Brandeburg Gate, in Berlin.
113)        Some snowy mountains (redo?)
114)        Race letters, showtime, etc.

It was an awesome commercial.

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Re: TAR6: First 2 Pitstop Locations
« Reply #3 on: November 15, 2004, 01:09:45 AM »
I can't beleive all that info was gathered froma 1 minute commercial.  Tuesday can't come soon enough.  Bring it on.!!!! (#)

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Re: TAR6: First 2 Pitstop Locations
« Reply #4 on: November 15, 2004, 11:28:42 AM »
 ^:)^ Yeah Bathfizzy.............Love it..don't forget its a Two Hour special, in case your setting your VCRs or Tivo's ,..I just realized that last night .. (#) My girls wanted to stay up to watch it but, they have school the next day  :':')