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Hells Kitchen Australia!!!
« on: August 05, 2017, 07:13:25 PM »

Hells Kitchen Australia is here!!! Hosted by British chef Marco Pierre White, the show will see 12 celebrities battle it out for $50,000 Australian dollars for their chosen charity and the title of 'Head Chef'. The contestants are:
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Re: Hells Kitchen Australia!!!
« Reply #1 on: August 05, 2017, 07:24:47 PM »
Former Ironwoman and wife of Australian test cricketer, David Warner, Candice Warner!

One Nation co-founder and husband of the Real Housewifes of Sydney star, Lisa Oldfield, David Oldfield!

Actress Debra Lawrence ('WHERE'S MY 4 POUND SALMON DEBRA!!!!):funny:

Georgie Shore  :groan: actor Gaz Beadle!

The Chase Australia chaser, Issa Schultz!
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Re: Hells Kitchen Australia!!!
« Reply #2 on: August 05, 2017, 07:35:31 PM »
Olympician Jessica Fox!

Actor Lincoln Lewis!

FORMER Real Housewifes of Melbourne star (and nasty piece of work) Pettifleur Berenger

The Bachelorette star and radio presenter, Sam Frost!

and former NRL star, Willie Mason!
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Re: Hells Kitchen Australia!!!
« Reply #3 on: August 05, 2017, 07:38:26 PM »
The contestants are all revealded and they if they win, 50,000 Australian dollars goes to their chosen charity!

I will be doing summaries after the end of each episode! (I will have to watch all episodes online, as Survivor clashes with it! :funny:)

Meanwhile, feel free to discuss about the show!  :conf: :hoot: :bunny
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Re: Hells Kitchen Australia!!!
« Reply #4 on: August 05, 2017, 07:39:02 PM »
Episode 1 summary!

Airdate: Sunday 6th August 2017
(my birthday!  :conf:)

Show content
Sam Frost is the first to enter the kitchen. She says she feels sick. 'I think he will give me a hard time'

Next in is Gaz Beadle. He thinks he won't be able to follow the recipe.

Then Issa Schultz. He struggles with Gaz's accent :funny:

Debra Lawrence! 'Oh there's a bar!'

Then Jess Fox!

And Willie Mason 'He's the BFG'

Lincoln Lewis! 'Oh, my favourite human being'

CANDICE WARNER!!! 'What a diverse bunch'

David Oldfield. No-one knows him!

Pettifleur! 'We're going into the kitchen, not the nightclub!'

Macro then walks in and asks everyone a question! 'Well, you're a big boy!' He doesn't know anyone. The winner gets $50,000 to donate to a charity! Issa stumbles and asks to go again. 'Mr Warner knows how to swing his bat doesn't he!' 'Yes!' Pettifleur wants to win! Lincoln is here to learn how to cook! Debra is here to win for her charity. Finally Issa and he still stumbles!!!

Marco has a ramble on about something.

He then sets them their first challenge: Cook an egg dish in 15 minutes. 'I don't know why everyone was running round like blueass flies' :funny: Debra cooks eggs nearly everyday at home. Sam as no idea what to do! 'My god you know how to make a mess'. Issa never eats eggs or cooks them! He knocks over Sam's dough!!!

Candice hardly ever cooks, because she is always in the hotels! 'OH SWEET GOD!'  :funny: 'Oh that's not, that's hot, I'm an idiot!' Sam's dish looks like vomit!

Marco tries Issa's first. He cooks Eggs and Bread! 'Are you single' 'Yes' 'Thought so'. He put too much salt on! Debra next. 'Lovely cooked.' Pettifleur thinks Marco will love it. She is wrong. 'That is a horror movie'

Marco doesn't even eat his David's dish. Sam's dish doesn't go much different. She puts her parsley up the wrong way! Gaz tried to poach his eggs, but it doesn't work. 'It's not the worst one.' Candice now. He likes it. Now Lincoln. 'Looks like a crime scene'. The BFG's turn. Willie eats 7 or 8 eggs when he plays!!! He didn't enjoy it.

Marco's favourite was Debra! She will win a prize, later in the show! 'She has a real passion for cooking. I now need to get the nine to do so'

He now chooses the teams. Red Team: Lincoln, Jess, Pettifleur, David and Sam. The rest on the Blue Team. They will be cooking entree, main and dessert, for the night's service. They have 1 hour to cook 60 meals! 'We are up Hell's Creek without a paddle' Issa has to go with Marco! If they fail, he fails. And he HATES failing!!!

Andy and Jamie run everyone though the kitchen. David is funny! They then run them though a demonstration. David thinks him and Pettifleur have the easiest job. 'No-one bosses me around'

Lincoln is talking smack to Willie! Wouldn't be doing that!

David talks about his terrible relationship with Lisa! (She is nasty!)

'Where this, where's that!'

Pettifleur needs a drink, while David needs the toilet!

'You will watch the doors of Hell open.'

At the end of the dinner, the guests will rate the meal. The lowest scoring team will be up for elimination.

'Open the doors to Hell's Kitchen!'

'Oh stop it. I would pull my bloody head off, if I was with you!'

All Issa has to do is put the egg together...

He is doing very well, but Sam doesn't!

Pettifleur thinks David is treating her like a dumb child.

'Where's my salmon David!'

'Where's my fish?'

Candice doesn't get her fish out in time...

'Sir, when I talk to you, look at me'!

Issa is complaining the plate is out!

'Blue Team, do I talk to myself?'

The Blue Team's cheesecake is VERY hard!

'Which muppet put the dessert in the freezer?' It is Gaz's fault. Will he go into the cook-off?

The table's like the Blue's dessert!

Marco calls over the Head Waiter, to reveal the scores. Red Team goes first. The mushroom needed more seasoning, the beef was too tender and the dessert was perfect. The Blue Team's entree did great, the fish was disgusting and the dessert was let-down. The Red Team won and The Blue Team lost.

Debra (from The Blue Team), can not be out into the Last Chance Cook-Off. Candice went in instead.

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Re: Hells Kitchen Australia!!!
« Reply #5 on: August 05, 2017, 07:39:34 PM »
Episode 2 summary!

Airdate: Monday 7th August 2017

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Re: Hells Kitchen Australia!!!
« Reply #6 on: August 05, 2017, 07:40:26 PM »
Episode 3 summary!

Airdate: Tuesday 8th August 2017

Show content
The contestants are back into the kitchen! Pettifleur thinks the Blue Team are to overconfident. They have 3 hours before the doors open.

He then assigns roles to each team. Issa and Debra are teamed up and he is happy! Sam and Lincoln on the entree for the Reds. David is on the beef. He keeps asking questions to Jess and she is getting annoyed.

The steam oven pipe bursts!!!  They now how have to share the same oven. 'Pettifleur is a handful' The doors are now open!!!

Sam wants everyone coming in! The first order for Blue comes in! Blue Team are just ahead!

'Where's my 4 salmon Debra!!!' :funny: 'Where's my ratatouille, RUN YOU!!!'

Willie and Pettifluer are about to clash, as Pettifleur lets all of the steam out!!! They are now clashing over the time!!!

A customer complains that something on his dish, tastes like battery acid. 'Ask him the last time he ate battery acid'. HE MAKES THE GUY EAT IT!!!

Marco teaches David how to stir something! 'How did you get it to be like glue?'

DEBRA CUTS HER HAND ON THE KNIFE!!! The paramedics arrive and take her to hospital to stitch her hand.

The service is over and now the waters are casting their votes! Debra leaves to go to hospital. Score time.

The Blue Team: Beef was great, the dessert was lovely and sweet. Red Team: Fish was good well, but the garnish was tasted like battery acid! But the beef was Fantasic! Score time: The Red Team: 7/10 and the Blue Team, 7.5/10.

Pettifluer is into the Last Chance Cook-Off with Candice and Jess. Marco labels her a 'butterfly'.

5 minutes left! Pettifluer's charity is Alzhemier's Australia. Jess reveals that she is French! Pettifleur is now melting some butter for Marco! 90 seconds left! 1 minute left! The food must be on the plate for it to count! TIME UP!!!

Pettifleur is feeling confident. 'Hopefully Marco loves it!' Jess goes first. Marco will maintain eye contact with the cooks the whole time. 'Thank you Jess.' Pettifleur up next! Finally Candice! He doesn't even eat it, as it's raw. She will go home.

Marco dish consists of: Chicken, spring onion and curry powder, cooked in olive oil. The winner is Jess. Pettifluer's chicken was good well. There was more pepper than powder. Candice's construction of the dish, but the fish was raw.

Pettifluer thinks she should stay because she wants to learn how to cook and to win money for her charity, close to her heart. Candice think she wants to stay, because she wants to learn how to cook for her children. He also doesn't want to let the Blue Team down. In the end, Candice went home, due to her raw chicken.
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Re: Hells Kitchen Australia!!!
« Reply #7 on: August 15, 2017, 03:01:52 AM »
Episode 4 summary

Airdate: Sunday 13th of August 2017

Show content
We open up with the Blue Team talking about Candice's elimination. AND THEN DEBRA TURNS UP!!!

They are back into the kitchen!

'This week I want to impress Marco and not piss him off' PETTIFLEUR THE QUEEN!!!

They have a challenge: Cook the perfect salmon. Issa has never cooked fish! :funny: The cook who cooks the perfect piece of salmon, will not be put into the last chance cook-off. They have 20 minutes...

Debra cooks salmon at home each week for her family. But, she cannot touch the frying pan, because of her stitches.

Debra asks Issa for help to get the juice out of the limes, as she can't squeeze them.

Willie has never eaten nor cooked salmon.

Issa puts too much oregano on his salmon! He has no idea what do to!

'Stop watching me Marco. Come and help me!'

Debra goes to cook it in lime juice!

Gaz's salmon is all burnt on the other side!!! It is all because of the honey! 

Pettifleur thinks her dish 'will be the best'

'Red Team is on fire.' 'The Blue Team should look out'

Willie is 'hoping to death' that Maroc Pierre-White doesn't eat his dish.

Marco's chops open Sam's dish first. 'Perfect'

Marco says Pettifleur doesn't know when to stop. But, the dish is 'cooked perfectly even'

Jess next. 'Perfect'

David is cooked to perfection. Lincoln is a little bit overcooked.

Marco doesn't even eat Gaz's, as it is burnt. He does say it is perfect though.

Marco thinks Debra's dish is 'perfect'. Everyone else gets a little piece. Willie's dish is very good. Finally, Issa's. 'Thank you for eating. Do you want a bucket.' 'No, it's very good'

The winner of the competiton is Issa. This means he will not go into the Last Chance Cook-Off, if the Blue Team loses. He won, because Marco could taste the salmon.

Marco is a late learner and doesn't drive. Just like Issa!

Marco then gives the celebrities a masterclass on how he makes his salmon.

And then he tells them, all about the new menu! For the entrees, there is Steak Tartare and Salad of Beetroot. For the mains, Roast Lamb Rump and Fillet of Salmon a la Sicilian. For desserts, there are Rice Pudding or Chocolate Moouse

The positions are: Jess (entree), David (fish), Sam (meat), Lincoln (desserts) and Pettifleur (on the pass). For the Blue Team, Debra is on the entree, Gaz is on the fish, Willie is on the meat and Issa is floating/on the dessert

There will be 70 diners tonight and 30 more plates! They have 3 hours for prep!

The sous chefs have already baked and sliced the Beetroot :res:

Pettifleur is nervous being on the Pass with Marco, but also excited.

'Pettifleur, if your fingers moved as fast as your lips, then you would get a lot more work done!' Marco. GOLLDDDDD!!! :funny:

Issa thinks he has the hardest job in the night.

David tells Sam that he was in a rock band in his teens. Sam can't believe it, as she thinks he is too serious. 'You were a *** symbol?' David also thinks Pettifleur as PSD.

The cooks gather around Marco. He explains whatever he just said like 10 minutes before.

The doors are opened and the diners come in! 'GLEN, OPEN THE DOORS TO HELL'S KITCHEN'

Marco yells at Pettifleur again 'Stop being a spectator'

Debra keeps yelling at Issa, as he keeps saying there is four tartare instead of six.

Chris (a sous chef) goes over to tell Sam, why she only has two salmon in the oven rather than three. She says he is bossy 'Do you want me to spoonfeed you?' 'Shut the **** up'

'Where's the lamb, Where's the lamb, Where's the lamb?'

Issa doesn't want to drag Debra down, because if the Blue Team lose, she will most likely go into the Cook-Off.

Maroc touches a hot plate and swears his head off!

Marco and the sous chefs leave the kitchen, leaving the teams to fend for themselves. Because he is so unhappy with Pettifleur's performance, Sam swaps out for her.

Gaz and Willie are getting pissed that Debra and Issa are talking forever to get the desserts ready.

David goes to sing Happy Birthday to a diner and the rest of the team think that he is being a flog.

It's now time for the Comment Cards. The Red team first. Their entree was perfect, the main was also good. The Blue Team's entree wasn't the best, but the main course was perfect. Their dessert was also amazing.

Now for the scores. The Red Team scored 7.5/10. The Blue Team scored 7.5/10. Debra was put up from the Blue Team and Pettifleur was put up from the Red Team. From these two, Pettifleur was put into the Last Chance Cook-Off, because Marco thought she was a butterfly.
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Re: Hells Kitchen Australia!!!
« Reply #8 on: August 15, 2017, 03:02:41 AM »
Episode 5 summary!

Airdate: Monday 14th of August 2017

Show content
The Red and the Blue Teams are taken to the Sydney Fish Market. They meet Marco who shows them how to open some different seafood. He then tells them of the challenge: One team member must successfully cut off the skin of a shrimp, a oyster, a crab and a crayfish. One member from the Red Team must sit out. Jess does.

They will have 5 minutes to do so. Pettifleur wants to do the crab and she gets it

It's David V Debra in the shrimps, Sam V Willie on the oysters (which Willie has no idea on what to do!), Lincoln V Gaz on the crayfish and finally Pettifleur V Issa on the crab. (Pettifleur didn't know how yuck a crab shell is)

Some lovely quotes: 'You've turned it into a crime scence' 'Come on quickly, it's not a Christmas present'

Marco is looking for quality and quatity. On the shrimp round, the Blue Team wins. On the Oyster round, Sam wins. 1-1. On the crayfish round, Lincoln wins. 2-1 to the Reds. On the final round, Pettifleur wins the round and the game for the Reds, with a final score of 3-1.

The Red Team's advantage is that they will choose how many people they will cook for in the service tonight. The Blue Team will have to cook for the rest.

David thinks Sam shouldn't of spoken back to Sous chef Chris last night. Sam disagrees

As both teams start prep, Marco calls them over to ask the Red Team how many dishes they will cook for tonight. They choose to cook for 35 dishes, something that Marco disagrees with.

Red Team positions: Sam (meat), Lincoln (dessert), Jess (fish) David (pass) and Pettifleur (making cocktails in the centre of the room, by yourself).

Blue Team positions: Debra (entree and dessert), Issa (pass), Willie (fish and meat) and Gaz (meat and fish)

David goes out to give Pettifleur a good luck kiss and says 'I don't only miss you in the kitchen' ROMANCE!!!

Marco threatres Debra with putting her in the Last Chance Cook-Off, if she doesn't lift.

Pettifleur is enjoying herself as the Red Team's waiter. Sous chef Andy is abit suspicious of her.

Lincoln's mother Jacqui is in the restruant tonight!

Here we go! Some Asain lady comes up to the counter, saying that her salmon is disgusting. David tries to deal with her, before Marco tells her to 'stop making a fool of yourself and sit down'. She wants to get Marco to have a mouthful but Marco replies with 'Madam, you have a mouthful, Good night'
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Re: Hells Kitchen Australia!!!
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Episode 6 summary!

Airdate: Tuesday 15th of August 2017

Show content
Previously on Hell's Kitchen...
Tonight ('where's the lamb' 'where's the lamb' 'where's the lamb'!)

Preparation for service starts. Gary gives Issa some tips on girls (as he meets that girl last night)

It will be the same positions for today's lunch service.

'Glenn, open the doors!'

Lincoln starts to moviate the Red Team. So does David.

Debra isnt happy that someone has taken her cream! She finds it in the other fridge! :groan:

Some members of the Real Housewifes of Sydney (including David's wife Lisa turns up) and Miranda Kerr (Gaz's girlfriend) also turns up!

'You're not Jackson Pollock, Pettifleur' :funny:

Marco threatres to put David in the Last Chance Cook-Off.

Pettifleur is angry that everyone is yelling and swearing at her. 'Who does Sam think she is? Marco?'

'Where's the lamb, where's the lamb, where's the lamb?'

Sam and Pettifleur still have BEEF! According to Sam, Pettifleur is just sulking in the corner. They then go to have an arguement in the back of the kitchen

'I can do dessert in a heartbeat'

Issa touches the beans and they are HOT! 'Aahhh, there hot!'

Marco is trying to speak with orders in his mouth! It isn't going to work!

David brings his wife's table orders!

'David is not pulling his weight' Pettifleur :laugh:

It is now time for the all important comment cards: Red Team first. Beetroot great, but not five-star. Main course was great. Dessert was also great! Blue Team. Entree was unseasoned. Main course, was great. Presentation for dessert wasn't great.

Now for the scores. Blue Team got 7.5/10. Red Team got 7.5/10. We have an another tie! From the Blue Team, the nominee was Issa. The poor man is crying :(. The Red Team's nominee is David. In the end, David went into the Last Chance Cook-Off with Pettifluer and Debra, because he went off talking to his wife and her friends. (Matty and Athena X)

For the Last Chance Cook-Off, the celebrities must 'Taste, Make and Cook' a Schnitzel. They only have 2 minutes in the larder to get their supplies. Debra grabs olive oil, chicken parasmen cheese and thyme. Pettifleur grabs Chicken, any type of herb possible and everyone else possible. David grabs Parmasen, Olive oil, Chicken and Parsley!

Pettifluer thinks Debra putting herself in, is 'cocky'. 'It could bite her in the butt'

Debra is feeling pretty confident, because she cooks it every Monday night.

Pettifleur asks Debra what she has brought. 'As if I would tell you'

They have 15 minutes to cook! Debra doesn't cook to time at home!

Pettifleur can't find her bowl!!! 'My brain is going tick, tick, tick, tick. My brain needs to go into sharp mode!'

10 minutes left! Pettifleur thinks Debra cooks like a boss. Pettifleur also thinks that you shouldnt put flour on the chicken!

Davids charity is Sydney Wildlife. Half way though the challenge know!

Five minutes to go! Marco asks the protein. They all say chicken. 'Are you guys correct?' 'You have enough time to DESTORY the dish'

Debra is panicking and grabs some other butter. Gaz speaks about how they can't lose Debra. David is putting butter on his dish!

'I am shitting my pants right now' Pettifleur. She just gets her dish on the Pass in time.

Marco tastes David's first. Then Pettifleur's. And finally Debra's.

Now for the scores! Marcos dish was Turkey! Cooked in some sort of butter and the herb was Rosemary. 'So, you guys got it wrong badly'. 

Debra is safe from elimination!!! So, it's between Pettifleur and David. Pettifluer's chicken was cooked perfectly, but the breadcrumbs were soggy and inconstant. David's chicken was also gold, but his breadcrumb was too thick.

Marco would eat David's dish over Pettifleur. So, she is going home.

She doesn't accept Marco's descision. She is going home because she didn't put flour in her dish. Pettifleur refuses to answer Marco's questions and leaves Hell's Kitchen.

'I'm not going anywhere near the kitchen'

Next time on Hells Kitchen...
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Re: Hells Kitchen Australia!!!
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Episode 7 summary!

Airdate: Sunday 20th of August 2017

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Re: Hells Kitchen Australia!!!
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Episode 8 summary!

Airdate: Monday 21st of August 2017

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Re: Hells Kitchen Australia!!!
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Episode 9 summary!

Airdate: Tuesday 22nd of August 2017

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Re: Hells Kitchen Australia!!!
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Episode 10 summary!

Airdate: Monday 28th August 2017

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Re: Hells Kitchen Australia!!!
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Episode 11 summary!

Airdate: Tuesday 29th August 2017

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Marco gathers the contestants into the back room and teaches how to correctly chop up some meat. He shows the cooks how to do it.

Debra is shocked by the whole thing, while Marco calls Sam a 'hypocrite'

Maroc then sets the cooks a challenge: Five minutes to make as many lamb chops as you can. They then have 10 minutes to cook them.

Issa will sit out for the Blues, because he is 'too slow' :fun you:

Deb and Lincoln for Round 1. Lincoln's uncle and grandfather were butchers. Deb wins 2-1

'Lincoln, you wouldn't make a good surgeon' 'Yes, I know' :funny:

Round 2 is Jess and Gaz. Jess wins 3-2.

The final round is Sam V Willie. 'Sam, you are going very well' 'Yes, I'm a professional' 'Don't kid yourself. That poor little lamb!' :funny. Anyway, Willie wins 3-2

Now it's time for the cooking! Ten minutes to do so. Each different member will cook two cutlets, their own way! Time is up and now it is time for tasting!

Jess and Gaz up first. Jess's cutlets are 'perfectly cooked', while Gaz's were 'unshaped' and so Jess wins. 1-0 to the Reds.

Lincoln and Debra. Debra's are 'nice' and Lincoln's are 'perfectly cooked'. Debra grabs it. 1-1 tied!

Sam and Willie to decide the winner! Sam's are 'nicely cooked, but unseasoned' and Willie's are 'Perfect' and so he gets the win. 2-1 victory.

Their advanatgae was to choose someone to cook the lamb cutlets for both teams! They choose Lincoln. The 3 hours of prep starts!


Sam speaks about if you type 'Gaz Beadle' into Google, you will find pictures of him having ***! Sam hopes he doesn't do it in Hells Kitchen!

Positions time: Blue Team: Debra in the meat, Issa on the meat, Gaz on the entree and desserts and Willie floating. The Red Team: Sam on the meat, Jess on the entree and dessert, Lincoln on the fish.

Willie calls all of the Blue Team into the larder and says that they don't want any of them in the Last Chance Cook-Off. Issa thinks Willie is back in the NRL Locker Room!

The doors are opened and the customer are in! The sous chef leave and Marco tells them that the celebrities will do the relay by themselves!

Sam thinks that Lincoln commentatoes EVERYTHING! Well darling, his father is Wally Lewis...

The Red Team stuff up with their oven! It is on hot air instead of steam! And now the Red Team are getting annoyed with Lincoln. 'More beans, more beans, GIVE ME THOSE BEANS!' Marco :funny:

And then something else happens :groan:. One of the waiters have taken a rack of lamb to a table, without permission. Lincoln then has to take food off customers! And Gaz is a smartass to rub it in!

Marco than calls the chefs over again. Marco then leaves the kitchen, with Sam and Jess leaders for the team. Then a customer, comes up complaining about how long their dinner is taking. FOR GODS SAKE MAN, YOU WANTED IT WELL DONE!!!

It's now time for the comment cards! But before that, we see Lincoln and Gaz trying to get extra votes, by kissing their customers!

Now it's finally time for the comments! Wait no! Issa called Debra a 'silly old lady' and now goes to say sorry.

FINALLY SCORE TIME!!! First, comment cards. Red Team: Main yummy, but then tree was overcooked and the dessert was good. Blue team: Main course was great, but they hated the lamb. Dessert was great! Score time! Blue Team, 7.5 and Red Team 7.5! Willie says Issa is the weakest. Sam says Lincoln did the least.

The weakest from the Red Team was Lincoln (trying too hard) while the Blue Team's was Issa (didn't output enough on the pass). Issa was put in the Last Chance Cook-Off, because he didn't contribute enough.

That cut to the next episode!!!

Marco calls them over! Lunchtime service today! ALL OF THEM WILL BE SCORED INVIDUALLY!!! (by the diners). The cook with the lowest score, will be put in the Cook-Off. Gaz doesn't agree with this way, while Sam wants to make it to Finals Week. Couldn't catch them positions :(

Service starts! Half an hour to go! Issa gets dressed in his waiter's clothes! Glenn runs though it with him and he is very nervous!

'Issa. Giving the diners food, is like giving a child a dummy. It shuts them up!' :funny:


Lincoln says he only wanted to say what he wanted to say nicely. 'Or Willie would of throw me across the kitchen' :funny:

Some lady sees a hair in their food! Gaz is very angry.

Gaz has only put one lamb on!!! Willie is angry at him.

Comment card time! Blue Team: Salmon was overcooked but then entree was delicious. The lamb was also undercooked. Red Team: Tuna was 'yum but weird' and the main course wasn't the best. The salmon was Brillant!

Sam got 9/10. Debra was the best for the Blue. Lincoln got 7.5. Willie got 7.5 as well and Gaz got 7.5. 3 way tie! Lincoln was chosen for the Cook-Off, to join Jess and Issa.

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Re: Hells Kitchen Australia!!!
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Episode 12 summary!

Airdate: Monday 4th September 2017

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Re: Hells Kitchen Australia!!!
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Episode 13 summary!

Airdate: Tuesday 5th September 2017

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It is finale night, which means a double episode!!!

We open up with the chefs arrive in the kitchen with the sous chefs.

They must now work together as a four, to serve 90 diners. This is the last service before the Grand Final!

Debra is still a little bit angry after last night, when the boys accused her of being 'the weakest'

Lincoln says he really wants to go into the Grand Final with Willie Mason and that he abosultelty HATED Willie when he played for NSW.

Lincoln is the last red member left!!! All the rest are the Blues.

Marco gives the chefs their positions! Debra is on the entrees, dessert and the Pass, Gaz is on the meat, Lincoln is on the Pass (with the meat) and Willie is on the fish.

Marco tells the chefs that 2 of them will go into the Last Chance Cook-Off and that 2 of them will go though!

Debra speaks about her charity (Ovarial Cancer Australia) and Gaz's is on the Australian War Veterans

The doors are opened for the last time!

Marco (in a confessional), says Lincoln needs to 'stand up' or run the risk of being in the Last Chance Cook-Off.

'Willie isn't silly' Willie :funny:

Debra is being pushed to the limit, as desserts and entrees are coming at the same time!

Marco leaves Hell's Kitchen, leaving the chefs on their own, putting Lincoln in charge!

Service is OVER!!! Willie has thinks he has just played in another NRL Grand Final and his back's is so sore. He then reveals his charity (Black Dog Foundation, helping suicide)

Comment cards time! Before hand, Marco says that that service was the best of the competiton. The starters: The Tuna was sweet and juicy and the asparagus was lovely. Main course: The salmon was perfectly cooked and the lamb was great! Desserts: Tiramisu was lovely.

It's time for the descision! The best performer in the service, was Gaz (he's into the Grand Final!). Lincoln was put into the Last Chance-Cook Off, because Gaz did more. Marco says Debra and Marco had their best service. However, Debra was put into the Last Chance-Cook Off, has without Willie's help, he wouldn't of survived. That meant Willie went though.

So, Lincoln V Debra in the Last Chance Cook-Off and Gaz and Willie are in the Grand Final.

It's time for the Last Chance Cook-Off! Lincoln and Debra need to cook Offal on Toast, with the Devils Sauce. Debra thinks it is Kidneys. Gaz has NO IDEA what Offal is. Debra is quite confident! Willie and Gaz are allowed to be in the Kitchen to watch and encourage!

They have 2 minutes in the larder. When they pick a protein, THEY CANNOT CHANGE IT!!!

Lincoln is first in try larder. He chooses Kidneys, Brioche and Flour, Tumeric and Parpirka Spice. He also chooses Butter and Olive Oil.

Debra's turn. She chooses Kidneys, White Bread, Smokey Parpika and Canine Sauce. He also grabs Butter and Cream to finish the sauce.

It's now time for the cooking! They have 30 minutes to do so! Lincoln's charity is Epilesy Australia, has he's Dad (Wally Lewis), suffers from it!

Lincoln cuts the fat out from the kidneys, but Deb doesn't! Debra has eaten kidneys many times, but has never cooked them!

10 minutes gone, 20 minutes to go! Lincoln has already put his kidneys in the pan and Marco tells him the kidney must not cook for more than 5 minutes! He also tells them they need to be pink!

Debra is heating the butter in the pan! She then starts shaking the pan! Debra and Lincoln start cooking their toast! Both of them stuff up, with Lincoln burning and Debra's looking like a Donot without a hole!!! :funny:

Lincoln's bread has absorbed all of the butter! So, he starts again!

Debra announces that she is only still in the kitchen, because of she charity!

8 minutes to go! Lincoln is starting cook them! HE PUTS FLOUR ON THE KIDNEYS IN THE PAN! NO NO NO!!!

Lincoln chooses olive oil over butter and Lincoln and Marco HATE IT!!! 'That was rather painful' :funny:. He runs back into the larder and gets the cream and uses that! Debra does the same.

With 60 seconds left, she swaps to butter! Will she be out of the competion, with time? Of course, she gets there!

Lincoln dish's gets eaten first. 'Pretty good' says Marco. Debra's dish now.

Marco's dish: Protein was kidney. Spice mix. English mustard, chill and flour. The bread was white and the sauce was butter.

Marco enjoyed both dishes. However, Debra was into the grand final and Lincoln went home. Because Debra had the right kidney, bread and sauce.

Grand final time! The best challenge is to roast the perfect chicken! Gaz and Willie haven't done it at all! They have 1 hour and 15 minutes to cook it. It will then be judged by Australia's most hardest food critics! The lowest scoring person at the end of the scoring, will be eliminated!

10 minutes down! 1 hour 5 minutes remaining! And Debra has just got out of the larder :funny:

The food critics seem to be THE ELIMINATED CONTESTANTS!!! :funny:. David is pissed that Pettifleur is here.

20 minutes down! 55 minutes remaining! Debra says she will struggle with time magament.

Gaz and Willie's oven isn't on! Oh wait... IT IS! Prank by Marco!

15 minutes to go!

1 minute left and Debra is still chopping up the chicken!!!


The three finalists don't know that the food critics are the eliminated contestants!

Willie's up first! They think the meat is dry. Then Gaz's. They say that Gaz doesn't how to present things. They enjoy the meat much more! Finally, Debra's. Pettifleur is happy she has asparagus! However, Sam gets a bone in her breast!

David scores 2-2-1. He has a go at Pettifleur ('SHUT UP FOR A MINUTE!') and then he has a go at Candice saying that 'Her greatest moment was in a toilet cubicle'. David, you don't go there...

The critics are come in! They are told to sit down. Willie goes 'they aren't critics'. Pettifleur reveals her comments and Willie is shocked. Sam reads hers for number 2 and finally David reads his out for number 3.

The scores are revealed: Their favourite chicken was Gaz's. He is though to the Grand Final. Debra is also though, so Willie has to go home. :(

All of them are cooking to cook in the Grand Final! For winning the chicken, Gaz gets to choose first. Gaz's team involes Willie, Sam, Issa and Lincoln. Debra picks Jess, David, Candice and Pettifleur

Candice will not speak to David for the whole service. Why would you?

The final service starts. They are cooking for 120 people! The captain's choose their skipper's positions.

Gaz says the kitchen is like 'The Ashes'. Marco than tells them there will be 3 entrees, 3 mains and 3 desserts.

Marco will choose the winner of Hells Kitchen (Gaz or Debra)

Gaz tries to flirt with Sam and it doesn't work...

Pettifleur and David have a go at each other and Jamie goes to break it out.

10 minutes before the doors open!!!

'Glenn, open the doors!'

Candice and David are put together! David tries to clear the air, but Candice doesn't want to talk about it. Then, he puts dressing on the asparagus when he isn't do! :funny:

One of the My Kitchen Rules Judges (Colin Fassage) is in the house and he enjoys his meal! :)

Issa says he will have nightmares with the 'ISSA COME HERE' ringing around in his head!

Their final service is over! Marco goes over to the chefs and tells them he needs time to make a decision. 5 minutes.

Debra says she wanted to survive in the kitchen, at the age of 60. Marco says she shocked him. Gaz says she loved every minute and says he is a totally different person. I think Debra has it in the bag...

And the winner of Hells Kitchen Australia Season 1 is...


Debra is crying like a baby and as such, is going to give $25,000 to Gaz's charity.
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Re: Hells Kitchen Australia!!!
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So, there you have it guys!

The seeason is complete!

The ratings have been shocking, so don't expect this show to come back, but who cares!

Please keep an eye out for more updates being editied in, as I have been lazy and haven't done so! :funny:
Ahhhh DJ Bravo!


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