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Re: TAR CHINA 4: Ongoing SHOW DIscussion! **contains spoilers**
« Reply #75 on: October 06, 2017, 09:22:32 PM »
Aw, Numfar doesn't seem to be here today. Eager to know who won, this was finale night :(

(Oh. And Dryedmangoez filled it in on Wikipedia. Like RIGHT that minute that I posted this according to the timestamp. Way to make me sound crazy, Mangoez :lol: )
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Re: TAR CHINA 4: Ongoing SHOW DIscussion! **contains spoilers**
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Hehe, I only updated what I could understand.  :D Numfar and someone else will have to update Wikipedia with the full details later I guess.

The ep is on YouTube as always. This was an okay Final Leg. Last year's Rio Final Leg was pretty amazing and almost perfect so this year had a tough act to follow.

Still, a good collection of tasks. The first Road Block was AMAZING though. I loved it. A nice, creative and refreshing take on the usual "Climb up the building" task. Probably the loudest task ever on TAR lol

Loved their period outfits at the start. They should've worn them the rest of the Leg. Puzzle was good. Tea time orders were just okay. Not a fan of the train ride in the middle of the Leg, but I get wanting to go to the Heiheiru factory for the Finish Line.

The Final Task was TAR13's clueboxes task and I think it might have been a little watered down here. But still good as well.

The Finsih Line was very fancy and a huge setup, but there was like no one there to greet the teams. lol Would've been nice to have the eliminated teams there at least, but probably not likely even in future seasons.

All three teams were great and deserving of the win. Overall, another good, fun and solid season of TAR China!

And also...


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Re: TAR CHINA 4: Ongoing SHOW DIscussion! **contains spoilers**
« Reply #77 on: October 07, 2017, 01:02:44 AM »
Sorry for the delay guys. Had a 14-hour long work day, had to grab some shut-eye before trying to watch it.

How long was this episode?! That's a lot of tasks for a single-episode leg that's not the finale.

Some housekeeping stuff first. That was their standard 80~85-ish minute long episode, without ads, but with the promotional sponsor inserts. The finale at least seems slightly shorter, at least from the one I'm about to run now.

Here we go....

Final City as informed since earliest of teasers is Shanghai. If someone missed a proper Shanghai leg from Canada 5, maybe we get a proper one here.

Starting Point: Shanghai Film Park, with teams already dressed in classic early 20th century costumes.
Alyssa and XiuJieKai won 5 legs, Joe and Likun been a strong team and MinXia and XianCheng won no legs but are actually locals.
Teams will depart 1 minute apart from each other, following the finishing order from leg 9.

The 1st clue is recorded in a Cassete Tape.
ARI: 爵士春秋 - "All that Jazz"
Travel to Paramount Party Room and watch the jazz performance, and memorize the name of the 10 performers, which are written under their shoes. They must name each one of the performers correctly on the poster located outside, to receive the next clue.
Performances happen every 5 minutes, teams may keep re-watching until they get the answer.

ARI: Travel to China pavilion at Expo 2010, using the provided pieces, correctly assemble a DouGon mock-up structure, which is a layered Chinese architecture feature, to receive the next clue and a DouGon model.

RB: 谁能纵横上海滩?  Who wants to be at the beach?
At the WH Ming Hotel, must ascend the building, with the voice controlled automated harness, and grab the 10 race flags glued on the windows to receive the next clue. The voice must be at least at 90db to ascend, then as it go louder, it will make it ascend faster.
It's physically exhausting, as the 90db sound must maintained somehow, otherwise the harness will start to descend.
Also the flags were not set closer together, that the spread of both arms would solve the issue of reaching them, so some ascending and descending to maneuver the direction is also required.

[side note, I'd love to see how Scott Flannary would fare in this challenge, for reasons....]

RI: Travel to an old house at 114 Jiangsu Road and search for the next clue.

RB: 谁知女人心? Who knows a woman's heart?
Correctly serve the snacks orders for the 4 ladies at the table. The difficulty of the task besides getting the correct items, is the fact that ladies will only place the order in Shanghainese, which is another Chinese dialect altogether.
With two Taiwanese racers performing the RB and only one local, MinXia had the clear advantage. As the entire order had to be correct, and the wrong items would not be identified, it wasn't a easy challenge.
Added to the localness of the task, besides the old house setting, dishes were all famous local snacks.

RI: Use the DiDi App on the provided smartphone to call for a car and Travel to Hongqiao Railway Station to search for your next clue.

RI: Travel to AnHui Railway Station where they will find marked HeiHeiRu cars to take them to the company's factory.
It basically adds a second city to this finale leg and features heavily the season's name sponsor.

ARI: Travel to HeiHeiRu Assembly Line, and complete the memory challenge about the 10 legs of the race by finding the only correct picture for each clue among the 150 clue boxes available. Must obtain 10 correct answers in order to receive the final clue for the finish line.
Racers must remain together during the entire task and cannot split-up.
All teams together at the memory challenge was very exciting.
(As someone who was never a huge fan of TAR13, I completely blanked out that this was mostly that season's memory challenge)
So much about collecting the different items during the different legs, that played no role in the end.

Finish Line: The clue just said, travel to The Amazing Race finish line.

1st - Xiu Jie Kai & Alyssa Chia - Prize: Winners Trophy and One Year Supply of HeiHeiRu Products, which winners can choose to donate for Hope Primary School
2nd - Joseph Cheng & Wang Likun
3rd - Wu Minxia & Zhang Xiaocheng

A great season, even if China produces the season in a very different way compared to most traditional TAR series, by featuring these celebrity casts, I am more unlikely to join naysayers when there some sort of different twist regarding casting.

See you for Season 5 em 2018.
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Re: TAR CHINA 4: Ongoing SHOW DIscussion! **contains spoilers**
« Reply #78 on: October 07, 2017, 02:39:11 AM »
I also watched it, and from what I tried to understand:
-- the first task (still in the Studio I think, given to them by listening to the tape I think) is to identify the characters on the dancers' feet or something like that
-- after that they go to the China Art Museum and try to assemble some tower thing
-- then it's the first Roadblock as dryed says
-- and then they head to #114 in some apartment building(?) and they do the second Roadblock, which is getting an order right I think? there has to be something more to it though since there isn't a language barrier to trip up on and they can just write it anyways (maybe it's a platter of food items with relatively unknown names and there's a key on the board? idk)
-- after that they take a train to Chuzhou (as dryed also says, but I think they leave based on when they arrived at the train station, ala TARLA) and head to the HeiHeiRu factory
-- they then do the final task (Warehouse of a 100 Clueboxes)
-- and then they run to the Finish Line on the factory grounds
I'm baaaaaack!

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Re: TAR CHINA 4: Ongoing SHOW DIscussion! **contains spoilers**
« Reply #79 on: October 08, 2017, 02:47:07 AM »
Well, it was another interesting season of TAR China with many ups and downs. The things they do right are so damn awesome, but the things they do wrong are so euurgghhhh... Makes it really hard to give this series as a whole a solid opinion. The Wiki is up to date now, and as of this moment we currently have the most coverage of this season. We even have a nifty little map!

A big round of applause to Numfar though for all his hard work. Without him, I would not have gotten this much work done and the wiki wouldn't look quite as sparkly.

Numfar, if you are able to, would you possibly go back to Season 2 and check the Pit Stop prizes? I still have inadequate information regarding those...

Also, can anyone fill in any missing information here?

Thanks everybody!!
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Re: TAR CHINA 4: Ongoing SHOW DIscussion! **contains spoilers**
« Reply #80 on: October 08, 2017, 05:21:35 AM »
Thanks for everything you have done this year Numfar!

Looking forward to a better Season 5!  :conf:
I enjoy Reality TV shows!

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Re: TAR CHINA 4: Ongoing SHOW DIscussion! **contains spoilers**
« Reply #81 on: October 10, 2017, 02:38:45 PM »
Just finished helping write the remaining Wikipedia leg summaries for this season after another editor asked for my help since I pretty much did the TARC5 summaries this year. I did legs 7, 8 and 9 using RealityFanWiki. Tried my best not to copy you word-for-word, GB, but you're the best resource I had :)

I should do the same for Vietnam 5 sometime, it still needs a lot of attention in the same way.

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Re: TAR CHINA 4: Ongoing SHOW DIscussion! **contains spoilers**
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