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Considering how open / public are the links available (and very easy to find), I believe we can at least keep this here for now, unless we notice they start pulling them down, if that happens we'll probably create a thread on the members only section like we've been doing for Canada.

For those who are not following our spoiler threads, some general info.
The Amazing Race China Season 4 airs every Friday at 10pm local time (meaning if you're in the US, it's only FRI morning).
It's the fourth season of the celebrity iteration of the show, it 'll feature 10 legs / episodes, but unlike most other versions of the TAR franchise they don't film the season in one go, instead opting for smaller filming blocks. As the date of this post, the filming of the season have not yet concluded.
It is also hosted by Allan Wu, but unlike TAR Asia, they are not in English, they are 99% in Mandarin.
Will there be a live stream?
Not sure. I witnessed the attempt of hosting one, but it was lagging so much that they gave-up 15 minutes in. But the full episodes are uploaded a few minutes after they air, so I don't think it matters as much.

This shall be the spoiler free zone, if you like to discuss anything from the upcoming legs  or even about the most recent aired leg itself please do so at the Show Discussion thread.

Leg 1
Show content

Leg 2
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Copenhagen, Denmark:

The Post Making-Of feature that airs after show (with new name sponsor):

Leg 3
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Stockholm, Sweden:

Updated, with the most complete version I could find. This version include some ads in the breaks, but is the most complete version without weird cuts.
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