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Rank your top 10 and bottom 5 teams
« on: July 28, 2017, 03:54:26 PM »
Not sure if this has already been made into a thread, but I didn't see it so I figured I'd make this thread.


Top 10:

1. BJ and Tyler — Wow I know I'm gonna get some hate for this. I, personally, loved them. They ran the race how I felt it should be run—enjoying every moment of the race and just enjoying the fun of the experience, instead of focusing so hard on winning. They mostly always had very positive energy, and of course were one of the funniest teams ever in the history of race, like when they made the sign up sheet in Sicily or when they were on the bus heading to Athens Airport and pretending the ghosts of teams eliminated were on the bus too. I really just related to their fun and energy. Also the first time a team I liked right from the start won a season. Such a great season and a great team.

2. Flight Time and Big Easy — Another team that it seems people on here don't like? Again, a great team. With the exception of the second Switzerland leg in Season 18, they were always trying to be kind to other teams, and like BJ and Tyler, they had such great positive energy. They were always having fun with the locals, which I think is something that all teams should do, and on top of that, they wanted to use the million dollars for charity.

3. Kym and Alli — I think this team is actually more liked around here so I'm not expecting backlash for this. A really strong female team with positive energy, almost similar to that of Brook and Claire (except I wasn't too big of a fan of Brook telling Ghanan market goers they looked like gangsters or rappers) and they tried to keep a positive energy when they could. My favorite all-female team, and I really hope they are brought back in the next Unfinished Business or All-Stars or whatever.

4. Jet and Cord — Do people not like them here? Yes I know, I'm kind of being bit basic with having them and the Globes up here on the list, but I just really loved them. They were a funny team, they had class, they always got along (actually all the teams up above here, except BJ and Tyler during the Oman roadblock, did) and they were just a pleasure to watch.

5. Becca and Floyd — I liked them for basically the same reasons I liked BJ and Tyler. Actually, after the first episode of two, I said to myself they really reminded me of BJ and Tyler and I was sure they were gonna win because of that energy (and I still believe they would've won if it hadn't been for that Ninh Binh roadblock). I really hope they are brought back too.

6. Uchenna and Joyce — How could you not love them? They were the heroes of Season 7! They were so kind, classy, and had such great energy. When Uchenna said that Joyce still looked beautiful after she shaved her head, I think that sealed the deal right there that they were one of the greatest teams of all time.

7. Leo and Jamal — Okay, if you haven't figured it out, I like a lot of the teams people on here don't like. Leo and Jamal were so hilarious to watch. I mean come on, Leo's smile was the best smile and it never failed to make me smile. Personally, I don't think they were really as conniving as people thought with maybe the exception of lying about the U-Turn in 23 because all the other "connives" were basically jokes, like when they joked that Tim and Marie zipped through the snake eating challenge or when they joked that they had been at the Lisbon detour for hours. Though they did fight sometimes, they had such great positive energy and I really liked them; they were one of the only teams that I liked in TAR 23.

8. Brook and Claire — They were like the female version of the hippies, with the exception I mentioned before. They were a strong team (like come on, she was able to take a watermelon to the face!) and again, such great energy that I really loved. When they lost 1st place in Korea due to a penalty, they didn't sulk like a lot of other teams have done (*cough* Thomas and Jill *cough*). It's a shame they weren't able to participate in TAR 18 or TAR 24 because I feel they would've made both of those seasons SO much better.

9. Zev and Justin — They're mainly on this list because I really just related to their story. Having lived with mild Asperger's all my life, it was nice to really see some representation and just to see how Justin took Zev under his wing and how sweet they were together. Then there was that Vietnam leg where Zev gave his jacket to the cold and soaked Vietnamese guy. They mostly tried to stay positive when they could and despite having many negatives happen to them throughout both of their races, the only time they really blew up on each other was in that Lijiang Roadblock.

10. Adam and Bethany — Another team that seems to be all-around well-loved, Adam and Bethany were truly inspiring. They were classy, always had positive energy, remained cool under pressure, but most importantly, Bethany's perseverance and strength were so incredible. Just like Team Fun and the Cyclists, hope these guys are brought back too.

Honorable Mentions: Danny and Oswald, Mark and Bopper, Fran and Barry, Kynt and Vyxsin

Bottom 5

5. Carol and Brandy — They were really the snobby bullies of season 16. They were so full of themselves and they really treated Caite like crap so they deserve to be on this list. Plus that finish line scene—yeesh.

4. Freddy and Kendra — I think we all know why they're on this list, so I'm not even gonna go into that.

3. Brendon and Rachel — Brendon's assholery and Rachel's crybabyness combined made season 20 and and 24 unbearable. Then their snobbyness in season 24 replaced the crybabyness, with the exception of when Rachel went back to her old ways in the Vegas finale. God. Why were they brought back for All-Stars?

2. Natalie and Nadiya — GOD THEY WERE SO ANNOYING. Twinnie! Nadi! Nati! UGH. That, and how they turned sweet Jaymes and James against Abbie and Ryan made them one of the worst teams ever. Another mistake in the 24 casting. Thank the lord that this time I didn't have to deal with them all the way until the penultimate leg.

1. Jonathan and Victoria — Do I even need to say anything?

Honorable Mentions: Rob and Amber, Monica and Joseph, Jaime and Cara, Justin and Diana
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Re: Rank your top 10 and bottom 5 teams
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Top 10
1. Dave and Connor
2. Jet and Cord
3. Matt and Redmond
4. Becca and Floyd
5. Kym and Alli
6. Flight Time and Big Easy
7. Mark and Bopper
8. Danny and Oswald
9. Linda and Karen

Bottom 5
1. Brendan and Rachel
2. Carol and Brandy
3. Brooke and Scott
4. Flo and Zach
5. Rob and Amber
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Re: Rank your top 10 and bottom 5 teams
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Top 10
1. Flo & Zach - loved their dynamic
2. Brooke & Scott - same as 1
3. Charla & Mirna - Mirnish <3333 Charla being dwarf queen <333
4. Dustin & Kandice - The Beauty Queens who came in 2nd and 4th in very hard TAR seasons.
5. Ken & Gerard - Their falls <333
6. Kami & Karli - lol at their mistakes <3
7. Amy & Maya - super positive <3
8. Jaime & Cara - Jaime's bitchiness <3
9. Adam & Rebecca - Their dynamic <3
10. Weaver Family - lol at their dynamic <3

Bottom 5
1. Eric & Danielle - Wth they were brought back?
2. Carol & Brandy - NO comment.
3. Jet & Cord - Needlessly returned for 3rd time.
4. Dave & Connor - Needlessly complained about U-Turn.
5. Jonathan & Victoria - No comment. The Shove.
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