Author Topic: When was first time you knew about The Amazing Race? And getting know about it?  (Read 1546 times)

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I was flipping through some channels back in 2007 (I was 11) when I happened upon Rob & Amber (particularly Rob) stumbling on spelling the name 'Philippines' (which where I'm from). So I watched continuously to see what'll happen, and ended up rooting for Charla & Mirna because they're the underdogs haha.

When AXN did a marathon of the entire season 11 before airing the finale, I made both of my parents watch it. If they didn't want to, they were going to have to leave the TV area hahahaha

I've been watching every season since and have watched every season since :D
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It was year 2006, I was browsing channels when I stumbled upon TAR 9, Episode 1 (AXN Asia). They were in Brazil and Fran and Barry couldn't find the cluebox which they passed by several times. :lol: It was a re-run, airing one episode a day. I stopped watching TAR10 cause I was wondering why it wasn't on every night until I saw it on local channel. I realized it's the latest season airing once a week. Then as they say, the rest is history!

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Sorry guys I don't really remember what the rubric was and I go to a different school now  :groan: if I remember correctly it was kind of a unique project that my teacher came up with herself.

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Wow, this is actually a very deep and engaging question. It's not a sliver of memory for me. :stare
The first time I was captivated by The Amazing Race was during my senior year of high school - class of 2002. It was close to spring break and I was quite a lone ranger back then. I had a couple of acquaintances to call "pals", but we never hung out outside of the classroom so those friendships became duds after graduation. My parents were a bit strict. I didn't own a phone because I couldn't afford a phone plan out of my allowance, nor was I allowed to use the landline unsupervised; thus, I was basically stuck at home and I could only mow lawns and do some gardening if I wanted to earn money and go out. I was particularly bored this one evening after doing garden work and crying from people not wanting me around them. I switched on the TV and lucky enough, I landed on CBS where I saw two girls rowing a raft with giant sticks. I was sold on watching the show when I saw them giving a bath to an elephant because who doesn't love elephants?! And best of all, they took the entire leg home with a win! I would later find out this was Mary & Peach during Season 2's Chiang Mai leg. I watched the following weeks and had a roller coaster ride of excitement that I would otherwise would have missed out on, and replaced my hurt from being a typical high school outcast. I fell in love with seeing the sights of Hong Kong and I LOVED Oswald & Danny after they chose to go shopping in Hong Kong. The Australian slang also won me over after I initially believed that the language was a myth. I was hooked since! Watched during college (and made better friends), made it home from the actual workplace in time to watch the show (and with wonderful co-workers), and life actually got better because of TAR. It's somewhat silly, but I call this show my good luck charm. Certainly still way different than anything on TV now and helped me through my young adulthood.
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