Author Topic: TAR ISRAEL 6 - (HaMerotz LaMillion 6) News, Media & LIVE Sightings *spoilers*  (Read 11864 times)

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Thanks so much!! Wow...they def escaped us well this time!
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Okay, um, did we have Netherlands as a destination?

Noticed the Wiki page has just been started without sources, and the known route

Edit: It's been reverted to a redirect
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  • you are my destiny//jai ho जय हो me crazy, but I've been following the thread and noticed something fishy. Is there a possibility that there are either a) four FF teams or b) a decoy FF team?

From the pictures posted so far, I can see four different FF team pairings, despite only 3 clearly FF team photos on the Prom Queen board, meaning one was eliminated in NYC.

1. Ladies in blue, dark hair and light hair, teal shoes (on page 1)
2. Ladies in purple/pink, both brunettes, purple backpacks, black shoes (on page 1)
3. Ladies in hot pink, dark hair and light hair, pink shoes (on page 1)
4. Two girls, one of whom is clearly of African descent (page 3)

The only possibility I can think of is 1 and 3 being the same team, both teams having one brunette and one blonde...but why would they have brought not only 2 different color schemes, 2 clearly different pairs of shoes which they wore on the same day, and 2 differently-designed backpacks? It's obvious that 4 is a team, because while you can change your clothes or dye your hair (although aside from head-shavings, who would have time/be allowed to dye their hair on the Race?), you can't change your race. The Prom Queen board shows the non-white FF team, as well as two FF teams with dark hair/light hair are the 2 brunettes in purple/pink with black shoes a decoy team?

Or maybe I'm just nuts and should get back to working on my dissertation...

Edit: Also, disappointed that we don't have any old-people teams or Orthodox Jewish teams (from what I can tell) on this season. I can't remember the last time American TAR had an old people team. According to Wiki, the last team to have a member over the age of 60 was Hoskote/Naina (who?) in season 23 and the last actual "old people" team were Bill/Cathi, 10 seasons ago (!), although they both could have passed for at least a decade younger. One of the things I liked about classic TAR was the diverse casting, these past few American seasons have had mostly interchangeable young FF/young MM/young couples, unlike Big Brother which has rarely cast anyone over the age of 50 (they exist too!), and Survivor (although IIRC, an inordinate amount of the older folks they've cast have been medevaced - Joe, Bruce, Papa Bear, Mike from Samoa, Gary from Fiji - and Rudy was considered for one of the returning players seasons after All Stars but was ultimately axed because he's really, really old now)
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