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Re: Racing report TAR29: Episode 12
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Racing report
Amazing Race Season 29, Episode 12, "We're going to victory lane"
Film date: 2016-07-02

After the customary look back at the season and the finale teams this episode starts with a scene right at the pit stop. Phil tells the teams that they will fly to Chicago for the last leg. And that they will fly in Prestige class (Actually on Korea Air it is called Premium and is their business class).

We do not get to see the teams depart. Instead we catch up with them as they board the flight to Chicago:
  KE037 ICN-ORD  10:40 - 09:35

This flight flies east over the international date line, which explains why it lands before it started (local time).

In interviews we learn that Scott was devious at the airport and persuaded the other teams to keep their backpacks. While the others boarded Brooke & Scott waited and then had the gate staff check in their bags and put them in the hold. Then they just did not pick them up in Chicago so they could race without any heavy packs.

Once teams land they jump into taxis and make their way to the Chicagoland Speedway (78km 0h59min).

Teams arrive at the speedway in the following order:
 1. Brooke & Scott
 2. Tara & Joey
 3. London & Logan

Route info: Join a professional racing team.

In this active route marker one team member must get behind the wheel of a racing car. The other team member must change one of the tires in under 40 seconds. The driving member must then do a lap in under 48 seconds.

There are three pit stop locations so all teams can do the tire change simultaneously. However only one car at a time is allowed out on the 1.5 mile track. The driving team member is accompanied by a professional driver who can advice on how to drive. There are also markings on the ground which helps them keep a good line through the race track. The cars have a manual transmission. And they all have wonderful custom paint jobs with various old and current Amazing Race logos.

Changing the tire is not easy. Brooke did it in the required time on her 4th attempt. Joey on his 1st and London on her 4th.

When driving the cars reached about 150mph.

Teams complete this challenge in the following order:
 1(+0) Brooke & Scott, Scott drove 3 laps
 2(+0) Tara & Joey, Tara drove 3 laps
 3(+0) London & Logan, Logan drove 2 laps

The next clue directs teams to the Munroe Street Station where they must search the platform for their next clue.

In interviews we learn that the clue told the teams to have the taxis drop them off at a different metro station (probably Cermak-Chinatown) and then they had to make their way to Munroe via the metro. Once they arrive they must figure out that the metro worker wearing a helmet with race stripes on has the next clue.

Teams get the clue in the following order:
 1(+0) Brooke & Scott
 2(+0) Tara & Joey, encounter team #1 on the platform
 3(+0) London & Logan

Teams must now solve three riddles to identify three iconic city landmarks. Then visit each landmark and collect a postcard. When put together the postcards tells where they can get the next clue.

The sheet with the riddles read:
I have a gothic spire.
And I'm impervious to fire.
I'm 154 feet tall, look no higher.

I am tiered lie a wedding cake.
From me, a drink you should not take.
To find me, look no further than the lake.

I stand in the twin corncnoobs' shadow.
And control the Kuppcinet bascuite for those below.
Climb the steps to my operator, and you'll be good to go.

The first riddle points to the Chicago water tower. There teams will find two men with red and yellow clothes playing chess on a chessboard marked with race stripes.

The second riddle points to the Buckingham fountain. Here teams will find a guy on a bike with a yellow shirt and a red bandanna.

The last riddle points to the Wabash bridge and here teams get the postcard from the operator.

Geographically the bridge is located between the water tower and the fountain so the best option is not visit them in the order of the riddles. Scott seem to be the only one who realizes this.

It seems the clue here told teams to travel by foot or public transport because nobody uses a taxi during this task.

The only team making a mistake is Tara & Joey who go to the Chicago temple instead of the water tower.

Teams visit the landmarks in the following orders:
 Brooke & Scott, tower, bridge, fountain
 Tara & Joey, fountain, bridge, temple, tower
 London & Logan, bridge, tower, fountain

If you put the postcards next to each other your get the text "CITYHALLROOFTOP". Here teams will find the city beekeeper who will give them their next clue. Teams all make their way there on foot.
 "I cross-fit with a 100 on my back", Scott wants Brooke to jump on his back, but she does not

The editing implies that London & Logan get their third postcard before Tara & Joey. But the former seem to be further away form city hall.

Teams reach the beekeeper in the following order:
 1(+0) Brooke & Scott
 2(+0) Tara & Joey
 3(+0) London & Logan

Route info: "Travel by taxi to Wrigleyville dogs. Once there search for your next clue."

London & Logan have taxi trouble where the first taxi they enter does not want to take them.

In Wrigleyville teams find a normal clue box in the following order:
 1(+0) Brooke & Scott
 2(+0) Tara & Joey
 3(+0) London & Logan

Here teams find another active route marker. They must prepare 10 hot dogs (this is not shown) and then deliver them to a rooftop overlooking Wrigley Field. Once they have delivered their hot dogs former winners Ernie & Cindy will give them tickets to Wrigley Field. All racers have their race blinders on so they do not recognize Ernie & Cindy.

 "Go Red Sox", Joey can't resist baiting the Cubs fans

Inside Wrigley field teams find the clue box in the following order:
 1(+0) Brooke & Scott
 2(+0) Tara & Joey
 3(+0) London & Logan

Here teams find the final memory task, with a small twist. One team member must climb inside the giant manual score board. This person must then place numbers corresponding to their placement in the different cities at the score board. The trick is that it is hard to know which slot to put the numbers in.

To guide them they have their partner who sits in the press box and can communicate via a one-way radio. So basically the team member in the press box must use the one way radio to guide their team mate who scurries up and down inside the scoreboard.

One twist is that the cities are not listed in the order teams visited them but in alphabetical order: Ålesund, Athens, Dar ss Salam, Hanoi, Lake Como, Ninh Binh, Panama City, São Paulo, Seoul, Venice and Zanzibar

 "Let's hope she doesn't get frustrated because I can't talk back to her", Scott

And Brooke is calm and collected during this task

Once they have completed the scoreboard an usher will check it. If approved they must make their way to the home plate. Here they will get an equation.
The equation the first team get is:
Dar Es Salam - Ninh Binh =
Panama City - Venice =
Athens+Seoul =

When solved this gives a three digit number which represents an aisle in the ballpark (each team get their own aisle). Teams must search the seats in this aisle for their next clue.

According to interviews the entire task in Wrigley field took about 15-20 minutes. And Brooke & Scott were probably running to their aisle when Tara & Joey arrived. And London & Logan arrive as Tara & Joey are running for their aisle. This implies that each team is about 15 minutes ahead of the next team.

Teams find their clues in the aisles in the following order:
 1(+0) Brooke & Scott
 2(+0) Tara & Joey
 3(+0) London & Logan

This clue tells teams to make their way to the finish line at Milton Lee Olive Park (8km ~20min).

Teams reach the finish line in the following order:
 1(+0) Brooke & Scott, win the $1,000,000
 2(+0) Tara & Joey
 3(+0) London & Logan

 "After 9 countries, 17 cities and more than 36,000 miles", Phil

 "I picked the right partner", Scott
 "There are so many people I may have had more in common with, but I wouldn't have been successful with", Brooke about her partner

In fact all the final teams are very happy with their partners.

 "I have opened myself up to new experiences, I have pushed myself to new limits and I have fulfilled a dram of a lifetime", Scott
 "The money is just gravy, the experience is priceless", Brooke
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Re: Racing report TAR29: Episode 12 is on page 2
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And finally I got the last episode done. I am also planning to update the earlier ones with the new flight data Neobie has dug up.

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Re: Racing report TAR29: Episode 12 is on page 2
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Thanks for another great season of reports, maf!  :conf: :hoot: :)
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Re: Racing report TAR29: Episode 12 is on page 2
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I have now added the flight times provided by Neobie.