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Racing report TAR29: Episode 5 is on page 1
« on: April 04, 2017, 01:47:47 PM »
Placeholder for title.

Unfortunately I will not be able to give detailed flight data this season since flightstats have blocked their historical flight lookup tool.
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TAR 29 Episode 1
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Racing report
Amazing Race Season 29, Episode 1, "We're coming for you, Phil!"
Film date: 2016-06-10 - 2016-06-11

This season has a big twist. Instead of 11 teams of two with a pre-existing relationship we have 22 individuals who will be paired up at the starting line. The contestants are:

  • Olive, Firefighter "I definitely don't want to be dragged down by somebody"
  • Brooke, Criminal Attorney "I'm so nervous about who's my partner's gonna be"
  • Michael, Butcher "I'd prefer somebody who has a little more charm than me because I can be a pain in the ass"
  • Shamir, Wall Street Banker "I doesn't even matter who you team me up with. I'm gonna throw them over my shoulder and make sure we win"
  • Jenn, Model "I'll definitely use my looks to my advantage",
  • Jessie, K9 Police Officer "I'm 6"3' and it's intimidating most people. I'm an alpha male, I can't help it"
  • Seth, Police Officer "I'm trained to work well off the bat with a partner"
  • Scott, Recruiting Manager "I am a gay red-head"
  • Redmond, Former Navy Corpsman, lost a leg in Afghanistan "Your goal should be to continue to succeed"
  • Vanck, Wall Street Analyst "I guess I'm intellectually oriented"
  • Francesca, Army Drill Sergeant "I've been in the military for 15 years"
  • Matt, Pro Snowboarder "To come home with the gold mean so much for me"
  • Floyd, College Drum Major "I've been watching the Amazing Race since I was in fifth grade"
  • Becca, Rock Climbing Instructor "I'm very enthusiastic, fun loving, goofy"
  • Liz, Auctioneer "I could be in the study, but I would rather be out on the farm with my horse"
  • Sara, Luxury Real Estate Agent
  • Joey, Police Sergeant "I was born the third of four kids to a single parent"
  • Ashton, Residential Real Estate Agent "What I'm looking for in a race partner is somebody who brings even more physical strength"
  • Logan, Surgical Consultant
  • Kevin, Athletic Trainer
  • Tara, Army officer
  • London, Street Artist

The race starts in Grad Hope Park in downtown Los Angeles. Phil tells the contestants that they will visit 9 countries, 17 cities and travel 36,000 miles. The contestants have never spoken to each other, but before they have to pick their partners there is a challenge. Phil tells them that they have to pick up a piece of luggage which has an Panamanian flag attached to it.
 "You're gonna go 2 blocks South-West, 7 blocks South-East", Phil tells the racers where the luggage store is

And once Phil asks they what they are waiting for the racers are off.
 "It's a good thing I memorized all the flags in the world before I came on the show, Floyd has prepared
 "These feet are made for walking, not running", Liz seem confused about what type of show she is in

The luggage store is called F&M Gallery and is located on the intersection between E 11th Street and S Los Angeles St. This is about 1.1km from the park.

People complete this first challenge in the following order:
 1. Seth
 2. Matt
 3. Olive
 4. Shamir
 5. Sara
 6. Scott
 7. Becca
 8. Vanck
 9. Redmond
    Joey, had to go back since he brought a bag with the wrong flag
 10. Tara
 11. London
 12. Floyd
 13. Jenn
 14. Michel
 15. Kevin
 16. Brooke
 17. Liz
 18. Logan
 19. Jessie
 20. Francesca
 21. Ashton
 22. Joey

Once all are back we are ready for the team selection. This is done in the order that contestants finished the first task. So Seth, who finished first gets to pick his teammate first. Then the person who finished second and so on until everybody belongs to a team. The teams become (with the selector first):

Seth & Olive, #TeamAmerica, "She's the first lady to arrive"
Matt & Redmond, #TheBoys, "Redmond seems like a guy who believes in himself"
Shamir & Sara, #TheSand***press, "Would I like to be with the super hot chick? Yes!
Scott & Brooke, #TeamBrookeandScott
Becca & Floyd, #TeamFun
Vanck & Ashton, #TeamVanckandAshton
Tara & Joey, #TeamMomandDad "I'm going to go with the underdog"
London & Logan, #TeamLoLo "I need some muscle man
Jenn & Kevin, #LongHraiDontCare
Michael & Liz, #TeamLizandMike
Jessie & Francesca, #SwoleSisters

 "We had a few words earlier", Jessie about getting teamed up with with Francesca

Phil now tells teams that their first clue is inside the luggage they fetched, and that one of the bags also contain an express pass (the only one). Then he tells them that when he says go they should run out of the park and grab a taxi and make their way to the airport.

Jessie & Francesca do not have to grab a taxi. Phil will drive them to the airport himself since none of them got to choose heir teammate.

A mad dash for the taxis follows. There seems to be plenty of taxis
around so all teams get underway quickly.

Floyd is the lucky contestant who finds the express pass in his bag. In the extra scenes we see him and Becca decide to not tell the other teams that they have it. This feels like a good strategic move if they can pull it off.

The clue tells teams to fly to Panama City. There are two direct flights which teams may travel on.

The first flight is: CM362 and it arrives at 7:00 the next morning and carries:
  Matt & Redmond
  Becca & Floyd
  Brooke & Scott
  London & Logan
  Seth & Olive

The second flight is CM303 and it arrives one hour delayed at 09:36 (according to the telecast) and carries:
  Jessie & Francesca
  Vanck & Ashton
  Tara & Joey
  Shamir & Sara
  Kevin & Jenn
  Liz & Michael

At the airport Olive is asked if there is romance between her and her partner.
 "I don't think I'm his type", Olive
 "I told Olive I'm gay and have a boyfriend", Seth

Once teams land they must pick up a rental car and drive themselves to the Miraflores locks where they will find their next clue.

This is a welcome change to a race which has had very little self-driving lately. Navigating through the busy streets of Panama City turns out to be very hard, specially for some teams.
 "The compete lack of street signs is a nice touch", Seth
 "Everybody who you ask in Panama does not know where the Panama Canal is",  Scott
 "This is an Amazing Race nightmare", Scott

 "I'm gonna tell you one thing about me that you should know, telling me to calm down makes me worse", Brooke
 "I can tell", Scott

 "There should be a sign you know. It's the Panama canal", Joey
 "Should being the key word", Tara

 "Good Gravy, I try not to swear", Jessie
 "I know and that's what I'm worried about as I have a mouth like a sailor", Francesca

 "Once you hit a roundabout take a 135° right turn", Vanck gets technical
 "I don't now what that means", Ashton does not follow

 "My Spanish is actually better when I'm drunk", Jenn

Teams arrive at the locks (32km 35-50min) in the following order:
  1. Seth & Olive, they pass Phil who live narrates their progress
  2. Becca & Floyd
  3. Brooke & Scott, arrive as #2 are leaving the parking lot
  4. London & Logan
  5. Matt & Redmond
  ?. Shamir & Sara
  ?. Vanck & Ashton
  ?. Tara & Joey
  ?. Jessie & Francesca
 10. Liz & Michael
 11. Kevin & Jenn
Route info: "Drive to the Panama Rain forest Discovery center in Gamboa and search for your clue in the Gamboa tower."

 "The never-ending spiral of dizziness", Becca while climbing the tower

The Gamboa tower (21km ~30min) turns out to be 40m high and reaches above the forest canopy. Teams reach the clue at the top in the following order:
  1(+0) Seth & Olive
  2(+0) Becca & Floyd
  3(+0) Brooke & Scott
  ? London & Logan
  ? Matt & Redmond
  6(+0) Shamir & Sara
  7(+?) Vanck & Ashton
  8(+?) Tara & Joey
  9(+?) Jessie & Francesca
 10(+0) Liz & Michael
 11(+0) Kevin & Jenn

Detour: Shoot & Scoot

In shoot teams must use a traditional dugout canoe and paddle out into the river. Here they must use a traditional bow and arrow to knock over two silver fish targets.

In scoot teams must compete against a professional crew in a 400m sprint. They will be paddling a modern version of the dugout canoe. If they loose they will get a 50m head start on their second attempt and 100m on the third.

The teams who select shoot quickly realize that the canoe is unstable and it is very hard to shoot with an old-style bow and arrow. Most teams who select this detour quickly give up and switch to the other one.

On the other hand the teams who select scoot find out that the teams they are competing against are very good. One could even say it is a humbling experience for most teams. It is even more humbling for the teams who manage to flip over in their canoes.

 "We're like making complete fools of ourselves", Joey
 "We did get on each others nerves a little bit today", Ashton

Kevin & Jenn managed to make at least one attempt at scoot before the detour was closed for the night (it got dark). They got their next clue as they were told this.

Teams complete the detour in the following order:
  1(+0) Seth & Olive, scoot on their 3rd attempt
  2(+0) Becca & Floyd, shoot (with Becca doing the shooting)
  3(+?) Matt & Redmond, scoot on their 1st attempt
  4(-1) Brooke & Scott, started shoot but switched to scoop which they did on their 3rd attempt
  5(+1) Shamir & Sara, scoot on their 3rd attempt
  6(+?) London & Logan, started shoot but switched to scoop which they did on their 3rd attempt
  7(+1) Tara & Joey, scoot
  8(-1) Vanck & Ashton, started scoot, switched to shoot and then back again.
  9(+0) Jessie & Francesca, scoot
 10(+0) Liz & Michael, started shoot but switched to scoop which they did on their 3rd attempt
 11(+0) Kevin & Jenn, tried scoot but only had time for one, failed, attempt before it closed for the night
The next route info tells teams to make their way to the first pit stop at Cinta Costeras Tres next to an enormous flag.

Teams reach Phil (36km ~45min) in the following order:
  1(+0) Seth & Olive
  2(+0) Becca & Floyd
  3(+0) Matt & Redmond
  4(+0) Brooke & Scott
  5(+0) Shamir & Sara
  6(+1) Tara & Joey
  7(+1) Vanck & Ashton
  8(-2) London & Logan
  9(+0) Jessie & Francesca
        Kevin & Jenn, are given a 2h penalty for not completing the detour
 10(+0) Liz & Michael
 11(+0) Kevin & Jenn

 "We tried our best we ran as hard as we could", Jenn

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Re: Racing report: Episode 1 is on page 1
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I always love these!!

But wow, the many question marks prove what a big portion of the leg was underedited. :lol:

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Re: Racing report: Episode 1 is on page 1
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How much information!

Well done maf! Keep it up!
'Nice Garry'

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Re: Racing report TAR29: Episode 2
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Racing report
Amazing Race Season 29, Episode 2, "Scared Spitless"
Film date: 2016-06-11 - 2016-11-13

This episode starts with some flashbacks to the previous episode where we get to see how well/no-well some teams operated.

The last pit stop was next to a giant flag in Panama City. This episode seems to start just outside the park where the flag was. It i a bit hard to make out because we only get to see the first team depart.

Teams probably depart in the order:
  1. Seth & Olive, at 23:16
  2. Becca & Floyd
  3. Matt & Redmond
  4. Brooke & Scott
  5. Shamir & Sara
  6. Tara & Joey
  7. Vanck & Ashton
  8. London & Logan
  9. Jessie & Francesca
 10. Liz & Michael

The first clue directs teams to fly to São Paulo, Brazil. They must book their tickets at a specific travel agency (Fantasy Tours) which tuns out to open at 05:00 the following morning.

Predictably there is mayhem at the travel agency when all teams try to book the best possible flights. Shamir gets really upset when his agent is a bit slow and somebody else snatches the seats on the first flight.

Teams end up on six different flights which leave Panama on the 12th and arrive in São Paulo on the 13th. Some flights probably just after midnight and some probably late morning.

Flight #1 carries:
 Matt & Redmond
 Vanck & Ashton

Flight #2 carries:
 Seth & Olive
 Shamir & Sara
 Brooke & Scott

Flight #3 carries:
 Liz & Michael

Flight #4 has a stopover in Bogota and carries:
 London & Logan

Flight #5 carries:
 Becca & Floyd
 Tara & Joey

Flight #6 has a stopover in Mexico and carries:
 Jessie & Francesca

Once in São Paulo teams head to a helipad where they will sign up for helicopter flights which will leave in the morning. There are reports from people on the ground that some teams went to an predetermined hotel where they could spend the rest of the night before going to the helipad.

Vanck & Ashton made a deal with Matt & Redmond that they would share a taxi and flip a coin at the sign-up sheet. But there were no big taxis to be had and when Matt & Redmond arrived first they saw no reason to stick to the deal.
 "We may have been jerks", Redmond
 "Sorry not sorry", Matt after "apologizing"
 "This was a slap in the face and a stab in the back", Ashton is upset

Teams depart one at a time on the helicopters in the following order:
  1. Matt & Redmond
  2. Vanck & Ashton
  3. Shamir & Sara
  4. Seth & Olive
  5. Brooke & Scott
  6. Liz & Michael
  7. London & Logan
  8. Becca & Floyd
  9. Tara & Joey
 10. Jessie & Francesca

The helicopter ride is pretty and teams get a sense of how big São Paulo is and how bad the traffic seem to be.

Once they land they have to make their way by taxi to Praça da sé. The local detectives report that Jessie & Francesca took the Metro instead, but this cost them time and the telecast does not mention it.

Teams reach the clue box at Praça da sé in in the following order:
  1(+0) Matt & Redmond
  2(+1) Shamir & Sara
  3(-1) Vanck & Ashton
  4(+0) Seth & Olive
  5(+1) Liz & Michael
  6(-1) Brooke & Scott
  7(+0) London & Logan
  8(+0) Becca & Floyd
  9(+0) Tara & Joey
 10(+0) Jessie & Francesca

Detour: keep the beat or work your feet

In keep the beat teams must join a samba band. They must learn to play two percussion instruments, the Surdo (a big drum) and the Chocalho (shakers). They will get their next clue once they manage to keep the beat, hold the instruments right and stop in an ordered fashion when the band stops.

In work your feet teams must make their way to a boxing gym located under a highway. Here they must build a workout station with rudimentary equipment.

Building the gym seems fairly easy. The only teams struggling are Matt & Redmond who forgot to pour water into the barrel and Tara & Joey who drop a washer on the ground.
 "It could be something really tiny or it could be something right before our faces", Matt when the judge does not approve their gym

Brooke & Scott have a hard time finding the gym and they get out of their taxi. As they are running along the sidewalk Brooke trips, falls and hurts her arm.
 "Pain is temporary, elimination is forever", Brooke

 "Being a band geek pays off, stay in the marching bad, be a nerd man", Michel gives advice after the detour

 "I played base drum in High School", Floyd feel this detour was made for him

Teams complete the detour in the following order:
  1(+0) Matt & Redmond, feet
  2(+1) Vanck & Ashton, feet
  3(+1) Seth & Olive, feet
  4(-2) Shamir & Sara, music on their 3rd attempt
  5(+0) Liz & Michael, music on their 2nd attempt
  6(+1) London & Logan, music on their 3rd attempt
  7(+1) Becca & Floyd, music on their 1st attempt
  8(-2) Brooke & Scott, feet
  9(+0) Tara & Joey, feet
 10(+0) Jessie & Francesca, music according to local detectives they made at least 6 attempts

Route info: "Make your way to Avenida Paulista and find the marked bicycle".

 "As long as we beat Vanck & Ashton that's good", Redmond as they search for the cyclist

Jessie & Francesca show up at the road block location as Sara waits for Shamir to finish the task. Unfortunately for them they do not see the cyclist even though she passes right in front of them. Sara helpfully points them in the wrong direction. This costs them about 30 minutes. But they have themselves to blame.

Teams find the cyclist in the following order:
  1(+1) Vanck & Ashton
  2(+3) Liz & Michael
  3(-2) Matt & Redmond, got dropped off at the wrong location
  4(-1) Seth & Olive
  5(-1) Shamir & Sara
  6(+2) Brooke & Scott
  7(+0) Becca & Floyd
  8(+1) Tara & Joey
  9(-3) London & Logan
 10(+0) Jessie & Francesca

Road block: "Who likes things squeaky clean?"

In this road block contestants must rappel down a 15 story building and thoroughly wash a very dirty marked window on the way. Once the window is perfectly clean they will get their next clue. One tricky detail is that you can't go back up so if you miss a spot higher up on the window you have to go down and rappel from the top again.

Teams get the road block clue right below the building so the latter teams can see what the task is and choose accordingly.

 "I am scared spitless", Liz gets the title as she is about to begin her descent
 "She's taking her time, she's smart man", Michael about Liz
 "I have been a paratrooper in the army for 20 years", Tara feels confident

Poor Scott, who is extremely afraid of heights, must to do this road block since Brooke has a hurt arm.
 "I have a fear of heights and falling", Scott
 "I tough you were afraid of heights man", Tara to Scott as they are cleaning their windows
 "I am, I cried the first 20 minutes of this challenge", Scott replies

 "I like this a lot better than playing the drum", Shamir feels god in the beginning of the task
 "My testicle is about to rupture, I need some help", Shamir is in pain by the window
Shamir suddenly experiences so much pain that he tries to break the window to get into the building. He manages to crack the window but not more so he has to rappel down. Once on the ground he seeks medical attention in the ambulance production has standing by.
 "I think his junk is hurting him right now", Sara narrates
 "Can I keep going? Is it dangerous?", Shamir in the ambulance
 "If a million dollars was on the line and I had some discomfort I'd probably suck it up and keep going", Sara

Shamir takes so long time with this task that Jessie & Francesca, who seem to have landed hours after the others, catch up with them and we get to see him and Francesca side by side cleaning windows.

Teams complete this road block in the following order (* denotes team member doing the roadblock):
1(+1)Liz* & Michael     (1-0)
2(-1)Vanck & Ashton*    (0-1)
3(+0)Matt & Redmond*    (0-1)
4(+0)Seth* & Olive      (1-0)Had to go back up again
5(+1)Brooke & Scott*    (0-1)
6(+1)Becca* & Floyd     (1-0)
7(+2)London & Logan*    (0-1)
8(+1)Tara* & Joey       (1-0)
9(-4)Shamir* & Sara     (1-0)Had to go back up again, four times
10(+0)Jessie & Francesca*(0-1)Had to go back up again, once

The next clue tells teams to find Phil at the next it Stop in the urban rain forest of Trianon Park.

We get a race for first where Liz & Michael has a head start but Vanck & Ashton are not far behind. The former jump into a taxi while the latter decide to run since the pit stop is close.

Team find Phil in the following order:
  1(+0) Liz & Michael, win a trip to Barbados
  2(+0) Vanck & Ashton
  3(+0) Matt & Redmond
  4(+0) Seth & Olive
  5(+1) Becca & Floyd
  6(-1) Brooke & Scott, 4 feet behind #5
  7(+1) Tara & Joey
  8(-1) London & Logan, while teams #5-#7 are still on the mat
  9(+0) Shamir & Sara
 10(+0) Jessie & Francesca, are eliminated

In the previous leg Vanck & Ashton had serious issues with working together but in this leg not so much. They seemed to be a completely different team and worked well together.

We also get some very awkward scenes from the mat with Sara & Shamir.
 "Shamir, you're angry", Phil
 "Very angry, I was stuck by my balls hanging, really funny", Shamir
Phil then tells him that harnesses happen a lot on the race. The subtext is that he needs to toughen up. Meanwhile Sara is almost in tears, she is clearly frustrated with her partner.
 "I think I learned a lot about him and gonna figure out how to handle things from here on out", Sara

The way the episode is cut clearly suggests that Shamir is a bit of a crybaby. How much truth there is in that is impossible to say. But we can see that Sara is not happy with him and as a team they have many issues to resolve.

Personally I am very sorry to see Jessie & Francesca go home. They did exchange heated words in the starting line task but quickly found each other and worked very well together. What did them in was mainly flights, but
also trusting Sara who led them astray.
 "I have no regrets how being a partner with her turned out", Jessie
 "We had a blast", Jessie

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Re: Racing report TAR29: Episode 2 is on page 1
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Small correction: Logan completed the Roadblock, not London.

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Re: Racing report TAR29: Episode 2 is on page 1
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Small correction: Logan completed the Roadblock, not London.

OOPS, thanks. I have fixed this now.

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Re: Racing report TAR29: Episode 3
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Racing report
Amazing Race Season 29, Episode 3, "Bucket List Type Stuff"
Film date: probably 2016-06-14 - 2016-06-16

This episode starts with a scene filmed immediately after the pit stop of the previous leg. Shamir & Sara are lead to an area where the rest of the contestants are waiting. It feels like they are waiting to be interviewed about the leg. Sara is irritated that Shamir goes off in a corner with some of the other guys to complain about his hurt junk.

The last pit stop was in Trianon Park, and this also seems to be where teams are released in the following order:
1.Liz & Michael  08:47
2.Vanck & Ashton 08:48+0:01
3.Matt & Redmond 08:59+0:12
4.Seth & Olive   09:32+0:45
5.Becca & Floyd  09:56+1:09
6.Brooke & Scott 09:57+1:10
7.Tara & Joey    09:58+1:11
8.London & Logan 10:04+1:17
9.Shamir & Sara  11:23+2:36

Route info: Fly to the city of Dar es Salaam in Tanzania. Once teams land they must make their way to the Askari Monument. The next clue Will be buried in a newspaper which they can get in a nearby newsstand. Teams get $320 for this leg of the race.

The clue also warns that there is a blind double U-turn ahead.

In the taxis to the airport we get to hear the different teams talk about the U-turn. Some suspect they will be U-turned and some plan to use it. Ashton really wants to U-turn Matt & Redmond since they did not honor their deal in the beginning of leg #2.
 "I just don't like it when people screw me over", Ashton

All teams are on the same flight. Probably:
  SA223  GRU-JNB  18:00-07:25+1
  SA188  JNB-DAR  13:35-17:55

This means that they all arrive in Dar Es Salaam in the evening of the 15th. Once they land there is the customary mad dash for the taxis and on to the monument.
 "Pretty awesome, I never in a million years thought I would be here. This is like bucket list type stuff right here", Logan gets the title

This leg takes place during Ramadan so teams must cover their legs and arms and may not eat anything during their day out of respect for the local culture.

The newspaper stand is easy to find and they seem to just hand papers over to the racers when they arrive. Team frantically search through the paper for their next clue. The clue seem easy to find. It is a big ad which reads:
      For your next clue

        Ferry times:
  07.00, 09.30, 12.30, 15.30

       Name of Ferry is:
 "Kilimanjaro Fast Ferry to ZNZ"

Official tickets available only at:
   AZAM MARINE ticket office on
         Edward Sokoine

There is a bit of a kerfuffle at the ferry terminal where teams, specially Ashton, get upset that Matt & Redmond cut the line. According to Becca & Floyd this is not quite what happened. Becca & Floyd arrived together with Matt & Redmond after all the other teams. The other teams were in the general queue but Becca notice a special ticket counter to the side which was marked with a race flag so they went there. Some of the other teams got upset for this, but they only directed their anger at Matt & Redmond.

This turns out to be rather pointless since they all get tickets on the 07:00 ferry. The ferry ride is a beautiful and a interlude. But once the ferry docks in Zanzibar the race is back on.

Teams must have received some extra information along the way because they all know they must make their way to Mkokotoni Market. Here they will find the U-turn. Teams reach the blind U-turn board in the following order:
 1. Tara & Joey, U-turns Seth & Olive
 2. Vanck & Ashton, U-turns Matt & Redmond
 3. Liz & Michael 
 4. Brooke & Scott
 5. Becca & Floyd
 6. Matt & Redmond
 7. London & Logan
 8. Seth & Olive
 9. Shamir & Sara

 "We knew from the get go that they were probably the strongest", Tara on why they U-turned Seth & Olive

Redmond gets upset about the U-turn and also has no trouble figuring out it was Vanck & Ashton.
 "We're gonna get you guys, you know that", Redmond to Vanck & Ashton
 "You only U-turn if you're weak, you're weak", Redmond tries to insult, either he doesn't know how the race works or he is letting his emotions speak
 "Dude, the guys are pissed", Michael observes the action

The clue behind the U-turn is a detour: Build it or Weave it

In build it each team must build two school-desks from the parts provided. Once the desks are approved they must carry them to a classroom and get a quick Swahili lesson.

In weave it teams must weave two shopping bags from coconut leaves.

Both detours are located across the bay and teams must travel there on a dhow (a traditional sailing vessel).

 "I can weave it like no other", London is a yarn artist and confident

Almost all teams choose build, and they soon realize that there is no finished example. They must figure out how to build them by themselves. This makes the task easier for Matt & Redmond when they arrive later because by then some teams are almost done and they can look at those examples.

The hard part with building is not figuring out how to put the parts together but rather to get them to stay together. Everything is held together by pegs and dowels and these tend to fall out when the judge whacks the desks during his inspection. Teams also do not get any hammers but must use a piece of wood to hammer them in.

Then carrying the desks to the school (SMZ Skili Ya Msingo Mkokotoni) is also very exhausting. Finally the Swahili lesson seems to consist of repeating four phrases which seems fairly easy. The phrases are:
 "Good News" - "Habari njema"
 "Good Travels" - "Safari njema"
 "Thank you very much" - "Asante sana"
 "Goodbye" = "Kwaherini"

Still the build detour seems much quicker than the weaving. The impressing part of weaving is the guy called Butterfly who climbs up the very high palm tree to cut down some leaves. He is fantastic, not only does he do a very impressive climb but he sings as well. The actual weaving turns out to be difficult and tedious.

 "I'm horrible at building things. My sister builds all my Ikea stuff", Shamir
 "I come from a long line of carpenters so I'd better be good at this", Michael
 "I thought I would be good at this", London has trouble weaving
 "This is kind of embarrassing but I got nervous", London when they switch to build
 "This is designed to fail", Brooke has a hard time building
 "I'm getting wicked stressed now", Olive as she struggles with the weaving

London said in a separate video that Shamir & Sara switched from build to weave and then back again.

In one of the extra scenes we get to see Liz & Michael argue while they carry the desk. But once they are done the apologize to each other and move on. I get the impression that it was hot during this leg and carrying the desks was very exhausting.

Teams complete the detour in the following order:
 -     Seth & Olive, build
 1(+2) Liz & Michael, build
 -     Matt & Redmond, weave
 2(-1) Tara & Joey, build
 3(+1) Brooke & Scott, build
 4(-2) Vanck & Ashton, build
 5(+0) Becca & Floyd, build
 6(+1) London & Logan, started weave it but switched to build
 7(-1) Matt & Redmond, build
 8(+1) Shamir & Sara, build (tried to switch o weave but switched back)
 9(-1) Seth & Olive, weave

Roue info: "Travel by taxi to Darajani market. Once there search for your clue near the front entrance".

Shamir & Sara's taxi wants $300 when they arrive at the market. This seems way too expensive and a lot of money considering they got $320 at the start of the leg.

Teams reach the clue box by the market in the following order:
 1(+1) Tara & Joey
 2(-1) Liz & Michael 
 3(+1) Vanck & Ashton
 4(+1) Becca & Floyd
 5(+1) London & Logan
 6(-3) Brooke & Scott, shortly after after #4 & #5
 7(+0) Matt & Redmond
 8(+0) Shamir & Sara
 9(+0) Seth & Olive, as Sara is still doing the task

Road block: Who's ready to do some market research?

In this task teams must pick up a shopping list and then buy all the items on it and deliver to the family chef to get their next clue. They must use their own leg money for these purchases. The clue also points out that they need to barter with the merchants. The items they need to buy are:
6 Fresh eggs
 1 packet Banana Tea
 1 Pomelo
 6 Nyanya Chungu
 2 bunches Mchicha
 1 packet Vanilla Pods/Stick
 1/2 Kilogram container Halvwa
 1 Whole White SNapper Fish
 2 Mkonowatembo
 1 packet whole nutmeg
 1 Live chicken - make it halal
 1 Coconut
 1 Bof of matches
 1 packet Cinamon Sticks
 1 Boga
 1 packet Orange Baobab seeds
 8 Tungule Dogo
 10 Red Bananas

 "{i]I'll do it, it might be food[/i]", Michael

Joey is the first one to emerge from the market with all his ingredients. But he didn't realize he had to have somebody to transform the live chicken into a halal chicken, that is slaughter it in the prescribed way. He has to go back and get this done.

Later on when Floyd, London and Brooke arrive they decide to do the shopping together.

Money is becoming an issue for teams here. Some of the locals are using the situation to really fleece the very stressed racers. A couple of teams are really running low on funds.

Sara runs out of money and has to go back to a vendor she has already visited and beg to get some money back. She manage to get 10.000 back ($4.5).

Olive also has money issues but she pulls out her Brazilian money and uses that. The merchants do not want to accept that and comes after her. Seth knows the rules and points out that they can not check in if they have not settled their bills. After some persuasion the vendor accepts the Brazilian money and they can move on.

Teams complete this road block in the following order (* denotes team member doing the roadblock):
1(+1)Liz & Michael*     (1-1)
2(-1)Tara & Joey*       (1-1)
3(+0)Vanck* & Ashton    (1-1)
4(+3)Matt* & Redmond    (1-1)
5(-1)Becca & Floyd*     (1-1)
6(-1)London* & Logan    (1-1)
7(-1)Brooke* & Scott    (1-1)
8(+0)Shamir & Sara*     (1-1)
9(+0)Seth & Olive*      (1-1)

The next clue directs teams to the next pit stop at the rooftop terrace of the Emerson on Hurumzi hotel in Stone town (400m).

Shamir & Sara manage to convince their taxi driver (the same who drove them to the market) to drive them to the pit stop for free. I wonder if he had a bad conscience for ripping them off earlier.

Seth & Olive run to the pit stop instead.

Teams reach the mat in the following order:
 1(+0) Liz & Michael, win a trip to Amsterdam
 2(+0) Tara & Joey
 3(+0) Vanck & Ashton
 4(+0) Matt & Redmond, as Vanck & Aston are still on the mat
 -     Becca & Floyd, have to go passport hunting
 5(+1) London & Logan
 6(+1) Brooke & Scott
 7(+1) Shamir & Sara
 8(-3) Becca & Floyd, just after #7
 9(+0) Seth & Olive, are eliminated

We do get some tense moments between Vanck & Ashton and Matt & Redmond on the mat. Actually it is mostly between Redmond and Ashton.

After teams check in production always check that they have their passports. This is where Becca & Floyd realize that Floyd has dropped their passports. They have to go back out and try to get them before the last team checks in. They are pretty sure they lost them in the taxi. As they are trying to call the driver (luckily they got his card) he turns up with their passports.
 "It's the first time I have not seen a huge smile on your face", Phil to Becca

 "No regrets, this has been a great experience", Seth

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Re: Racing report TAR29: Episode 3 is on page 1
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Love seeing the placement changes.  Hate seeing the unknown changes due to messy editing :groan:

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Re: Racing report TAR29: Episode 4
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Racing report
Amazing Race Season 29, Episode 4, "Another one bites the dust"
Film date: 2016-06-17

This episode also starts with a scene from just after the previous pit stop. Here Vanck & Ashton sit at the hotel when Matt & Redmond appear.
 "The weak teams are chilling over here, the weak teams that came in second and third", Ashton
 "Alright, we were coming here to actually be nice", Redmond

The last pit stop was on the rooftop of Emerson on Hurumzi hotel. The next morning teams depart from the street outside the hotel in the following order:
1.Liz & Michael  08:17
2.Tara & Joey    08:27+0:10
3.Vanck & Ashton 08:59+0:42
4.Matt & Redmond 09:08+0:51
5.London & Logan 09:18+1:01
6.Brooke & Scott 09:19+1:02
7.Shamir & Sara  09:40+1:23
8.Becca & Floyd  09:44+1:27

Route info: "Make your way to the home of Farrokh Bulsara in Stone Town where another one bites the dust". Liz gets the title as she reads the clue.

Team eventually learn is that Farrokh Bulsara later changed his name to Freddy Mercury and became rather famous.

Liz & Michael have trouble finding the place. They get bad directions and end up by a heap of rubble which they search.
 "This is all dust here", Michael
Eventually they get good directions and find the house.

Teams arrive at Mercury house in the following order:
 1(+1) Tara & Joey
 2(-1) Liz & Michael
 3(+0) Vanck & Ashton
 4(+0) Matt & Redmond
 5(+0) London & Logan
 6(+0) Brooke & Scott
 7(+1) Becca & Floyd
 8(-1) Shamir & Sara, a minute or two after #7

Detour: Lock or Knock

In Lock teams must go to an Al-Tamini Curio shop on Skomuhogo street in Stone town and search for a key in one of several Zanzibar chests. There are three hard parts about this detour. First that the place is not easy to find, then there are a lots of heavy chests to search. The final bit of trickery is that each Zanzibar chest has a hidden compartment, and that is where the keys are hidden. Teams are not told about this but must figure it out for themselves.

In knock teams must search through Stone town for three royal doors. When they find one they must knock on it to receive a wood carving. When they have found all three doors they can exchange the wood carvings for their next clue. The trick here is to find the doors. This is hard since only some of the locals know about them and the streets of Stone town are small, winding and very confusing.

Both of these detours are frustratingly hard and some teams start to argue quite a lot over which one to do.

Tara & Joey start knocking on any elaborate doors they find, and there are a lot, and by chance they find one of the royal doors.
 "Know on every freaking fancy door there is", Tara
After a fruitless search they run into the lock detour location and decide to switch. They try that for a while before they get frustrated and decode to switch back again. However the knock side keeps being frustratingly difficult and Joey starts to question their decision.
 "Get a new partner man", Tara does not take any crap
 "I don't want a new partner, I want you", Joey does not want to switch partner
They stick with the knocking and eventually find the last door.
 "I'm a hundred percent wrong. You're right.", Joey apologizes

Michael quickly realize the boxes have a secret compartment.
 "I have hard time understanding how people wouldn't find that", Michael found the hidden compartment easily

Vanck & Ashton is one of the teams having an argument. Vanck wants to search for images online of the doors while Ashton wants to leave the hotel where they have been getting help.
 "When we are coming in not first, this is why", Ashton has trouble with Vanck researching more
The argument then gets worse when Vanck wants to switch detours but Ashton does not.
 "If we would have listened to you we would have switched, and we would be stupid", Ashton after they get some seemingly good directions

 "Hi, welcome to hell", Brooke when Becca & Floyd arrive at the lock detour
 "There's not any keys anywhere, we've looked through every single one", Logan has looked in all boxes (but not found the secret compartments)
 "I'm just gonna climb in here and cry", Brooke when she opens a large box with no key inside

Eventually Scott finds a key, but they are unable to make it work in the tricky lock. So they keep looking and soon they find a second key which, after some fiddling, they get to work. As they get the lock open Becca asks if she can have the other key and Scott gives it to her.
 "I gave one to another team", Scott tells Brooke about the key
 "You did not", Brooke can not believe he did that

Becca manage to open the other Scorpion lock with the key she got from Scott.
 "We owe Brook & Scott big time", Becca

Shamir & Sara are also having issues. They start on the knock detour but like most others they run into problems finding the doors. Shamir wants to switch but Sara wants to keep going. And let us just say that they are not communicating well.
 "From the beginning of the day I decoded that I was going to lead and take control because of Brazil", Sara
Shamir does not feel comfortable in the back seat which may add to their frustration.
 "This is horrible, do you want to give that puzzle a try?", Shamir wants to switch
 "No, we have one more", Sara does not
 "We've had one more for an hour and a half", Shamir
Eventually they switch to lock. But when Sara sees the hundreds of boxes they have to search she wants to switch back. Shamir refuses.
 "This is the worst decision that we can make", Sara really wants to switch
Shamir was probably right to refuse for it takes them about 40 minutes to find a key.

London & Logan stick with the lock detour for a long time. When they eventually switch they run into a woman who knows where all the doors are.
 "That was easy", London as they get the first carving

Teams complete the detour in the following order:
 1(+1) Liz & Michael, lock
 2(+2) Matt & Redmond, lock
 3(+3) Brooke & Scott, lock
 4(+3) Becca & Floyd, lock
 5(-2) Vanck & Ashton, knock
 6(-5) Tara & Joey, knock, lock, knock
 7(-2) London & Logan, lock, knock
 8(+0) Shamir & Sara, knock, lock

The next clue is a route info telling teams to travel by ferry back to Dar es Salaam.

At the ferry terminal teams find that there is quite a big separation between the ferries. The first teams get there before 10:30 and the next ferry leaves at 12:30. There is an anxious wait for this ferry as more and more team arrive.
 "If one pair doesn't get on this boat and that really takes the pressure off for all of us", Michael
When London & Logan arrive not long before the ferry is about to depart they get a round of applause from the other and you can see that London is very relieved that they made it.
 "And then there was one team missing", Scott

In the end all but one team, Sara & Shamir, make the 12:30 ferry. The next ferry is at 15:30 and all teams know that a two-hour lead is big.

Teams on the first ferry are greatly relieved that one team missed he ferry, but the mood on the second ferry is grimmer.

Once in Dar es Salaam teams must make their way to the office at Dar es Salaam small industries cooperative society. This is about a five minutes taxi ride away. Teams get their next clue from a guy in the office in the following order:
 1. Becca & Floyd
 2. Vanck & Ashton
 ?. Tara & Joey
 ?. Matt & Redmond
 ?. London & Logan
 ?. Liz & Michael
 7. Brooke & Scott
 8. Shamir & Sara

Here teams find a road block where contestants must make a ladle strainer from a sheet of aluminum. This is a manual process and it takes place in a very noisy cooperative workshop. They each get a stall and a local who demonstrates the different steps.

This is a hard task and it is made harder by the fact that the tools they use have seen better days.
 "Not the sharpest things in the world", Joey about the shears
One factor which makes the task a lot easier is that the final judge will tell people what they need to fix to get their ladles approved.

Even though it is a hard task contestants gets it done with a minimum of fuss. That is all but Brooke. She has a negative attitude going into the task.
 "Manufacture a ladle. Oh my god, I don't think I gonna have the strength for this", Brooke reads the clue
And it goes downhill from there.
 "I don't know why this isn't working", Brooke has trouble cutting the metal
Eventually Brooke asks Becca for help, and Becca does help her thus repaying her for getting the key earlier.
 "Good, we're no longer in debt", Becca as she gets back to her stall
Redmond also helps Brooke by giving some tips. He also tells her to calm down, repeatedly, since he knows she doesn't like that.
 "If i needed to have a ladle for dinner, my family would starve", Brooke
Michael also stops by to give her some good advice. Brooke says she owes him and he asks her not to U-turn him. Eventually Brooke get her ladle approved and they get their next clue.

 "The talent there is amazing", Michael is impressed by the locals working in the shop
 "I like this challenge, it's fun", Becca

After approving the ladle the judge tests it by scooping up some pasta from a pot. I wonder if they had the same pasta cooking for the whole time.

It is very hard to say how long after Brooke & Scott left that Shamir & Sara arrive. Given the light it does not seem long. But Shamir takes long enough with the task that Phil comes by and eliminates them on the spot.

Teams complete this road block in the following order (* denotes team member doing the roadblock):
1(+?)Tara & Joey*       (1-2)
2(-1)Becca* & Floyd     (2-1)
3(+?)Liz & Michael*     (1-2)
4(+?)London & Logan*    (1-2)
5(+?)Matt & Redmond*    (1-2)
6(-4)Vanck* & Ashton    (2-1)
7(+0)Brooke* & Scott    (2-1)
DNFShamir* & Sara     (2-1)

The next clue is a route info directing teams to the next pit stop. This pit stop is at Coco beach (8km 20min) and teams check in here in the following order:
 1(+0) Tara & Joey, win $5000 each
 2(+0) Becca & Floyd, just after #1
 3(+0) Liz & Michael
 4(+1) Matt & Redmond, just after #3
 5(-1) London & Logan, as teams #3 & #4 are leaving the mat
 6(+0) Vanck & Ashton
 7(+0) Brooke & Scott

At the mat Phil probes into Vanck & Ashtons strained relationship.
 "I want to enjoy this experience, but it's really hard. There's nothing I can do at this point, we have to run this together. I'm suck with him", Ashton (as she stands next to Vanck)

Shamir & Sara are way behind and Phil has a plane to catch so he makes his way to the road block location and eliminates them on the spot.
 "I'm proud of her and I'm proud of myself", Shamir
 "Even though it definitely wasn't a match made in heaven I certainly haven't forgotten all of the incredible experiences we did have", Sara

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Re: Racing report TAR29: Episode 5
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Racing report
Amazing Race Season 29, Episode 5, "Have faith in me Broski"
Film date: 2016-06-18 - 2016-06-19

We start with a scene where Michael tells how great his partner is. And we can also imagine the drums of foreshadowing in the background.

The last pit stop was late afternoon on Coco beach in Dar es Salaam. And this seems to be where teams are released the next day in the following order:
1.Tara & Joey    15:16
2.Becca & Floyd  15:20+0:04
3.Liz & Michael  16:04+0:48
4.Matt & Redmond 16:09+0:53
5.London & Logan 16:17+1:01
6.Vanck & Ashton 16:56+1:40
7.Brooke & Scott 17:33+2:17

Route info: Fly to Ålesund, Norway.

Once teams land they must drive themselves to Hogsteinen Fyr (Fyr in Norwegian means Lighthouse).

We also learn that this is the last leg where the express pass can be used. And we get to see a lot of the teams speculate in which team have it. Scott has a weird sense of humor and tells Brooke that they do have the express pass.
 "Can you stop that, It's really bugging me", Brooke does not appreciate this kind at humor

Teams buy their tickets at ABC Travel and tours ltd on Samora Avenue. All teams end up on the same flight. Which is:
  KL569  DAR-AMS 23:10 - 07:45+1
  KL1325 AMS-AES 09:40 - 11:40

Once teams land they pick up cars and make their way to the lighthouse. The landscape here is kind of spectacular. Lot of Fjords.

It is quite easy to find your way to the lighthouse (follow the road and turn right at one place) but Michael still doubts their navigation.
 "Have faith in me Broski", Liz gets the title

Teams arrive at the lighthouse (16km 17min) in the following order:
 1. Becca & Floyd
 2. Brooke & Scott
 3. Vanck & Ashton
 4. London & Logan, as team #3 leave
 5. Matt & Redmond
 6. Tara & Joey
 7. Liz & Michael, as the other teams are leaving

Here teams are served some fermented Rock-fish. They will receive their next clue once each team member has finished their plate. The fish get a mixed review from the teams with some enjoying it and some having serious issues getting it down.
 "I thought the fish was delicious", Floyd
 "I can't eat all of his", Brooke still has a negative outlook on life
 "Enjoy the food, that was not tasty", Brooke to the next teams arriving
 "So good, salty, fatty popcorny flavor to it", Michael describes the fish

Team finish their fish and get their next clue in the following order:
 1(+0) Becca & Floyd
 2(+1) Vanck & Ashton
 3(-1) Brooke & Scott
 4(+0) London & Logan
 5(+0) Matt & Redmond
 6(+0) Tara & Joey
 8(+0) Liz & Michael

This clue contains a route info which tells teams to make their way to Slinningen and search for the Slinningsbålet.

The clue also contains a fast forward: "Take a helicopter ride into the great unknown". The helicopter is parked within sight from the lighthouse so Becca & Floyd ecstatically decide to go for it. What they do not know is that the helicopter ride will end with a tandem skydive from 10,000".

Brooke & Scott also try to go for the fast forward and are not happy when the see that Becca & Floyd are already in the helicopter.

This fast forward looks wonderful. It starts with a long helicopter ride along the fjords. Eventually they land and it is here that Becca & Floyd learn what the ending will be because this is where they pick up the tandem skydivers. Becca & Floyd are still enjoying every minute of this task:
 "We're the luckiest people in the world", Floyd as the helicopter takes off

Becca & Floyd are also happy that they will not have to use their express and thereby possibly ruining any trust they have built up (since they have denied having it). When they learn that they will be skydiving they get, even though we didn't think it was possible, even more excited.
 "he fun meter is off the chain today", Becca

The other teams all have to drive to Sliningen.
 "Follow Ashton and Vanck, they have a map", Brooke

Brooke & Scott get into another argument where we can tell that Scott blames Brooke for them not getting to the fast forward and Brooke is angry with Scott because he sticks to the speed limit so they loose Vanck & Ashton.
 "Well maybe you should jump on my back so we can run faster", Scott is not at all happy with Brooke

Slinningsbålet turns out to be easy to find because it is a 13 stories high tower of wooden pallets.

Teams arrive here (24km 31min) in the following order:
 1(+4) Matt & Redmond
 2(+4) Tara & Joey
 3(-1) Vanck & Ashton
 4(-1) Brooke & Scott
 5(-1) London & Logan
 6(+1) Liz & Michael

Road block: Who wants to help break a world record?

The world record in this case is for the tallest hand stacked bonfire. The locals do this every year and this yer they will use about 31,000 wooden pallets. In this road block one person must climb to the top of the tower and place and nail down a pallet. Finally they must climb down again.

The climb looks scary since it is a vertical wall, but it is made of pallets so it is easy to climb. And the racers are secured by a line.

 "Matt is like spiderman right now", Redmond
 "Slow and steady wins the race", Joey is not comfortable with heights

Scott decides that he wants to do this task. He seems to have cured his fear of heights.

Teams complete this road block in the following order (* denotes team member doing the roadblock):
1(+0)Matt* & Redmond    (2-2)
2(+0)Tara & Joey*       (1-3)
3(+0)Vanck & Ashton*    (2-2)
4(+1)London* & Logan    (2-2)
5(-1)Brooke* & Scott    (3-1)
6(+0)Liz* & Michael     (2-2)

We do also get to see some footage from when they lit the finished bonfire one week later.

Detour: Trolls & Troll

In trolls teams must find six fire trolls embedded in the architecture in Ålesund. They will be given a map which shows where the trolls are. Near each troll they will find a closed door and they must stand outside this door and recite a spell:
Elle, melle nikken
   Du er prikken
  Elle, melle ni
    Du er fri
Once they do this a troll will come out and hand them a giant firework. They must bring all six of these to the judge to get their next clue.

In troll teams must go kayaking in Ålesund. A number of people are fishing from the houses and teams must check their lines for marked lures.

As they leave the road block Ashton leaves her fanny pack, but they realize it is missing as they reach the car so they do not loose much time. From Ashtons comments we get the impression that Vanck was tasked with keeping track of it so she blames him.

Teams pick up their kayaks at "kayak more tomorrow" in downtown Ålesund.

Tara and Joey seem to find a marked fishing lure very quickly. They check a couple of more just to be sure and find one more. Tara is still unsure if this really is the right clue so they decide to talk with Matt & Redmond. The latter are convinced that they have found the right clue and Tara & Joey tell them where they found the second one.

Liz & Michael have a hard time at the detour. First they have trouble finding the start of the trolls detour. They pass the kayaking place and Michael wants to switch, but Liz do not.
 "I hate this, this is what I'm worst at", Michael does not want to read a map
Things quickly deteriorates from here. Liz try to do the task and Michael mostly complains.
 "Okay, you just show me because you know this and I'm telling you we shouldn't do this challenge and I'm telling you that paper is not a compass", Michael

Later on they interview:
 "When I'm convinced that I'm right about something it's tough to steer me in the right direction so that could drive somebody a little nuts", Michael
 "I caught the butt end of it", Liz

Once they find the first troll Michael apologizes. So all is calm again, for a while...

The fireworks teams get from the trolls are huge. Taller than a person and they also seem to be quite heavy.
 "This hurts my shoulder, but I cant complain as I'm only carrying one", Brooke

Vanck & Ashton collect their first two fireworks and then decide to take their car to the rest.
 "Vanck & Ashton are very irritating", Brooke

As teams are doing the detour we get to see Becca & Floyd do their parachute jump. They land right next to the lighthouse where they entered the helicopter so they can jump back into their car and drive to the pit stop.

Both detours take place in Ålesund (6km 11min). Teams complete the detour in the following order (the listed placements now count Becca & Floyd as team #1 as they have completed the FF):
 2(+0) Tara & Joey, fishing lures
 3(-2) Matt & Redmond, fishing lures
 4(+0) London & Logan, trolls
 5(+0) Brooke & Scott, trolls
 6(-3) Vanck & Ashton, trolls
 7(-1) Liz & Michael, trolls

The next clue is a parchment or a fishing lure with the text "Aksla".

Teams must now figure out that the pit stop is at the Aksla lookout point. This is on a hill overlooking the town. Teams can get there by foot via 418 steps or drive around the mountain.

 "Oh my god, this is a bitch. I don't know if I can do this", Brooke when she reaches the stairs

Michael is not really keen on walking those steps so he wants to drive. They get into their car but before they can start they have a bit of bad luck when Michael bumps into the van parked in front of them. Fortunately for them the van was already damaged there and the driver doesn't care about the small mark they added, so they can continue racing but lost some time.

They then have to have trouble finding their way and end up in the Aksla parking garage which is a multi-story underground affair, This has an elevator which turns out only to go to he different levels of the parking garage and not to the lookout point.

Teams reach Phil in the following order:
 1(+1) Tara & Joey
 2(+1) Matt & Redmond
 3(-2) Becca & Floyd, are flabbergasted to not be first
 4(+2) Vanck & Ashton
 5(-1) London & Logan
 6(-1) Brooke & Scott
 7(+0) Liz & Michael

As Liz & Michael reach Phil in last we learn from Phil that they are not eliminated since this was a fake pit stop and teams are still racing. Their emotions on this are mixed so we will have to hope they can overcome their arguing and continue this race.