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Re: TAR 29: Mike Rado
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Reality TV World: After watching last night's episode and hearing Brooke Camhi and Scott Flanary's explanation for U-Turning you, do you understand and accept the fact they said they were just playing a game to win, or, do you feel the move was unacceptable under all circumstances since you had helped them and made a deal with them earlier?

Michael Rado: I was hurt and betrayed that Brooke could look me in the eyes and make a promise, and then break that promise so easily. We kept that team in the Race in Dar es Salaam. Had I not cut her a second ladle, there is a very good chance Shamir and Sara would have caught up. 

That said, they played the game within the rules, and it worked out in their favor. I don't carry grudges or harbor animosity because it would only hurt me.   

Reality TV World: What's the status of your relationship with Brooke and Scott now? Did they ever try to talk to Liz and yourself about the incident after the Race filmed?

Michael Rado: All 22 of us are friends on one level or another. Brooke and Scott have apologized multiple times. I didn't want to talk about it right after the fact, but it's water under the bridge. In the end, my stubbornness cost us the Race.

Gotta agree strongly to Mike's answers. :hoot: It was fair play but betrayal on Brooke & Scott's side, yet it wasn't the ultimate cost of Liz & Mike's elimination.