Author Topic: TAR CANADA 4 CONTESTANTS - Joel Ground & Ashley Callingbull (Father & Daughter)  (Read 5026 times)

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Clearly we weren't watching the same season if you found any of the teams this season 'boring'.
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If teams don't illicit a strong emotion, then it's boring.  If they're just there or their shtick gets old, then there's no joy in watching them anymore.  For Joel & Ashley, Ashley faded after a couple of Legs with Joel actually being much more fun and interesting.

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Joel's personality reminds me of Brian & Cynthia, very deadpan. But with Lowell gone, now he's been making the dad jokes (that AC/DC reference at the cannon :lol: )

And Ashley going full-villain at the last minute, she's getting a lot of flack from the casuals right now.

They complete one of my favourite Final 3 of the last while :D

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I just love it when a team pulls out a strategy that you never expect them to do. Competitive juices are flowing. Coming from Joel & Ashley, it was surprising. It is the Final 4 and you have to be cutthroat.