Author Topic: TAR 28: To OUR #TARFamily MEMBERS and GUESTS!  (Read 1639 times)

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« on: May 18, 2016, 10:56:10 PM »
I just wanted to say a BIG :tu to all of you who chose RFF as your "place to be" on TAR 28 Finale night!

There were 2598 members and guests online May 13, which is about 1000 more than the next largest night!

We are pleased and honored that you joined us for the Finale Fun!!

If you joined us as a viewer, please know we would LOVE to have you become a member and join in the fun! We have both spoiler and non-spoiler discussion of every aspect of TAR and all the International franchises, an active TAR fantasy game board, and of course, we live track the TAR races as we can!

TAR Canada is racing now and will be starting June 28.

Tar Israel has just begun.

TAR VietNam is airing now.

And TAR 29 will begin filming in the next few weeks.

Join now, get to know us, and don't miss a second of the fun!

And take a look around at all the other TV discussion pages as well!

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