Author Topic: Did You Ever Wonder What Sequestered Teams Do? Here's Dozens Of Pictures!  (Read 2943 times)

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Jodi Wincheski from TAR 14 and now a Casting Producer tweeted the following yesterday:

jodi wincheski ‏@jodiwincheski 12h12 hours ago
Amazing Race sequester photos. Pit stop in Colombia and then on to Bali. A great Thanksgiving with a fantastic...

If you go to that link on Google Photos, there are 135 pictures, about 25 or 30 from the legs in Colombia and the rest are from Bali. A few show the filming in Bali, but most are of the teams in sequester in Bali. Apparently they were just off camera during part of the filming there. Several of them show people from eliminated teams holding the big yellow and white snake that teams had to carry on the show. After looking through all the pictures, I'd say they had a great time.

I was going to try and grab a few pictures and post them here, but I'm too clueless to make that work. If any of you can make that happen, feel free to upload a few of the good ones here.

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Elimination doesn't look all bad, they still get a free vacation in an exotic location for the time left of the race :P

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Looks like they had a blast!!

LOL we need a yellow snake montage.
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Elimination doesn't look all bad, they still get a free vacation in an exotic location for the time left of the race :P

Even in the days when Elimination Station was still a thing, sequester seemed like an amazing holiday that even bitter eliminees should really enjoy.

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Who's the white guy with the hat?  A camera person?

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scroll down and watch this also.,..

jodi wincheski ‏@jodiwincheski  Apr 13
Shooting 'The Amazing Race': Cinematography On The Run - Variety Artisans

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Interesting! :colors

I wish we can see footage like this every season. :hrt:

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Apart from the pictures I wish they would bring back the Elimination Station videos. It looks like a lot of fun for the eliminated teams.