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EP21 Recap

After one of the stranger Power of Veto ceremonies, during which Adria first asks of her twin sister why she should be saved, then asks of herself why Adria should be saved--she announces that because Natalie has not been given a fair shake by the House, Adria will save herself. Nakomis puts up Cowboy in her place, hoping the rest of the HouseGuests won't consider him for eviction.


The twins react poorly to their nominations, laughing openly in the common area, showing a certain amount of disrespect for both HoH Nakomis and the ceremony as a whole. Natalie, the more strongheaded of the two, is on the warpath, saying, "Give me a personal reason." She claims to never have given a pinky swear to anybody so she doesn't understand why she is being taken to task for something she never did. She goes so far as to call Nakomis out to her sister, referring to Nakomis' speech as a "bullcrap sandwich." Then, buying into the drama surrounding Natalie and Adria, Natalie says, "May the evil twin win."

The unlikely duo of Cowboy and Marvin, who once stood on opposite ends of the House back in the days of the reign of the Four Horsemen, now find themselves chewing the fat about which twin may be headed out the door. Cowboy, who never met a strong personality he didn't fall sway to, says that he likes both of the girls. "It's difficult the twins are on the block." Marvin isn't in total agreement, saying, "Natalie has too much testosterone." Cowboy doesn't disagree but throws out, "It kind of seems like A's got that too."

Trying to keep it real, Nakomis wants the twins to know and understand why they are both on the block. Taking on the both of them, she tries to lay out exactly how it went down and, using the transitive theory of twin-ness, says that if A made the pinky-swear promise then Natalie should have known about it and honored it even if Natalie was not in the House at the time. In Nakomis' view you make a promise in front of other people your promise is good both on the individual and group level, and if you break that promise you are going to go down.

The twins mock Nakomis for taking revenge for a person who is no longer in the House. Natalie goes so far as to equate Will to Charles Manson.


The twins go on an aggressive recruitment program trying to find out what the votes are going to be and to ferret out who would be their best choices in the upcoming Power of Golden Veto Competition. Natalie is calling Nakomis a wuss and is angry about how the chips have fallen. She pushes Diane to commit one way or another and to play the game with integrity. Diane says that, "Natalie is like the bad twin, she is not afraid to tell you what she thinks."
Watching all this from the comfort of the Spy Screen is Nakomis, who is pretty sure there's some "smack being talked" when she catches Diane and Natalie chatting it up in the kitchen. Adria and Natalie continue to push to find out if they have allies and what those allies might do for them. Adria steamrolls into the cloud room, getting the drop on Diane and Drew and asking them what they would do if they won the Veto. Not wanting to lose her cuddle friend, Diane is concerned that Nakomis might put Drew up if one of the twins were taken down. Diane has difficulty handling A's intensity and leaves, and when she does, Adria confides that she thinks Drew is her best chance in the Power of Veto competition. Drew says that works for him, but then later admits he doesn't know what he would do if he won.


A welcome distraction from the twin tension arrives in the form of a Luxury Competition aptly titled "The Web." In the backyard the HouseGuests find a gigantic web of rubber bands with a series of white rubber balls, each with a letter on it. Or as Karen put it so gingerly, "A giant rainbow exploded with a spider and had a baby." The goal of the game is to get through the multi-colored web, grab one of the balls and push it through until the end. Once all the HouseGuests have gotten through with their balls, they then need to spell out a word.

If they complete "The Web" as a team in under three minutes, they get to have an 18 item shopping spree on For every 30 seconds over three minutes they lose one item. Whoever completes the course the fastest gets an additional $1000 Amazon shopping spree. Drew goes first and, taking one for the team, pushes as many balls as he can to the end of "The Web." Adria goes next, rocking through fast and furious. Diane gets low and in the words of Marvin, "all Lara Croft Tomb Raider." It is Diane who is the quickest, something which Drew takes credit for having pushed all the balls near the end. "I should get twenty percent of her winnings," he says with a smile. Natalie goes last and after some initial spelling miscues they spell the code word, "INTERNET." For their finishing time they get 14 items.

Happily the shopping spree nets a fire bin, some Omaha steaks and a bunch of fitness equipment. The fire bin comes into play later as Marvin suggests burning Holly's cat that she gave to Jase for good luck. The pagan ceremony brings a wide smile to Marvin's face.


The twins don't relent in their all out strategy to turn Diane their way. While Diane is alone in the living room, Natalie and A come in and lay into her, talking about commitment and how they would behave if Diane were on the block. For her part, Diane just hangs back and tries to slough off their assault. "I'm just going to cross that bridge when I come to it." Diane feels like she is always being cornered by Natalie and Adria and doesn't really enjoy how uncomfortable they make her feel.

We revisit the "Young and the Restless" competition as Cowboy and Marvin both give over-the-top line readings that they feel would be at home on a soap opera. They fake having Karen be the object of their affections and both pretend to kiss her while placing a hand over her mouth.

In the lead up to the Veto competition Drew and Cowboy debate what will happen if one of the twins were to be removed from the block. Cowboy continues to think the twins are okay: "My gut is with them, they've got our back if we help them out." For his part, Drew feels it is a huge risk to see one of the twins taken down; he thinks either he or Cowboy will go up if a twin comes off the block. "I'm scared," he says. Cowboy isn't so scared--he thinks that if he gets put up next to a twin, he won't have anything to worry about.

In the lead-up to the Veto competition, Nakomis chooses Marvin as a partner, while Adria chooses Drew and Natalie chooses Cowboy.


Nakomis is the first to play "Mug Shot," which she characterizes as a tripped-out Science Fiction set. Before her is a jumbo-tron featuring a composite face made up by jumbling the faces of all the HouseGuests. Each of the images is made up of three different HouseGuests, and whoever guesses which three HouseGuests make the image for the entire set of six morphed faces the fastest, wins.

While Diane and Karen chill and watch the competition unfold, Nakomis goes first and seems so freaked out by the images that her concentration is off. Cowboy and Marvin have the most difficulty and record times north of 10 minutes. Adria, committed and competitive, wins the day with a lightning fast 4:41, besting her sister, who is second with a time of 6:43.


We see Natalie consoling a distraught Adria in bed as they talk about what will transpire. The following day it is time for the ceremony, and when Adria asks Natalie what she would like to do, Nat says, "The Golden Power gives second chances--I would welcome the Veto if it were to be used." Adria listens and then offers her own reasons as to why the Veto should be used on her. "I wish there were two Vetoes but there aren't. Natalie has been reflected by Adria's choices and you don't want to give her a chance this week I don't know when you ever would. I choose to save myself."

Once Adria is done she turns the floor over to Nakomis, who nominates her half-brother, Cowboy, on the basis that he will be safe since the twin will undoubtedly be evicted.

Will Nakomis' plan of putting up Cowboy backfire? Will Adria take revenge swiftly if Natalie is evicted? And how much longer can Drew and Diane keep their relationship alive as fewer and fewer HouseGuests remain? Find out live on BIG BROTHER 5, Thursday night at 8PM, only on CBS.