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Hagan: "Oh, yeah. I was about to hop into Darius and Cameron's taxi but, in our clue, it said we had to stick with our taxi. Otherwise, I would have been in that thing."

WHY, production!?  (:;) :gaah: :groan: :tantrum

I hope they return for a Second Chance season.
Kelley/Ciera/Abi/Kass goddesses

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The Amazing Race Show N' Tell: Marty & Hagan

Mother-daughter duo Marty Cobb and Hagan Parkman relive memories from The Amazing Race Season 28 by adding their own special commentary to clips from the show. Watch The Amazing Race on Fridays at 8/7c.

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I don't have the link to the article on-hand, but apparently these two were supposed to be cast for TAR23 or 25 and were castes by Jodi (TAR14).

ETA: Here it is!

Q: How did you and your daughter end up on “The Amazing Race?”

A: “They actually contacted us. A girl who is now one of the casting directors was a flight attendant with Southwest and was on Season 15 with another flight attendant for Southwest. She actually contacted me last year or about a year and a half ago, and I couldn’t do it then. They called again and asked us to do it, and I thought, ‘You know what, I’m not getting any younger, and if I’m gonna do it, I’m gonna do it now.’ They asked us to do it, which was such an honor.”

If that is the case, then I would have preferred them to be casted over Shelley & Nici in Season 25, I think it would have been better. After rewatching the episode it was disappointing, it could have been a different outcome if Cameron & Darius go home that leg. Bring them back for Redemption Season if ever that happens along with Dennis & Isabelle, Jeff & Lyda and Ernest & Jin. Marty is one of three people I recognized from this internet sensation cast with the other 2 being Zach and Cole.
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Out of the 3 teams eliminated so far, this team is the only team I want to see back in a future season. :(

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Out of the 3 teams eliminated so far, this team is the only team I want to see back in a future season. :(
Me too!
I always want TAR/Survivor to do those redemption seasons or at least invite people who were out early, because there's always some crappy boot order in every season lol.

This team went ahead of its time and had a ton of character while being really relatable, too. :(

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Very late. :lol:

Exclusive: 'The Amazing Race' team Marty Cobb and Hagan Parkman talk (Part 1)

By Elizabeth Kwiatkowski, 02/22/2016

The Amazing Race eliminated "Mother and Daughter" Marty Cobb and Hagan Parkman during Friday night's broadcast of the CBS reality competition's 28th season.

The two women became the first team eliminated from the around-the-world competition after they arrived at the Race's second Pit Stop at the Plaza Bolivar in Cartagena, Colombia, in last place.

Marty and Hagan were very disappointed to be eliminated so early on because they were looking forward to more adventures together.

In an exclusive interview with Reality TV World on Monday, Marty and Hagan talked about their short-lived The Amazing Race experience. Below is the first half. Check back with us soon for the concluding portion.

Reality TV World: As you two were running to find a taxi, you saw [Cameron Benson and Darius Benson] drive by you in one. So is it safe to say heading to the Pit Stop you knew you were in last place?

Marty Cobb:

Hagan Parkman: Oh yeah. We knew. (Laughs)

Marty Cobb: (Laughs)

Hagan Parkman: I mean, we knew that we were -- us, and Darius and Cameron -- were the last two teams to leave the mud pit, and so whenever we got to the cooking challenge and we saw the other teams still there and leaving, we knew that it was us at the very bottom.

Reality TV World: How long did it take you to find a cab and then how many minutes behind Darius and Cameron did you arrive at the Pit Stop?

Marty Cobb: Well, we did have our original cab. We kept it the whole day, so we knew ours was back at the juice stand. We just had to get back to him. And time-wise, Hagan, what do you [think]? I mean, probably only a couple of minutes I would think.

Hagan Parkman: Yeah. Because we were more than halfway through with our run when [the brothers] passed us. So I would say five minutes probably before we got to our cab. But our cab was so slow, so we're really unsure.

Reality TV World: The episode showed you two talking about how you had made a mistake though regarding your cab after you finished the Detour task. What was it then? Did you just allow your cab driver to drop you off too far away from the location of the cooking task or something?

Marty Cobb: Well, yeah, absolutely. We should've taken the cab to, you know, the cooking station. For sure. The only thing I will say -- and Hagan, you can add to it -- is, you know, our cab driver was so slow, No. 1.

And No. 2, when we got the clue, we asked for directions and this girl kind of pointed around the corner. We saw the arrow and so we just kind of started thinking, "Okay, we can do this." And the more we ran, the more we realized how far it was.

Hagan Parkman: And our cab was so slow that we were just over it. We were like, "We'd probably run faster than he'll drive."

Marty Cobb: Mhmm.

Hagan Parkman: And so we chose not to just sit there. We didn't realize, though, that it was three or four miles down the road.

Reality TV World: What was going through your minds when you were running to your taxi as Cameron and Darius were driving past you in a cab? Were you starting to break down emotionally at that point or were you trying hard to keep your composure and remain optimistic?

Marty Cobb: Yeah, you know, it was just heartbreaking. Obviously we were not anywhere near ready to go home, and when you get a couple of bad luck [situations] that you can't control, that kind of gets to your nerves anyway.

And Hagan did as good as she could've done in that volcano. She did great! It was just by the time she [searched] there was barely anything left. And then our cab driver was so slow! We were just like, dying. We were dying.

Hagan Parkman: It would've been nice to finish [the Detour] and have our driver at least try to speed for us. But to go through all that and then sit in a cab that's going 10mph, you're just way more than pissed off. And then you're eliminated! So how can you not be upset, you know?

Marty Cobb: And then when we watched them drive by us, we knew obviously that they were going to get there before us because our cab driver was so slow and, you know, they finished. So we knew that unless something really freaky happened with somebody else, we were in last. So that was really, really heartbreaking.

Reality TV World: You girls had a leg full of misfortune, including getting on a late flight that was ultimately delayed, getting a slow cab driver, etc. Is there any one event you mainly attribute your last-place finish to or do you think it was the combination of all the little things?

Marty Cobb:
I think it was definitely the flight.

Hagan Parkman: Yeah. If we would've gotten to the [Roadblock task] earlier, I would've found the emerald quicker because there were more left to pick from. So, it was definitely the flight that set us back. But then again, the cab driver was so slow, so it's really hard to pin it on one thing.

Marty Cobb: I think it's both those things. Like Hagan said, I mean, same thing. We got there at the ticket counter before [Scott Fowler and Blair Fowler], but our girl took -- we were there another 30 minutes by the time everyone else got their flights to find us a flight.

And then we landed 30 minutes before Darius and Cameron, but we got to the volcano at almost the exact same time because we were so slow. So, it made a difference.

Reality TV World: Hagan, going back to the Roadblock task when you were looking for an emerald in the volcano, how long did that take you? The show made it look like you were starting to get really frustrated.

Hagan Parkman:
I was there for probably 45 minutes. It was a long task and it felt like forever. But yeah, I got there and then Cam showed up. We jump in and he immediately finds the emerald. I found a pink stone and a blue stone before I ever came across an emerald. And so, I literally think I got the absolute last bag that was in that volcano.

Reality TV World: How long did the Detour task take you? It seemed like you two were in your element with that whole cooking challenge and got it done quickly.

Marty Cobb:
We did! We actually did.

Hagan Parkman: Yeah. It was fast. I feel like if we had all gotten there at the same time, we probably would've beaten more than half of those teams in the cooking challenge. It took us probably 20-25 minutes.

And yeah, we were working really well together. I went and grabbed those fish without even asking her about it while she tackled the rice. So we didn't even need to talk. It just clicked and we made it happen. We got it done really quickly.

Reality TV World: Did you two start to form alliances with anyone even though it was early on? If not, which teams would you have liked to work with down the road?

Marty Cobb:
I think from the very beginning, the teams we kind of felt the closest to were probably [Tyler Oakley and Korey Kuhl] and [Sheri LaBrant and Cole LaBrant] and maybe Blair and Scott.

We just kind of bonded with them in the beginning and we were all in the same semifinal group. But you know, we weren't really there long enough to get into too much of that, but I would say those were probably the teams we felt the most aligned with. What do you think, Hagan?

Hagan Parkman: Yeah, I think so too. And honestly, at the airport on the first day, we did talk to Darius and Cam a lot. And they were giving us these ideas on how to get through the Race. We were helping each other out, so we were talking about them also being in an alliance with us. It's just crazy it came down to our two teams at the end.

Marty Cobb: Yeah.

Check back with Reality TV World soon for the concluding portion of Marty and Hagan's exclusive The Amazing Race interview.
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Exclusive: 'The Amazing Race' team Marty Cobb and Hagan Parkman talk (Part 2)

By Elizabeth Kwiatkowski, 02/26/2016

The Amazing Race eliminated "Mother and Daughter" Marty Cobb and Hagan Parkman during the most recent broadcast of the CBS reality competition's 28th season.

The two women became the first team eliminated from the around-the-world competition after they arrived at the Race's second Pit Stop at the Plaza Bolivar in Cartagena, Colombia, in last place.

Marty and Hagan were very disappointed to be eliminated so early on because they were looking forward to more adventures together.

In an exclusive interview with Reality TV World on Monday, Marty and Hagan talked about their short-lived The Amazing Race experience. Below is the concluding portion. Click here to read the first half.

Reality TV World: Which team/s did you find especially intimidating? Were you already thinking about which teams would be great to U-Turn down the road?

Hagan Parkman:
For us, you know, the Race is such a crazy thing that you don't know who could win this thing. You can't, like, look at a team and go, "They're going to win," or, "They're not going to win." For us, it was just if we know someone's behind us, we can U-Turn them.

It wasn't like we looked at somebody and said, "That's who we're going to go after" by any means. But if we were ahead of all the teams when we got to a U-Turn board, we'd definitely handle it fairly and say, "Who's the strongest team here that's behind us? Let's get them out now."

Reality TV World: Did you both really prepare for the Race? If so, what exactly did you do and how might you better prepare if there's a next time?

Marty Cobb:
Well first of all, we [would] definitely appreciate that offer and do it! (Laughs) Of course Hagan's in a lot better shape than I am. She's young. But we worked out together. I mean, I'm a flight attendant so I work out on the road. I mean, really and truthfully, I don't know how much more you can prepare. I don't know if you can work at it enough.

Hagan Parkman: The best thing that you can do to prepare for this is watch the show.

Marty Cobb: Yes, I agree.

Hagan Parkman: On top of working out and making sure your body's right, if you don't watch the show, then anything you do is not going to be relevant. You have to watch the show.

Marty Cobb: A lot of it is a mind thing. It's keeping your head about you and making good decisions and not making mistakes and reading your clues and, you know, we've watched every season and people made big mistakes that cost them the Race. It's kind of like what we did with the cab, but everybody makes mistakes.

You don't know what you're going to do until you go into it. A lot of it's luck and a lot of it's just keeping your cool. You've got to keep going down the road and try to give it 150%. So, you know, we worked out but I think Hagan is right. Watching the show certainly helped me the most I think.

Reality TV World: Hagan, after The Amazing Race host Phil Keoghan told you about your elimination, you got upset because you said you had so much more to give. Would you mind elaborating on what you meant by that?

Hagan Parkman:
I just saw us going so much further, and I wanted to do more for my mom. I was just so prepared to go through absolutely anything to win the Race, and so by that, I just meant, like, I was looking forward to the rest of it. In my head, I never imagined us going home so soon, and so, by "giving more," I was just ready to give anything to win the whole thing.

Reality TV World: This is a little bit of a silly question, but at the beginning of the episode, Blair Fowler whipped out her blow dryer and curling iron. Phil seemed shocked she brought those items and so was I, but how typical is that I guess? Did you girls bring anything like that?

Hagan Parkman:

Marty Cobb: No, we didn't bring anything like that. All the teams have talked about how we would pack if we ever did it again, and I felt like we were pretty good. I mean, we could've used a tissue or pair of pants along the way, but that never entered my mind. Obviously you want to try to look halfway decent on TV, but you also know that is not the reason that we're on the Race.

And we knew that it was not beauty school, and so we were cracking up when we found out [Blair] brought all that stuff. I think the models brought spray tan, and everybody had brought stuff (laughs) that you clearly don't need.

But I think we were pretty basic on our packing! We just tried to figure out the least amount of stuff that we needed and we tried to prepare for hot and cold, and those kind of things, but nothing like a curling iron or a hair dryer. No. My [essentials] were more like my hormones and eyeglasses. (Laughs)

Reality TV World: That's fair! In a season of all social media teams, do you think there was unfortunately more of a focus on self-promotion rather than what the show's all about -- like racing with a loved one around the world and potentially winning money? I mean, Marty, you had a video that went viral but it's not your profession. So what are your opinions on that?

Marty Cobb:
I mean, I don't think so! Hagan, what do you think? Because in other seasons they've had, like, Harlem Globetrotters and professional athletes.

Hagan Parkman: I think the thing is, these people have a huge following. This is their job and people have been really hateful saying, like, they're trying to be these huge celebrities. But the thing is, this is their job, and they're putting themselves out there. This could be bad for them based on who's viewing it!

So I don't think personally, knowing these people, that they went into it saying, "I hope I get more followers out of this!" They really wanted to do well, and they also said, "We could make a mistake and say something bad on TV and lose followers," but they were doing it for the show.

Marty Cobb: Right.

Hagan Parkman: I don't think it entered their minds to do it for the followers.

Marty Cobb: No, not at all. I think everybody was in it to win it, and in it just to be on the Race and be competitive. It just so happens that's the common thread. You know, just like when they did a season where everybody was single and hadn't met each other before. It's just a different group of people. That's just all we had in common.

Reality TV World: What were your expectations going into the Race? And I know you only got to run two legs, but how did being on the show differ from what you thought it'd be?

Marty Cobb:
For me, my expectation was that we'd be determined and we were not going to be the first team eliminated. Just like Hagan. My expectation was that I had no doubt we'd do whatever we had to do -- no matter how hard it was or how stressful -- and we would not give up.

We would just enjoy this race together and race as smart as we could. Never in a million years did I think we would go home first. I mean, we were in it to win it. We were bound and determined to be the first mother and daughter team [to win] and show other girls that they can be strong too. The Race was everything I expected, just harder. It's harder when you're in it.

Hagan Parkman: Yeah.

Reality TV World: How were you cast on The Amazing Race? Did you actually apply since you were big fans of the show already or did they contact you for this season specifically because of Marty's viral video?

Hagan Parkman:
Yeah, my mom had that viral video and the girl who contacted us used to be in casting but she's also a flight attendant. And so, she saw the video and called us and asked if we were willing to come out to LA and go through the tryout process and casting process. And we never even second guessed it. We were all about it from the day we first heard about it.

Marty Cobb: And we've watched every episode. We love it!

Hagan Parkman: I've seen every season, every episode. (Laughs)

Click here to read the first half of Marty and Hagan's exclusive The Amazing Race interview with Reality TV World.

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This team is still awesome! :hrt: Too bad they were out so early. :( I definitely want to see them back in a future season.

Meanwhile, reading parts of the 2nd leg made me reminisce its amazement. :luvya:

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You Won't Believe These Fun Facts About The New Amazing Race Cast

What’s one major difference between Marty and her daughter, Hagan?

While Marty is more than comfortable flying through the friendly skies with Southwest Airlines, her daughter Hagan suffers from aerophobia, which is an extreme fear of flying, and is terrified to do so while on the Race.