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Re: The TAR Report Card
« Reply #75 on: December 05, 2016, 11:01:26 PM »
I decided to watch TAR from Seasons 1-28 (plus international versions)

Here's my thoughts (SO FAR) for The Amazing Race 1

Overall Rating: B- (A good variety I think. Shame I didn't see any super young 20 year-olds)

Leg 1: D- (Really didn't like the premiere episode. Terrible located, IMO)
Leg 2: C (Just abit better than Leg 1. Paris made it up)
Leg 3: C+ (A solid leg. Sad part was to see Pat and Brenda eliminated  :()
Leg 4: B+ (This was one of my favorite legs of the season. Crazy Tunisian chaos. Sad part was seeing Dave and Margahetta  :(. Hope Margahetta is resting in peace)
Leg 5: C- (Not sure why, but I just hated this episode. Far too many compass tasks and horrible Detour at the Star Wars location 😷)
Leg 6: B (LOVED the flight drama at airport. Rest of the leg was pretty much blegh)
Leg 7: C+ (I LOVED the roadblock and the pit stop. Hated how their was a detour for the first clue)
Leg 8: B+ (Second favorite leg of the season. Just going to Jaipur was  :colors)
Leg 9: C- (The worst of the Thailand legs. Such an easy FF and Detour. Stupid desicion by Team Guido to take the bus, instead of taxi. Nice pit stop)
Leg 10: A+ (BEST LEG OF THE SEASON! Great scenery, great tasks and a great leg!)
Leg 11: D (Not sure why I didn't like this leg.)
Leg 12: F (Please don't mention this leg to me, EVER! Such a waste of a leg.)
Leg 13: C+ (Not the best finale leg ever, but not bad for the first season)

Overall Season Rating: B-

Now, I'm off to watch Survivour: Borneo and then The Amazing Race 2 Can't wait!
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Re: The TAR Report Card
« Reply #76 on: December 15, 2016, 10:08:11 AM »
Leg 1 : C-
Leg 2: A-
Leg 3: A-
Leg 4: A+
Leg 5: B
Leg 6: A
Leg 7: A-
Leg 8: A+
Leg 9: B-
Finale: A+

Overall: A
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