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« on: August 24, 2004, 09:26:26 PM »

 I missed the show.. who is the winner?


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Re: ep:08
« Reply #1 on: August 24, 2004, 11:11:33 PM »
no one won was a non-elimination race..Collin & whats her name came in first ...The twins were last..they wern't eliminated but..must start the next leg with no cash .. :)_{}

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Re: ep:08
« Reply #2 on: August 25, 2004, 09:33:08 AM »
Okay last night's show made me even more not like Colin!!  how arrogant for him to think he did not have to pay the guy!!  If he was worried about the ties he should have looked at them before he got in the car! And then for Christe to say at the end she should not have critized (sp ) Collin!!  She just asks for the abuse!

the many times will they miss the marker!  They would have been 2nd and B/N okay mainly because I put b/n as coming in last place on MW  |:(

Chip and Kim I still like they were friendly to everyone.  And for Chip to Hug Phil...that was great!  Yu could tell the cab driver was not happy about not getting the total fare...hopefully the camera crew paid him.

B/N I do not know what to think about these two...

The bowling moms ~ they keep hanging in there!  Hopefully they will be one of the final 3

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Re: ep:08
« Reply #3 on: August 25, 2004, 10:32:36 AM »

gotta love those americans....  :()()
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Re: ep:08
« Reply #4 on: August 25, 2004, 12:03:04 PM »
Colon & Christie Back On Top

After escaping a potentially dangerous situation that could have landed him in jail in Kilimanjaro, Colin regained his composure as he and teammate Christie collected their fourth first-place finish in Dubai on the Persian Gulf. Trailing en route to a high-adventure Detour, the couple gained ground with Colin's off-roading skills to seal their first-place finish, while twins Kami & Karli fell behind at the skydiving option, which resulted in their last-place finish. Fortunately for the twins, this was the second of four pre-determined non-elimination legs, allowing them to remain in the Race but forcing them to surrender all their money.

Leaving the Pit Stop in first place at 2:42 am, married parents Chip & Kim ripped open their clue to discover they must take a marked taxi over 100 miles to the Kilimanjaro Airport, where they must take one of three charter flights to Nairobi, Kenya. From there, they must travel over 2,200 miles to the city of Dubai on the Persian Gulf and find the Burj Al Arab Hotel, where their next clue waited across the street. On their success thus far, Kim noted, "Chip gets so friendly with everyone. That's why we've been excelling at this Race." Chip added, "Whatever you give out, it will come back to you. That's just my philosophy."

Departing eighteen minutes later, dating couple Colin & Christie got in their marked taxi after an unsuccessful attempt at bartering with the driver to lower the one hundred dollar fare. Commenting on her Team's weakness, Christie said, "Colin and I most want to work on learning to trust each other more. It's difficult when you have two decision makers who work together."

Stepping off the mat six minutes later, bowling moms Linda & Karen mused on the possibility of going all the way. Linda said, "I think it would be awesome if two moms can win this Race. This Race is not just for the fast, young ones. We're still here. There's five Teams. Anyone can win this Race."

Leaving the Pit Stop four minutes behind the bowling moms, dating Christians Brandon & Nicole got into their taxi after begrudgingly accepting the one hundred dollar fare. Concerned about her Team's assertiveness, Nicole remarked, "We need to work on being more aggressive, because the Teams that are more aggressive are finishing before us."

Departing the Pit Stop in last place, two minutes behind the dating Christians, Kami & Karli admitted to their recurring problem, noting, "We need to slow down. We are so spastic right now. If you look at who's in the lead, it's not the quick Teams. It's the Teams that really slow down, analyze the clue and work accordingly."

With Teams only minutes apart in taxis, the order of arrival at the airport became incredibly important, as it determined which charter flight they would take. While Chip & Kim cruised down the deserted highway, Linda & Karen and Brandon & Nicole cheered as their drivers passed Colin & Christie, who fell behind to fourth place
About his driver, a livid Colin snapped, "He drives slower than my grandma." Matters worsened for the dating couple from Texas when the tire blew out on their taxi. After assessing the situation, Colin became furious when he realized the driver was already driving on a donut and had no spare tire. The situation was resolved when the taxi carrying Kami & Karli arrived on the scene, allowing Colin to take their spare tire. For their part, the twins felt slighted by Colin, who didn't even bother to thank them for stopping. Kami noted, "We don't think Colin would have pulled over to give us his spare tire."

Bad luck continued to plague Linda & Karen when their taxi started to rattle. Upon stopping, the driver noted that the car had no oil. A frustrated Linda said, "Great, there goes our lead." As the bowling moms stood on the roadside, twins Kami & Karli approached, but told their driver to keep driving. Karli rationalized this by saying, "We're not going to stop again. This is God thanking us for giving our spare tire away." Last place Colin & Christie, back on the road, overtook the bowling moms, but stopped to allow them to use their driver's cell phone to call for another taxi.

Arriving first at the Kilimanjaro Airport, Chip & Kim signed up for the first charter flight, leaving at 8:30 am. Before doing this, Chip paid the cab fare, offering the driver a twenty-dollar tip. Kim observed, "Chip has this habit of liking to tip big. That is our biggest weakness. We have got to learn to spend wisely." Brandon & Nicole also signed up for the first charter flight, but proceeded to bicker after paying the one hundred dollar cab fare. Nicole thought the price was ridiculous, saying, "You see us getting raped for money. How much would he have charged us if we weren't American?" Nicole became even more frustrated when Chip tried to explain his philosophy of giving to the world so it will come back to him, with which Brandon agreed. A disbelieving Nicole complained to Brandon, "Am I not a giving person? How can you just stand there and not understand where I'm coming from? Why do you say nothing?" Brandon responded, "I think we should have paid him every dollar that we did." Chip later added, "I think Nicki needs to do a lot of maturing."

With Kami & Karli and Colin & Christie taking spots on the second charter at 9:30 am, Linda & Karen found themselves in last place once again, alone on the 10:30 am charter flight. After signing up for their flight, Colin & Christie still needed to pay their cab driver. Despite owing $100, Colin offered the driver only $50, citing the unsafe condition of driving on the donut. The driver insisted on full payment, becoming increasingly incensed and shouting, "I don't need $50 dollars!" The driver then brought a police officer to the terminal, prompting Colin to insist that he wouldn't pay $100, quipping, "You can bring the President of your country down here."


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At this point, Colin was escorted to the police station to continue the discussion. Christie chided Colin, remarking, "It's such a waste of time coming over here." Colin snapped back, "Please stop making things worse, okay?" With the arrival of the head officer, Colin pled his case abruptly, ending with, "We have a plane to catch," and simply walking out of the police station. The presiding officer stopped Colin, saying the driver wanted to open a criminal case against him. With Christie begging for Colin to pay the money, the officer asked Colin to step inside. Throwing down the $100, Colin shouted, "I have a plane to catch!" and stormed off.

The fight continued between Colin & Christie. Feeling he didn't have Christie's support, Colin remarked, "I want a different kind of relationship." While telling the story of his police encounter to other Teams, Colin said, "Christie was freaking out." Christie replied, "Seriously, just get over it." Colin snapped, "Do you realize how you are just harping on me," prompting Christie to apologize for her behavior.

Arriving in Nairobi, Chip & Kim and Brandon & Nicole found a Kenya Airways flight arriving in Dubai at 6 pm and soon were joined on the flight by Kami & Karli and Colin & Christie. Only Linda & Karen were unable to make that flight as they landed in Nairobi just as the other four Teams flew off. The disappointed bowling moms booked tickets on a flight to Dubai set to arrive at 12:19 am, 5 hours behind the other Teams.

Landing in Dubai, the four Teams raced in taxis to the Burj Al Arab hotel, arriving at nearly the same time. Opening their clue at 6:15 pm, they learned that between the hours of 8 am to 6 pm they had to take a marked elevator to the heliport of the Burj Al Arab hotel to find the next Route Marker. The 14-hour delay allowed Linda & Karen to catch up, and all five Teams ascended to the heliport the next morning.

At the top, looking out over the city of Dubai, Teams opened their clues to discover they had to make their way across the city to the Bur Dubai Abra Station and take a water taxi known as an abra to the Port of Dubai. Once there, they needed to find a traditional boat on which they would receive their clue from Captain Abdul Raman. Getting to the abra station first, Kami & Karli, Chip & Kim and Brandon & Nicole all took a water taxi ahead of Colin & Christie and Linda & Karen.

Arriving to meet Captain Abdul Raman in first place, Chip & Kim opened their clue to find a Detour. In this Detour, Teams had to choose between "Off Plane" and "Off Road." Teams choosing Off Plane, must travel to the Umm Al Quwain Aeroclub and skydive in tandem with an instructor 10,000 feet above the Margham Red Dunes. Once they land, they receive their next clue. While this option was potentially terrifying, Teams could finish it quickly. However, each plane could hold only one Team, and planes were scheduled to leave 45 minutes apart. Teams opting for Off Road had to travel directly to the Margham Red Dunes, where they must drive a marked 4x4 vehicle over a six-mile course through the desert, ending at the skydive landing zone. While a far less harrowing task, Teams could get stuck in the sand, forcing them to radio for help, which would take a long time. Opting to perform Off Road, Chip & Kim became concerned when they realized they only had $10 for cab fare that would likely cost considerably more. Meanwhile, Kami & Karli and Brandon & Nicole jumped into cabs headed for the Umm Al Quwain Aeroclub. Arriving minutes later at the Port of Dubai, Linda & Karen and Colin & Christie chose Off Road because of the 45-minute wait between planes for Off Plane.

Entering the Umm Al Quwain Aeroclub with a lead, the driver for Brandon & Nicole went past the flag signaling where to go. Noticing the flags, Kami & Karli became unsure what to do, disagreeing whether to follow the Christians or follow the flags. Taking Kami's advice, the pair followed the Christians to their detriment, as Brandon & Nicole beat the twins to the flag and became the first Team to leave on the plane, forcing Kami & Karli to wait 45 minutes.

While the dating Christians began their ascent, Colin & Christie arrived at the Margham Red Dunes for Off Road. Thanks to Colin's experience off-roading, the pair had little difficulty navigating the sandy dunes. Close behind, Linda & Karen quickly got stuck, with sand flying as Linda spun her wheels. Last-place Chip & Kim, who were $10 dollars short for their cab, caught a break with a generous taxi driver and managed to overtake the stranded bowling moms on the dunes. Once Colin & Christie finished the course, they opened their next clue, which instructed them to mount a camel and use a GPS navigation device to pilot themselves to the next Pit Stop, a traditional Bedouin desert oasis one-half mile across the hot desert sand.

As Colin & Christie began their camel ride, Brandon & Nicole completed their exhilarating jump from 10,000 feet and headed for the Pit Stop as well. Kami & Karli feared the worst because of having to wait for the next plane. Married parents Chip & Kim ran into difficulties on the dunes by not spotting one of the flags on the course, while Linda & Karen got mired in the sand for a second time.

Arriving at the Pit Stop in first place, Colin & Christie were greeted by host @Phil Keoghan, who informed the pair that they had won a vacation to the sunny Caribbean compliments of American Airlines website, On her earlier fight with Colin, Christie remarked, "I have a problem with stressing out, fearing we're in last place. I should have never been angry with him."

With Brandon & Nicole finishing in second place, the remaining three Teams struggled to avoid elimination. Chip & Kim narrowly avoided being passed on the course by Linda & Karen as the two Teams raced neck-and-neck to the finish line. After both Teams mounted their camels, Kami & Karli completed their skydives with hopes of catching up on the ride to the oasis.

In the end, the twins' deficit became insurmountable as Chip & Kim and Linda & Karen placed third and fourth respectively. Fearing the worst, Kami & Karli arrived on the mat in last place, but received good news from Phil, who informed the twins that this was the second of four pre-determined non-elimination legs. However, because of the new rule, the twins were stripped of all their money and were told they would not receive any additional money at the beginning of the next leg.

When asked how they would deal with this adversity, Karli quipped, "We're resourceful. We're young and cute. I think we can figure out something." She later added, "We are so going to lie to people. That's the only way we're going to survive. We want to be the first female Team to win this Race."