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Nakomis' Six-Finger Plan to rid the House of Jase works to perfection, as Drew, after winning the Power of Veto, removes Diane from the block and Nakomis puts Jase up. It's now Jase and Marvin on the block. With Marvin in the girls' alliance, it looks like Jase's number may be up.


As we look back on the Nomination Ceremony, we see Jase totally ecstatic after Nakomis' nominates Diane and Marvin. As in the dark as a person can be, Jase feels like he has related to Nakomis really well, and that is why he was not put on the block. The rest of the House, save for Cowboy, is glowing because they have outfoxed Jase. Marvin mocks Jase by saying, "He thinks he's cool as Frosty the Snowman."

Looking back on her Nomination Ceremony, Nakomis is proud of her performance, faking Jase out without cracking a smile. Marvin elaborates on how deep the deception ran by explaining that "Drew is supposed to play the part of the upset boyfriend." In Diary Room, Jase reveals that he feels like his fake change of heart may be what is keeping him around. He is so convinced of his bond with Nakomis that he tells her, "You have the hugest spot in my cool book."

He feels so comfortable that he breaks down the situation with Cowboy, saying, "I want Diane out before Marvin." Little does he know he may well be out before both of them.


Even though most of everybody's attention is focused on Jase, the twin situation begins to come to the fore as well. Natalie raises her voice as the inquisition begins with respect to who was playing in what game, who gave Michael a massage, etc. Each HouseGuest chimes in with how they should have known or how they can really tell. Of course, the "bootylicious" backside of Natalie and Adria is discussed, but it's Nakomis, not Marvin, who gives an opinion on the relative size and shape. "Natalie has a smaller butt. One day I was looking at A and just thinking, 'Wow, A's butt looks really small.'"

The Drew/Diane situation seems headed for a rough patch as Drew tells Diane, "I think we might need to stop sleeping together at some point in time." Diane hears him, but at the same time doesn't, as she goes for the hard sell on why Drew needs to stick with her: "The only option you have is to be with me." She takes it one step further, laying out for Drew how she and he need to cement their alliance and then take it to A and Natalie. It'll be the twins versus the single-birth children down to the end.

Will and Karen are cognizant of the various alliances, Drew and Diane, Natalie and Adria, even Cowboy and Nakomis, and so they set about forming a secret alliance of their own. To keep it secret they vow to not be seen together too often.


Of all the HouseGuests, @Karen seems to be the one succumbing the most to cabin fever. First, we see her talking to herself very matter-of-factly. Then the other HouseGuests discuss how they think Karen may have lost it. Marvin jokes that he likes to go to bed after Karen, because he's plain scared of her, but it is Nakomis who really encapsulates the Karen Situation: "Karen has multiple personality disorder. She goes from happy and then gets worried. When she gets worried, she is all stressed out and gets anxiety. When she gets anxiety, she starts to bake, and then other people start to comment on it, and that makes her either A) stressed out or B) depressed. Then she just schizzes out and starts to cry until one of us cheers her up. Then she gets happy and the entire cycle starts again."

It begins to dawn on Jase that he is most probably a goner. Putting together the pieces, he tells Cowboy, "We don't even have Drew anymore." Cowboy, ever the sensitive horseman, says, "Tomorrow they say, 'Gotcha.' You got bitch-slapped."


Jase's fears are confirmed as teams are chosen for the Power of Veto Competition, but not before he makes one last-ditch effort to be chosen by Marvin. Marvin does not consent; instead he chooses Will, a/k/a "Big Willie Style." Diane chooses Drew, and in reference to the Holly/Jase combo, she calls him her in-House boyfriend and hopes that he can "save" her. Nakomis chooses Adria, and the game begins

The HouseGuests enter the backyard to discover a giant wall of colored balloons. While the bulk of the balloons are yellow, there are six circles of different color balloons interspersed throughout the board. Behind each of these colored circles is the image of a competing HouseGuest. One by one, each competitor is allowed three darts; the goal is to unearth the faces of those he or she is competing against. Once all the balloons covering a HouseGuest's face are popped, that HouseGuest is eliminated from the Competition.

One by one the HouseGuests are eliminated, until only Drew remains. As a horseman, Drew is Jase's one last chance at staying in the house. Jase lobbies hard, saying that Diane will be staying, which is really the goal, so Drew should choose not to use the veto. Drew, clearly torn, goes so far as to tell Diane he is thinking of possibly not using the veto.


After hearing impassioned pleas by both Diane and Marvin, during which Jase says, "I'm going to vomit," Drew does remove Diane from the block. Nakomis nominates Jase, and it would seem that the Four Horsemen, already on the ropes, will dwindle down to two.

Jase vows to wreck Diane and Drew's relationship and just be a general pill in the days leading up to the live eviction. Diane says she'd love to be rid of Marvin, but her hatred of Jase is so great, Jase must go.

Will Jase actually be evicted? Will Drew and Diane side up with fellow twins Natalie and Adria? What new alliance will emerge from the scattered ashes of the Four Horsemen? Find out Thursday night at 8PM ET/PT on BIG BROTHER.