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Re: US Survivor: Previous Seasons Discussion
« Reply #75 on: June 01, 2018, 09:28:52 AM »
Hey guys! Long time without posting in this topic. I already saw all the seasons for sure, but I didn't continue putting my thoughts of each one, sorry. :(

What if we talk about past seasons, for example, who is your favorite castaway from each season? You can put more than one if you have a couple of favs. I'll start (I can tell you it's going to be 98% women):

Borneo: Richard
Australia: Elisabeth
Africa: T-Bird
Marquesas: Gina & Kathy
Thailand: Shii Ann
Amazon: Christy & Jenna
Pearl Islands: Christa & Sandra
All Stars: Amber
Vanuatu: Julie
Palau: Angie, Stephenie & Ian
Guatemala: Stephenie
Panama: Cirie & Shane
Cook Islands: Aitu 4 (specially Ozzy)
Fiji: Michelle
Chinca: PG, Denise & Courtney
Micronesia: Cirie & Parvati
Gabon: 4 Fang Alliance & Sugar.
Tocantins Taj & Sierra
Samoa: Laura & Brett
Heroes vs Villains Sandra & Parvati
Nicaragua: Brenda, Jane & Holly
Redemption Island: Matt
South Pacific: Stacey, Christine & Albert
One World: Kim & Chelsea
Philippines: Abi & Malcolm
Caramoan: Brenda & Eddie (even Francesca lol)
Blood vs Water: Ciera & Tina
Cagayan: Luzon three (specially Kass)
San Juan del Sur: Kalley, Natalie, Jaclyn & Keith
Worlds Apart: Jenn, Shirin & Carolyn
Cambodia: Wiches Coven & Keith (But Kelley Wentworth the most)
Kaoh Rong: Cydney & Aubry
Millennials vs GenX: Michaella, Hannah, David & Jessica
Game Changers: Michaella, Cirie, Sandra & Sarah
Heroes vs Healers vs Hustlers: Lauren, Ali & Desi
Ghost Island: Michael
Kelley/Ciera/Abi/Kass goddesses