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The game gets even more complicated as Nakomis kicks the game playing into high gear by putting up Diane, who is clearly in her alliance, and Marvin, who is recently a friend of the girls' alliance. As articulated by Will, the six-finger plan works like this: after winning the HoH Competition, Nakomis nominates two people in her alliance so that when it is time to have the Golden Power of Veto Competition, all six participants will be in Nakomis' alliance. Whoever wins the Golden Power of Veto Competition will then remove one of the alliance members from the chopping block, and Nakomis will be free to nominate either Jase or Cowboy or Drew, who would have nary an escape route available.


Jase goes loco on Adria. Following Scott's eviction, Jase goes straight for the jugular, calling Adria the biggest betrayer in the house. He adds, "You're the biggest liar." Then, not content simply to stir the pot with Adria, Jase pulls Marvin aside for a one-on-one in front of everybody. He lies to Marvin's face, saying that he, Jase, voted Scott out. But, Marvin doesn't believe him for a minute. Marvin's take on Jase's machinations: "Don't pee on my leg and tell me it's raining."

Marvin, whether from a desire to ingratiate himself or because he is actually upset, steps up to defend Adria, getting between Jase and the object of his ire. Marvin the mediator keeps trying to point out that it's only a game and repeats, "Aren't you happy I'm still here? Aren't you happy I'm still here?"


We get to see and hear the extended reactions of the HouseGuests to Natalie's surprise entrance, and it's just as much fun the second time. Jase is floored, first because they took out his boy Scott, second, because Adria has lied to him before and he's taken her to task, but now, in his "worst nightmare, another one [twin] comes out." Marvin, who just can't relinquish his hound-dog ways, immediately asks whether Natalie is married as well. Natalie says yes, adding that she knew he would be disappointed by that answer. Nakomis is immediately psyched, because she has one more vote on her side. Diane, just as her twin sister watching from home had predicted, admits, "I have never been so dumbfounded."

We also hear the HouseGuests' take on the previous HoH game. It appears the balance of power has shifted from the Four Horsemen to the girls. Will first knew things were going well when Marvin, Jase, Cowboy and Drew took a seat during the game, and he said he had to do the "Victory Dance." Then, he notes that after Nakomis won, he could see Cowboy shaking in his Wranglers.


Nakomis is positively gleeful as she moves into the HOH room. In a tender moment, she gives the photograph of her father, who happens to be Michael's father as well, to Michael.

In the Diary Room, Will is asked for his view on his housemates' fashion sense, and he lets it rip. Jase gets the worst of it as Will notes, "It's hard to focus on what he's wearing when all you see are these two gigantic pit stains." Of Marvin, Will says what seems to be on everyone's mind, that he wants to rip the dog collar from Marvin's neck. Even gentle Nakomis does not escape Will's withering wit as he suggests she always looks as though she just stepped off a skateboard, adding that she's very "granola, with some skull and crossbones thrown in." (We also learn that Nakomis owns between 47 and 54 flannel shirts. Her penchant for exact numbers resurfaces later when she says she has between 10 and 19 cigarettes a day.) Will's final swipe targets Karen, and he says, "Put down the blue eye shadow and the corked wedges and just step out of 1985."


Drew and Diane continue to make nice, and in an extended conversation on the hammock, he confides that he feels so much better not being as tied down to the Four Horsemen. Diane explains that she, Adria and Natalie knew that Drew was a good person, even though he was doing bad things, and that he would eventually see the light.

Recognizing that he is up the proverbial creek without the proverbial paddle, Jase starts trying to suggest that he has turned over a new leaf. His first plan of attack is to be super-annoying. In this super-annoying phase, he tapes together cereal boxes to create a sign, which he spray paints with the inscription, "Starting Alliance, Join Today." Hanging it from his neck, he walks around the House banging pots and pans and chanting, "Find the truth. Start the alliance with Jase today. Save yourselves." His strategy is to be so upsetting that the HouseGuests will want to take him to the Final Two to ensure a win for whoever isn't Jase.


The HouseGuests emerge into daylight to find a giant rotating table laden with hundreds of pies. Reading the instructions, Nakomis tells the HouseGuests that they must dive into each of the pies face first. Inside, they will find a card, and whatever is written on the card that they pull out is a food item that they will get to eat for the week. Not everybody will get to eat. In addition to food items in the pies are five cards inscribed with "EAT." Whoever gets an EAT card will get to feast on all the goodies everybody else has come up with, while those without will have to live on peanut butter and jelly. But there's a catch. There is also a "STEAL" card. Whoever gets the STEAL card may take somebody else's EAT card.

Let the eating begin. The pies are not all cherry and chocolate in the middle, a fact the HouseGuests find out the hard way when Drew chomps right into a mustard pie. The big winners are Marvin, Cowboy and Karen. Natalie gets two EAT cards, and in a surprise move gives the extra EAT card to Diane instead of her sister Adria. But Will, who got the STEAL card, snatches the EAT right out from under Diane's nose and doesn't seem too remorseful about it.

The contest descends into chaos with a massive, giant pie fight, a much-needed stress release after the past few tense days in the BIG BROTHER House.


With nearly everybody else in the House in on her plan, Nakomis pulls Jase's key first. A stunned, but pleased, Jase pulls Karen's key. Karen pulls Natalie's. Natalie pulls Cowboy's. Cowboy pulls Adria's. Adria pulls Will's, and Will pulls Drew's. Per the Six-Finger Plan, Nakomis has nominated Diane and Marvin for eviction. Jase is none the wiser that he is being out-gamed. He believes his change of attitude has won Nakomis over.

Will Jase be outplayed by being nominated after the Veto ceremony? Will the housemates turn against the twins next? And how will Cowboy survive without Scott? Find out Tuesday at 9PM ET/PT on BIG BROTHER 5.