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EP 12 Recap
« on: August 04, 2004, 10:03:07 AM »
EP 10  Recap

Proving that the best laid plans of mice and men (and women) don't always come to fruition, the girls' plan to get Jase out of the house falls flat when he wins the heated "This Little Piggy Won the Veto" PoV competition. In what comes as no surprise to anybody in the house, he removes himself from the block, but not before getting in the face of Diane and all those that opposed him. He says boldly, "To those of you that conspired to get me out there are two words: 'You can kiss my ass.'"

Diane, between a rock and a hard place, puts Marvin up. And, even though this is exactly what the Four Horsemen wanted her to do, she claims that she is nobody's pawn.


As the first female HoH, Diane truly is enjoying the fruits of her victory. First and foremost, she enjoys having Drew in her bed, saying, "I love to cuddle with Drew." At the same time their relationship is not without complications as she tells him straight out, "If you win the veto and you use it, you won't be sleeping in this bed."

And, Diane isn't the only one who has designs on Drew. In a telling tete-a-tete, Will and Diane alternately drool over a shirtless Drew as he washes his clothes outside with a hose. Will says he could watch Drew do anything and find it sexy, while Diane says, "That kid is almost perfect."

But the most important part of Diane's reign occurs when the girls--Adria, Nakomis and Diane--as well as Will, are sitting around staring at the painting in the HoH room. After some back and forth, they become convinced that there is something behind it, something aside from a blank wall. Nakomis first suggests that Diane put on her HoH sultan robe and stand in her HoH slippers and say, "Open Sesame." This doesn't do the trick, but while Diane is standing before the painting, Nakomis finds a remote and the spy screen is discovered. All the girls get fired up as they are stunned that the boys did not share this with them. Karen can't believe they kept it a secret, and Will is shocked that Drew did not leak it to Diane.

In a precursor to the Veto competition, all the HouseGuests are called into the backyard where they are greeted by an army of pigs. Or as Karen put it, "Arts and Crafts? There was an army of naked unpainted pigs screaming to be decorated by me. That's like Karen Porn." They are directed to each paint the pigs as they will, and the results reveal interesting aspects of each HouseGuest's personality.

Will is very excited and says that his pig is going out on a date with Drew's pig, adding, "Well, his pig is a little fancy, and mine is a little trampy so we'll just have to see." Diane just goes for the brightest, most audacious thing possible, painting the entire pig neon pink. Karen devotes herself to her pig but knows it might be a short-lived love affair. "There's always a twist, I'll probably have to smash it later." Scott's pig terrifies the rest of the HouseGuests. Will says he has nightmares about it and Drew says, "Scott's pig is a little demented."


As the Veto competition dawns Jase gets himself duded up to perform, appearing ready to kick some booty with a yellow dishwashing glove on his arm. Diane chooses Will as her partner, Scott picks Drew and Jase picks Cowboy. Each of those chosen to play is told to go to a separate room while the other HouseGuests go outside. When they then emerge they find their pigs sitting inside the Big Brother Savings and Loan, and they then discover what this game is about.

Each of the competitors is given thirteen tokens, they are asked to place the tokens into one of their fellow competitors piggy banks. They must put tokens into at least two banks. The person with the most tokens, but no more than twenty, wins. If a player ends up having more than twenty tokens, that player will be eliminated.

The boys seems to have a better handle on the game as both Scott and Jase deposit mass tokens into Diane's bank, which will lead to her elimination. Will gets how to win and puts as many tokens as he can into Jase's bank. Diane draws a strategy blank and when she doesn't put enough into Jase's pig to bust it, he ends up winning the competition. In typical Jase fashion, he crows like a rooster, flaps his arms and gets in Diane's face.

Diane is mad at herself for not making sure Jase is gone. Will is concerned, saying, "I hope I haven't made it to the top of the serial killer's list of prey." Jase is thrilled. He knows he was on the ropes and now he's going to come back bigger than ever.

After Jase wins the veto, he and Will have a pow-wow in the HoH room where a secret alliance seems to be in the offing. After the initial back and forth of "You might be playing me," they seem to be on the verge of working to help each other. Or are they? As Will says in the Diary room, "If the girls win, the alliance is off. If the guys win, you bet I'm going to play him like a fiddle."


Jase's desire to be theatrical just cannot be contained, as he and Scott get goofy for the Veto ceremony. Jase puts his hair into horns and dons one of Will's favorite shirts with the Golden Veto hanging prominently from his neck. Scott puts mascara on his teeth, pulls his pants up above his waist and plays like a doofus from central casting. Together they make a mockery of the ceremony, which puts Nakomis off, as she does feel it is a solemn thing and they should treat it more respectfully.

After a short play-acting skit Jase does indeed remove himself. Diane puts up Marvin and the Four Horsemen seem very close to escaping the noose that had been around their collective necks.

How will the HouseGuests react when Natalie enters the House during the live broadcast on Thursday? Will Scott slip off the block and keep the Four Horsemen all in the game? And just how long can the Drew and Diane romance last as the two sides seem to be getting further and further apart? Find out Thursday, live on BIG BROTHER 5.

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