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I'm not sure this is the right place, so I hope the moderators will move this if this isn't the right spot.

I stumbled across a casting call notice for the Norwegian show Alt for Norge (All For Norway), which is also called The Great Norway Adventure. They are casting for their 6th season and are looking for Americans with Norwegian heritage who have never been to Norway and are over 18 years of age. There is a $50,000 prize for the winner. It sounds legitimate as the show has won two Norwegian Emmys for best reality show. The deadline is December 3rd and they say that "Early application and video submissions receive immediate attention and give us ample time to get additional material from you that the producers may request, i.e., more family history." The casting web site also lists open casting calls this Saturday Oct. 25th in Los Angeles, Sat. Nov. 8th in Minneapolis and Tues. Nov. 11th in Chicago.

From the casting page:

This isn’t your typical Reality TV show. It’s not about the cast fighting or sabotaging each other. Chosen participants will travel to Norway to compete in good-natured, exciting and extreme cultural challenges.

The show is like a cross between “Who do you think you are” and “The Amazing Race”.

Eligibility Requirements:

    Must be a descendant of Norway (Have some Norwegian blood in your veins)
    Must have NEVER traveled to Norway (sorry non-negotiable)
    Must be a U.S. Citizen
    Must be at least 18 years old by Feb. 16, 2015 (there is no age limit)

I thought I'd post it in case there's anyone who meets the requirements (not me unfortunately) and would be interested in applying.

The casting call page is

The show web page (in Norwegian)

A few show descriptions translated from the Norwegian web page:

In the woods
This week Norwegian-Americans Brumundal and experience what the forest means to Norwegians.

To the City of Kings
Participants will learn about the monarchy and Norwegian kings when they take the Pilgrim Way to Trondheim.

Participants traveling to Northern Norway. After several weeks of city life, it's time to feel the salty air in and experience how stunningly beautiful the Norwegian coast.

Genealogy Books
The link in this article you will find all the family book videos as participants are sent home

Finally russ
It is time for the May 17th celebration of Norwegian-Americans, but that it tied greatest expectations, the Russian celebration.

Norwegian stereotypes
In two program participants will learn more about the Norwegian everyday life. Then they obviously housed at the sisters of presenter Henriette Bruusgaard.

Final season start
It is ready for the premiere of the fifth season of All for Norway. This fall, you may be familiar with an American football player from the increasingly popular 'underwear League, "an emotional bear gay, a pastor from Texas and a handsome model from the Mormon capital of Utah.

Sounds like a bit of stunt casting goes on here as well.  :funny: