Author Topic: TAR 24 East Coast EP 10 SHOW updates and commentary **Please read the rules**  (Read 14324 times)

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What If.. that should be posted in the what if thread lol.

There is no what if because Jet and Cord did miss the exit, and based on what had happened subsequently, the only way they could have avoided being eliminated this leg was to 1) not miss the exit, 2) arrive U-TURN fourth and U-TURN Country Singers, 3) be faster.

Therefore.. Country Singers really were no-where near being eliminated this leg because it seems, Cowboys were not going to use their U-TURN even if they had arrived fourth (interviews), PLUS, Country Singers did arrive fourth and if Leo and Jamal did U-TURN Brenchel, then Country Singers might have U-TURN Cowboys.

So... it will be down to Brenchel and Cowboys, and no way for CaroJen getting elim~ haha.
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