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Those videos he posted were from the CBS Youtube account anyway. And im talking about the interviews on the mat, etc. There are about 20 more videos that are on the CBS website they didnt upload too Youtube yet which is why im asking someone too upload them.

Here's the link to where all these videos are on the CBS website. I can't view them in my country either :(
Hopefully these will be put on the Youtube channel.

Not sure how to embed this in, but here's another video CBS uploaded to their Youtube page.

The Amazing Race - Behind the Scenes: 'Back in the Saddle'

In A Dramatic Series First, One Team Will Not Make It To The Starting Line.;hl=es_

Here's another video I found, it's from the Harlem Globetrotters youtube channel, and it's off Flight Time & Big Easy reviewing the first leg.
But at 1:37 it goes to a sneak peak clip from Episode 2. So thought I'd post it :)

Also, could Big Easy be any more enthusiastic?? I mean it's not like he's racing round the world for a million bucks or anything!  :groan:


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