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Re: Double-Episode Finales
« Reply #25 on: January 23, 2014, 03:15:46 PM »

So in terms of shooting, does that mean the final cut scene with getting to the finish line is sliiiiightly staged? I always thought most aspects of Amazing Race compared to other shows never needed to really re-film too much since the reactions are very genuine and the whole point is to catch people off-guard in strange environments with stressful tasks. It would make sense to decoy away from the finish line though for sure, but since all the teams are usually present in that shot, do the 4th-6th place teams run the final leg a couple hours before or something?

Def NOT. The final 3 are RACING. The decoys will be redirected by production when teams are getting closer to the finish line.
Some seasons, decoys are not all over the finale, so it remains on a case by case basis. In Atlanta, for example, I think they were only utilized at the airport. I def did not see any racing near the final 3.

That definitely makes sense - yeah, I would never question that those teams are racing, but my question was more what happens if the decoys are out and about while the first team gets to the finish line. So using them early on in the final leg for distractions, then telling them to sneak back to the finish before the actual final 3 reach that challenge/get to the finish line makes perfect sense.

And using them at the airport is smart - if I were TAR staff, I'd invite back 10 teams not actually in the All-Stars season to distract fans from who was really invited back so that you're never quite sure until CBS announces the real list. I wonder if in that instance they'd get paid to be decoys :P (If this process does already happen, props to production for thinking of it.)

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Re: Double-Episode Finales
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Just remembered something I don't like about the double-length finales. Foreign viewers probably don't have to worry about this, but I hate that the promos for the final episode blatantly show which teams make the Final 3 (if you know where the final destination city is). Like this past season, we saw Amy, Marie, and Nicole all doing cold-weather tasks in the promos, which made it super-obvious that Leo & Jamal got eliminated.
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