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CBS announces TAR and Survivor Premiere Dates!

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I knew it. Both are probably delayed due to the Olympics. I think this is the first time I can recall TAR starting before Survivor.

I think this was a case of what comes later. TAR 22 started on Feb 17.

This season, we will lose a Sunday April 6th for the Country Music Awards. Fitting that all in, a 12 ep show, with a double finale episode, lets us finish on May 11th...pretty standard. So even with a late start, we should come out well at the end!!

It's pretty clear Survivor is starting later than normal for the spring because of the Olympics. The NCAA Tournament broadcast is being handled differently in the early rounds, as TNT and two other Time Warner cable channels are joining CBS in airing games in the different regional brackets during that first week, so Survivor doesn't have to take a week off. And an end date for Survivor of May 18 would fit in with scheduling in the past for the May sweeps, as the following weekend would be a three-day holiday weekend for the US (for Memorial Day).

It seems standard as well because everything this year has been delayed 6 days later (like especially at my school) and for broadcasting schedules as well, so really standard.

Belle Book:
Okay, so the late date for TAR might be fairly standard but the late date for Survivor is probably due to the Olympics.  Thanks for clarifying it for me!


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