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TAR 23 Ep 11 "Amazing 'Crazy' Race" Tokyo, Japan

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What's the bet that our favourite japanese game show host will make an appearance?

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Just seen the Sneak Peak for the Finale on TAR's Youtube page, and the Gameshow Host is there  :cmaslol

I only remember him from Season 15, and I'm not sure but I'm guessing he's the same one that was in Season 20 Leg 11??  ???

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He's even wearing the same suit  :cmaslol

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Heck it's probably even the same crowd.

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Thanks nmccarroll91 for showing me TAR15's gameshow host. :cmaslol I couldn't compare it without your help. :funny:

Another Japanese game show? :faint: Thank goodness it's a Detour.

So after watching that preview , do u think they have to keep going til one team member knocks all 10 pins down , or do they both have to get a strike ?


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