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We knew this day was coming.

CBS is not really providing overnight ratings numbers for its shows this year.
The earliest we may get is viewers in live plus three days; but CBS is saying in a press release Monday that they're getting the most complete information about viewership when they're about to include online or alternative platform data that takes in 30 days after broadcast.

So if you are wondering, I have been checking for information that is more than the overnights (which we would get Monday mornings) or at least the weeklys (which we'd usually get on Tuesdays) and it looks as if the earliest we may see data from CBS would be live plus three days or later. I have a feeling I won't be able to access the real data since I'm not in the advertising business, or the television business, but maybe some of the others will be able to poach that information from time to time.

theschnauzers: is providing us with a report on the demo change for the entire primetime schedule for premiere week and the increase for all the shows from the live plus same day numbers to the live plus seven day numbers:

And for TAR:


2.0        Live+SD US AA% (The typical overnight number)
2.4        Live+7 US AA% (The total demo audience for Live plus seven days)
0.4        +7 minus SD Contribution (the net increase due to viewing after day of broadcast to seven days)
21%     L+SD to L+7 Increase (percentage increase from the live plus same day to live plus seven days)

After TAR23 opened with the series' lowest season premiere numbers ever, last night's episode 3 may have garnered the series' lowest ratings ever.

According to preliminary ratings, the episode got a 1.8 18-49 rating with 8.07 million viewers.
That number could still get adjusted up with final ratings tomorrow, but it could still match the 1.9 series low from episode 2 of TAR22 which aired against the Oscars last February.


--- Quote ---The Amazing Race garnered a series low 1.8 down 25 percent  from last week’s 2.4.
--- End quote ---

I hope the ratings improve. I think Sunday Night Football was popular last night, Tom Brady vs Drew Brees.


--- Quote from: TexasLady on October 14, 2013, 04:50:59 PM ---I hope the ratings improve. I think Sunday Night Football was popular last night, Tom Brady vs Drew Brees.

--- End quote ---

It was Dallas/Washington on NBC and Detroit/Boston in the MLB Playoffs on FOX last night. Brady/Brees preceded 60 minutes on CBS. 


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