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BB Ep9 recap
« on: July 28, 2004, 10:33:33 AM »

Shocked by Drew's putting Holly on the block, the Four Horsemen want to make sure to win PoV so that they can pull Holly off. They are so eager they start lobbying Nakomis as to who she will choose to be her ally in the game, hoping to stack the deck. Jase, who believes the game will be food-oriented, goes so far as to puke beforehand. Holly, in her characteristic way, says of his vomiting, "That's so sweet."

Their efforts, however, are thwarted when Nakomis wins the game called Bluff Me A Veto, a casino-style betting game where the bluffer is rewarded by collecting other HouseGuest's chips. Nakomis chooses to take herself off the block, and in a move that shocks the house, Drew puts up Adria. This is contrary to what had been floated previously to Nakomis--that if she took herself off, Marvin would go up.


In addition to Drew shaking up the Four Horsemen, even greater divisions are ripping through the house as hidden alliances come to the forefront. It all begins when Diane enters the kitchen and is confronted by Holly in front of Jase, Michael, and Scott. Holly is on Diane for not even giving her a hug when Holly was put on the block and for jumping up and hugging Nakomis after Nakomis won the veto. Diane, trying to play things down, walks outside after insinuating that her team, including everybody who is outside, has it in for Jase's team.

Jase switches into super-manipulative mode and eggs Holly on to go call Diane out, go outside and just let her have it in front of all of her friends. She struts into the backyard and tells everybody that Diane had pretended to be her friend and that if Diane would do that to her, she might do it to anybody. As it is coming from Holly, who everyone would like to see gone anyway, this doesn't really have the desired effect. She and Jase go back inside.
Unwilling to let sleeping dogs lie, Jase then steps back outside and gets everyone going, saying, "Diane just came in and said we're [the Four Horsemen] all in an alliance. Diane just let the cat out of the bag. So I say, 'Let's get it on, and let the chips fall where they may.'" This time Jase gets it right as everybody is a little weirded out at being called out. After Jase tears into Diane, he goes back into the house. And then, one by one, everyone who had been outside gets up from the backyard: first Adria, then Will, then Nakomis get up and head into the house. Only after being coaxed by Nakomis does a reticent Diane get up and head in.

Tension escalates before it cools as Diane says to Jase, "What is this about? Because I wouldn't give your girlfriend a pity hug?" But Diane bears the brunt of the altercation as the normally even-tempered Will is annoyed with her for opening her mouth. Worse yet, when Drew does not rush to her defense while she is hassled by Jase, she takes it as a sign that he isn't really into her. Even with Nakomis by her side she can't help herself from making a bad situation worse, saying to Drew, "The damage is done. The bridge is burned."


After initially accepting Drew's decision to put Holly on the block, both Scott and Jase are supremely steamed. They get more and more riled up with Jase saying of Drew, "He's an idiot." And Scott is just flipped that he's twenty-six and his boy Jase is twenty-eight, and things are being run by a twenty-two year old. Holly also pours oil on the fire of Drew versus the guys by suggesting Diane put Drew up to putting Holly on the block.
Michael, Jase and Scott convene in the HoH room without Drew and stoke the fire of their enmity. The consensus is they feel "hardcore betrayed." Jase claims it's a numbers game, and they need Holly on their side. This is a 180-degree switch from what he told Drew originally. Drew enters his own room, and Jase throws down the gauntlet with a "Lock the door, homie." He immediately begins laying into Drew. "Holly would never have voted us out," Jase proclaims. Scott, holding a rubber chicken from Catapoultry says, "We're a democracy."

Like a convict following an interrogation, Drew crumbles, crying openly in front of the boys. He just feels terrible about what has happened and really thought he was doing the right thing. Even though he admitted to Adria earlier that he was not into the guys, he now seems ready to do their bidding. After saying, "I do not like these guys as human beings," to Adria, he turns and puts her up.


With Holly and Adria on the block, it's sure to be the biggest night yet. The votes are looking to be a four-four tie as Marvin, content to be "on the back of the bus" as long as he's on the ride at all, seems to be ready to side with the Four Horsemen. He has come up with his own coinage, "The Van Boys from Santa Monica" and feels like he's in with the rulers of the roost, even though each one of them is more than ready to toss him the moment he's no longer useful.

Will it be Holly or Adria? Will Drew and Diane make up or is it really over? And if Adria goes, how will the house react to learning that she has a twin who has also been playing the game? Find out Thursday on BIG BROTHER 5.