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Episode 11 Recap
« on: August 01, 2004, 03:54:03 PM »
Episode 11


In the longest endurance test in BIG BROTHER history, Diane takes the prize, outlasting Jase in "I Have a Secret" by standing her ground to the end and ignoring Jase's psych-out tactics, never flinching even when he starts squawking like a chicken. Diane's victory signals a turning point in the house and in the game as she is the first woman to win HoH, and the first to have absolutely no allegiance to the Four Horsemen, except of course, for her bedmate, Drew. While there seems to be some internal debate as to which of the Four Horsemen will be going up--Marvin and Cowboy, Scott and Marvin, or Jase and Cowboy--Diane goes straight for the jugular and puts Jase and Scott up on the block side by side.


The ghost of the recently evicted Holly floats through the backyard as the HouseGuests stand on their lit podium, hands pressed firmly against the life-size cutouts of themselves. With nary a bathroom break, and no food or beverage until they step down, the HouseGuests have a long night ahead of them.

Jase throws down the gauntlet early, saying, "Thanks for evicting my girlfriend." Both Marvin and Scott know that he is definitely out to avenge her departure. Jase is convinced the competition is his to win, declaring victory early by saying there's no way he's going to lose. Cowboy is also insistent that he is the man. He says, "I'm going to Cowboy Up."
Nakomis is the first to go with a gentle step-off. Karen is next and drops off when Drew enters with pizza and beer. At the four hour mark, Cowboy, who was really angling for HoH, steps down and is so disappointed with himself for not succeeding he bursts into tears. There is a tender brother/sister moment when Nakomis tells Michael she wants to win HoH so that she can show him pictures of their father.

Back in the backyard the banter continues. Scott makes an illegal move, leaning his second hand on his picture, when the rules state you cannot do that. Diane alerts Big Brother and Scott's light is put out, leaving Will, Adria, Jase and Diane fighting for HoH. Adria goes next and then Will, ever the smooth operator, negotiates with Diane and Jase that if he drops out, they don't put him up. He drops out with a flourish at the five hour thirty-two minute mark.

It's just Jase and Diane in a battle of wills for who will be HoH. The stakes could not be higher. Diane, with her experience as a waitress, may have the edge over the firefighting Jase. At about the nine and one-half hour mark, Jase starts squawking like a human chicken and mouthing off. Eventually his moving around on the podium gets him the boot as he moves his foot, which according to the rules was to remain rigid. Diane, the 22-year-old waitress from Burlington, Kentucky becomes the first woman to land HoH.

Knowing that he's probably going to be going on the block, Jase makes his case to Diane outside in the hammock. He tells her he has gained a new respect for her after standing with her for nine hours during "I Have a Secret". Scott doesn't feel that he's definitely going up; his gut tells him it's Marvin. This is an interesting point of view because it seems the nicest thing he can say about Diane is that her twin sister, as seen in the HoH reveal, is the hot one. Drew states the obvious: "If you're a guy not sleeping in Diane's bed you might be worried. Luckily I'm a guy sleeping in Diane's bed."


In the most straightforward nomination ceremony to date, Diane gets things started by pulling Will's key. Will pulls Drew's key, which Marvin gets a kick out of. Drew pulls Adria, Adria pulls Marvin, Marvin pulls Karen, Karen pulls Nakomis and Nakomis pulls Michael. Scott and Jase are left sitting without a key. To Jase, Diane says, "You're the strongest player in the game and there is no benefit for me to keep you here." As for Scott, she says, "You haven't won anything to date, but I think you will." In summation she just feels she had to put the two strongest players up.

Who will win the Power of Veto? Will they pull Scott or Jase from the block? And what will happen when the twins enter the house and start playing the game together?