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And it begins.

Recap of last leg.


The leg begins by highligthing Calgary even though it didnt finish there.

Route info: FLY TO YELLOWKNIFE, NORTHWEST TERRITORIES and get to Bush pilot monument.

They leg in the early morning.  Jet Dave left at 3:23 (didnt get the other two)

The sisters leave at 3:50.

Now the scene where the sisters cut the line by asking people to cut the line. Jet and Dave/Hippies/Bodybreak are not happy.

Darren says he feels stupid giving them the express pass.

Holly and Brett leave at 4:30. Tims leave at 4:37am. No teams know that it was a NEL. LOL Tims walk in all happy.

All the teams are on the 6am.

Teams only have a dollar for this leg of the race.

All teams are flying via Edmonton.

Tims arrive first to clue.

Route info: Make your way to Government Dock and run half a mile to a Bed and Breakfast. to find next clue.

Holly and Brett arrive first at docks.

Vanessa/Celina having navigation issues.

Roadblock: Who wants to do a lot of Shak'in?

Polar Bear Dip - dive in cold water and retrieve clue.

Holly is doing the roadblock.

Roadblock is very easy. No chance to fail.

Route info:

One of three flights leaving 20 mins. And fly to Carcross, Yukon Territory. Note sure where they are departing from.

Cory, Hal and Tim Jr do the roadblock.  Cory jumped in so fast he missed the clue so someone did fail -__- lol

Sisters in last with Kristen and Darren.

Tims bud Jet and Dave and get booed by the crowd.

So rb performers: Holly, Cory, Hal, Tim Jr, Dave, Darren, (not sure about the sisters).


And we are back.

Dave gets the rope back from the Tims who cut in line.

They are going via Yellowknife airport.

Find Duchesses in Carcross.

Holly and Brett on flight one, Jet and Dave (only two teams)

Celina does the roadblock.

They are in 6th.  Darren jumps in and gets the clue right behind.

Drama between bodybreak.

Tims sign up for flight two, and the army bros sign up on flight 3 when a spot left.  :groan:

The sisters lost their key to their car and now fall into last.

Bodybreak on flight two.

The army bros kristen darren and sistes on last flight.

The duchess = steam locomotive.

Now the army bros ask Hal and Joanne back for their spot because of their mistake!  :groan: :res:


Back from commercial.

Hal and Joanne refuse too (rightfully so)

Holly and Brett first.

Detour: Yukon supply Run or Klondike Gold Rush

Lake Bennett, assemble raft and retrieve clue from lake.

Gold rush: Complete three pioneer activities.

Jet and Dave do gold and the doctors do supply (and they have no idea what they are doing).

Flight 2 arrives.

Both teams find their clue. Speed Bump: Yukon wild fence. The shooting of ____ and Robert Service (look alike, the real RS is dead) will give them their next clue. 4 verses. They need to memorize the whole poem.

Bodybreak does gold.

Tims fail on their first time.

Sisters say they might need to use express pass.

Now the doctors are using their raft to get to the clues


Back and Tim Sr encouraging Jr to memorize.

And they finally get it!

They choose to do Gold Rush.

The Army bros think its done for them cuz the other two teams have EP.

The doctors get their clue.

The editing makes it look like a difficult detour.

Bodybreak struggling with the detour loll

Sisters and Kristen/Darren arrive at detour. They choose the raft detour.

The sisters use the EP!! WOW

The Army bros can't run fast cuz of Jody's legs.

Jet and Dave finish first (foreshadowing earlier).

Carcross Desert is the pitstop for this leg of the race.

Hal and Joane finish detour and are in third.

Vanessa and Celina go to detour and use ep

They had to use RTVs to get to the pitstop

Jody and Cory do gold rush.

Jet and Dave arrive first. Greeter is a women in a dress: Welcome to Yukon the land of the midnight sun.

Prize: All inclusive trip to Cancun Mexico.

Doctors in second

Hal and Jo in third.

Sisters in 4th. However because they need to get their bags before checking in! lol They dropped it while running.

Tims and sisters foot race for fourth. now!


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