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IMPORTANT! Even though we are a spoiler board, we do NOT want to have the episode spoiled while it is airing.
SO!! If you are watching anything but the CTV feed, it is your responsibility to be sure you are not ahead of us if you want to post/update in this thread. 
 SO PLEASE ** NO  OUTCOMES ** to be posted before the show is done airing East Coast time! 
Anyone breaking the rule is at risk of being banned.  :browsie:
And NO future spoilers either!
Otherwise, come watch with us for the best weekly viewing party in town!! :party:
We will have a LIVE streaming video posted every week we can find one. So if you are overseas or just on the West Coast and want to watch right away...please join us! You can follow along and PLEASE help update as the show unfolds! We hope everyone will join in the fun!! :wohoo:
LIVE STREAMING VIDEO links will be  HERE and will normally be put up about 20 minutes before show time.
And you can entertain yourself with the spoiler threads as well while you wait! **Spoilers**
Have FUN everyone and :tu for joining us!!

Don't think Peach will be joining us today... and I haven't been able to find any live online broadcasts. So if you're outside the CTV viewing area you may be out of luck.

You wrote Ep 1 on the title...isn't that Ep 2 ???


--- Quote from: Declive on July 22, 2013, 07:52:39 PM ---You wrote Ep 1 on the title...isn't that Ep 2 ???

--- End quote ---

I was all confused

-$200 for this leg of the race.
Departure times:
500 – Darren Kristen
516 – Holly Brett
534 – Bodybreak
534 – Team muscle
First four teams to Vancouver. Bodybreak asked to be on first flight ahead of Celina/Vanessa and they got in and the sisters didn’t.  7:15 flight
Cowboys missed 820 flight and are on 10:55 flight. All other teams are on 8:20 flight
Maple Leafs lounge at airport to find next clue.
Holly Brett looked at map in plane to know where to run.
They are in first.
Route info: go to Richmond Oval and search grounds for next clue.
All teams on first flight made train except Bodybreak.
Hippies get out on first stop of train as the oval is between two stops. But they were last to arrive there from the lead team

Roadblock: Short track, and complete two laps in 1 minite in 30 second. Champiuon skater Michelle ? didnt catch name. will give them their next clue.

Now it gos to the Kristen/Darren promo two I posted earlier lost in Vancouver.

Who is skating on thin ice? – roadblock question
Brett does roadblock and falls. 
Kirsten and Bodybreak arrive at same time.
Brett Finished in one try. Tims minus the girls and mitic's and get on the train and Tim Sr waves bye to them in a cocky fashion.
Jet does roadblock and falls



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