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TAR Vietnam 2--ReCaps are here!!

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I've run across some indications that TAR Vietnam 2 may be starting to film in the next week or two. I wasn't aware before this that TAR Vietnam was going to have a second season, so I thought I'd pass the news along. I'm not completely comfortable about posting what I found just yet and I'll try to get additional confirmation if I can.

Do we have any proofs beyond those "indications" ?

Are we looking at an international or a domestic race?

Declive, I found something that probably shouldn't have been on the internet and I'm not comfortable revealing it at this time. Beyond that, I have no proof. Hopefully more will materialize later on. I'm sorry that I have to be mysterious about it, but I don't want to get anyone from TAR Vietnam in trouble.

Airlinesguy, I don't have any information about whether it will be an international race or one inside Vietnam.

Oh , ok than. No worries!


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