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A Few Rules & Comments
« on: July 26, 2004, 09:58:37 PM »
Posted by Texan_Survivor

Okay now that we are getting alot more members   I think we should put a few rules and comments out here.

We all like talking about the shows, but keep in mind some people do not like to read spoilers about the show.  Please mark your posts with a spoiler warning.

There is a spoiler thread so we can discuss spoilers there and the people that do not want to know will not go there. 

Spoilers should include the boot lists from CO, Sleek and any others.  we can discuss at no end in the spoiler board.

Please be respectful of others.  We all agree to disagree, but please do not make personal attacks on others that do not agree with your opinion.

If you get a spoiler, vid caps or other information from another message board, please give them credit in your message.  We all read other boards and should give all the great spoilers on the other boards their due credit.

Everyone is invited to join any and all the games that we are playing as RFF.  The more the merrier.  These are a fun way to watch the show, but be warned it also makes you yell at the TV when you pick wrong 

If you are offended or have an issue with a post or a poster please hit the alert button to notify the mods.  Or you can PM any of us through the site.

We want everyone to enjoy the board, but be aware of the other posters on the board too.

Once the other mods are on they will probably add to this list.   
 Okay one I left off  ~ locking threads.

I have been locking some threads lately, not out of spite but because they have pasted in the time of the show.  Like who do you think will be booted in Ep 1 or in the Mole we had on thread from the previous mole get bumped.

I will lock duplicate threads or ones that are not longer relevant so that they will fall to the bottom of the page.  Please do not get offended, this is just meant to keep the current information at the top.