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--- Quote from: north09 on September 01, 2013, 02:27:06 PM ---I think they've just decided to continue starting in LA because that's where their headquarterd and is home to a major international airport. For spoiler purposes, I'm fine with it. We always get pictures of most of the teams at LAX.

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Yeah RIGHT !!   :groan:

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I still want to see a new airport being featured. :( Los Angeles is being completely overused. I want something fresh like starting in the Sonoran Desert and flying to Europe via Phoenix Sky Harbour Int'l Airport. I think what I'm saying is I liked it better when they started at naturally beautiful, unique, and well-renowned locations like the Everglades, Central Park, and the San Gorgonio Wind Turbine Farm rather than local, nonintriguing locations like the Colorado Street Bridge (worst starting location ever, period.), Hacienda Heights's chinese temple, and this season's artificial ghost town. It's simply not the same energy brought out.

I like the old west and stage coach. Fitting for a flight to Chile.


--- Quote from: couchracer on September 02, 2013, 02:53:38 PM ---I like the old west and stage coach. Fitting for a flight to Chile.

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When I think of Chile, I think of Valparaiso. :lol:

Candi Lee2:
most likely Juneau/TAR task related ?

Alaska Powder Descents | Juneau Heli-Skiing
August 4
Our sister company here in Juneau has been getting it done! Film shoots with NatGeo: Ultimate Survival Alaska, CBS: The Amazing Race, and BBC: Deadly 60 as well as a photo shoot for American Eagle's winter catalog. 

Above & Beyond Alaska, LLC

Chutes and ladders! This was a rigging we setup for a TV show that came to town last week.
July 8



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