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Jai Ho:

The season's near

It's almost here

da da da da

deep in the heart of Texas,

Color commentary

It will be legendary

da da da da

deep in the heart of Texas.


Namaste and shalom, y'all. This is DJ Jai Ho comin' to you live from the Lone Star State. HMLM 3 is nigh, and you've reached the top spot for recaps. Last season, kinda fell off the wagon, much like I do with every single diet I've tried :( but I finished my master's, it's summer (which means time to stay inside because it's hot out there) and I can't find a summer job, so recaps, thy will be done. To the best of my ability. I hope that this year will mean a better Reshet website (yeah right) with easier access to the episodes for us Americans, and oh yeah, maybe FEWER EPISODES with less filler. I love filler, but let's get real...this time, in order to accomplish my goals, I'm going to try my best to skim over stuff that is not germane to the action so it won't take me five hours to write each recap like last time.

But anyway, we've got some kick-ass teams and exciting locations to look forward to, so pull up a chair, get out your hummus, and pop open a cold Goldstar, and get ready for Saturday night (or whenever Reshet chooses to upload the ep to their website). And of course, head on over here to read, chat, praise and bitch about HMLM 3.0.

Oh, and be a dear and watch the promos on YouTube or Reshet. They are probably the most epic TAR promos ever, of any franchise. Remember how TAR US promoted All Stars with... "Drops of Jupiter"? This is the complete opposite of that.

Jai Ho:
To get us ready for the season, let's meet some of the teams. I know that there have been mucho spoilers so far but I'm going to try to be objective.

Let's Hear It For The Boys: The M/M teams

First up:

Eliran & Itzik

Current Nickname: Team Falafel

Eliran: Lighter skinned guy with the shag.
Itzik: Dark dude with dreads.

The scoop: They are childhood friends from the town of Carmiel but they live in Tel Aviv now. They are featured pretty heavily in the previews, so they must either go far, be awesome, be really annoying, or any and all of the three. Itzik is 28. Eliran is 26. They are surfer dudes who sell falafel. Itzik is older and more mature; Eliran's the little brother. Itzik is single; jury's out on Eliran.

On the race: I think their charisma will suit them well for the race, they're used to standing out in the hot sun for hours so weather and patience are no big deal, and they seem pretty fit. Maybe not the brightest candles in the menorah, but we'll see.

David & Eliran

Current nickname: Blue Collar Boys, maybe? Help...

David: Taller guy (in the pics at least)
Eliran: Shorter guy with more compressed face.

The scoop: Friends from Ashdod, just like Asher/Maor of S1. They are longshoremen who work in the port of Ashdod, hence the construction getup in their pics on the website. David speaks French. The most interesting thing about them is that they have the same height, weight, and shoe size. Really, producers? Absolutely NOTHING else of interest? I'm thinking these guys might be snoozefest city.

On the race: Physical fitness, obvs. They work together doing a job requiring a lot of concentration and communication, so that will help them. They do sound a little socially awkward, but that's to be determined.

Stay tuned more team info tomorrow.

 "Maybe not the brightest candles in the menorah, but we'll see."

  :lol3: :lol3: Mean, but witty.

Maxine Rama:
Haha, I'll be following your recaps and hopefully watching the episodes too.

Jai Ho:
Two days until HMLM/TARI amazingness!

Here's some more teams!

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun: The F/F teams

On the distaff side, we start with:

Romi and CoralMichele

Current Nickname: Romi and Michele, RoCo

Romi: Brunette
Coral: Blondie

The scoop: Sisters from Petach Tikva that remind me a lot of Alana and Mel from TARAU2 but hopefully less of a train wreck (Mel is probably the only racer of any franchise that I've watched that I believe is not a good person at all, and the only one I'd never, ever want to meet in person - not that I've met any racer). Romi is 18, making her the youngest to run TAR in standard format in ANY country, so, good for her. Coral, 20 is a law student and ex of Tom Kashty from the last season. The girls reportedly bicker a lot. And yeah Coral, I'm really happy for you and I'mma let you finish, but from now on your name shall be Michele in homage to one of the greatest movies of all time.

On the race: Bickering sisters have not done well in the past, and except Kisha/Jen, sisters have generally not well at all. Romi seems shy and bookish. Are these sisters going to do it for themselves?

Dana and Debby

Current nickname: D/D, Mom/Daughter, Team Lipstick

Dana: Younger one
Debby: Older one with WAY too much makeup on in her pictures.

The scoop: Extroverted mom and introverted daughter from Jerusalem (hell yea!) and basically the polar opposite of Nancy/Emily. Dana is a club owner, so she must have some social savvy. Debby is a 46 year old real estate agent who doesn't leave the house without lipstick, in contrast to her daughter. Dana dislikes makeup, and if you've seen other pictures of her, I think that she actually does look much better without makeup. I'm expecting a lot of laughs from them.

On the race: I think they're actually a pretty good balance. Both are physically fit and people-persons (people-people?) by the nature of what they do every day. Although Debby appears prissy, I could see her letting her hair down and not fizzling out early like Tal of Tal/Mor last season.

Herut and Yoftut

Current nickname: Girl Scouts, Rooty/Tooty, Rue/Rom

Herut: Bangs
Yoftut: No bangs, making a hand gesture in their profile picture

The scoop: These gal pals from Petach Tikva are 20 years old and are the religious team this time around. Their names sort of rhyme. They are both part of a youth group, as evinced by Yoftut's shirt in the pictures of them. I could imagine them showing up at my door to sell me cookies. Herut, who I think looks like Sara Rue, wants to be an actress. Yoftut (real name is Yael), looks like 90s Disney Channel actress Christy Carlson Romano (Even Stevens FTW!). She comes from a religious family with 10 brothers and sisters, drives a motorcycle, and works at a school. She also looks like she'd fit right in with the Duggars.

On the race: Judging by how many times we see them in the promos (exactly once), don't get your hopes up for these two second bananas. They seem sunny, but also ditzy - probably the definition of lulzy. Their local newspaper did an article about them that spoiled their placement, which I will not mention here. These girls must not have gotten their "keeping secrets" badge.

Ma'Ayan and Batel

Current Nickname: Ma/Ba, Cousins, Persians

Ma'Ayan: Taller, curly hair
Batel: Shorter, stick-straight hair

The scoop: Cousins of Persian descent who have a preference for patterned wrap dresses. I wasn't able to find too much on them. They're from a teeny tiny town in southern Israel that I've never heard of (population 500!), so I guess that makes them just small town girls living in a lonely world. Ma'Ayan is a communications student and works at a convenience store, and Batel is a customer service representative. So maybe they'll annoy the competition and then slow them down with cheap and crappy snacks. Sounds like a winning strategy to me.

On the race: Their relationship seems rather solid and they seem like a whole lot of fun. Coming from a small, laid-back town, I am wondering how they will deal with the "go-go-go" pace of TAR, culture shock and being away from home - I predict that those will be this team's make-it-or-break-it factors.

I started this post on Thursday and now it's Friday. Coincidentally, it's also my college commencement in about 12 hours (lolwut?) so I probably should be in bed or else I'll fall asleep at the ceremony the minute I sit down. I already did that for my first degree, so I'll be trying my best tomorrow to remain conscious the whole time this time. Couples bios and info will come when the excitement dies down, so either tomorrow night or Saturday pre-premiere.

Do you think these chicks have what it takes to be the next Bar and Inna?


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