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BB 15: No More Superpass??

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Big Brother live feeds moving to
by Andy Dehnart / April 4, 2013, 12:30 AM   

 For the show’s 15th season, Big Brother’s live 24/7/except-when-they’re-censored feeds will be hosted on CBS web site, not on RealNetworks SuperPass, as they have been for the past 13 seasons.  Hamsterwatch broke the news on Twitter, noting that “for the 1st time since BB2, #BB15 live feeds won’t be on SuperPass.” The site didn’t provide additional details.
However, a letter sent to affiliates (web sites that receive payment when users they refer sign up for the service) from a RealNetworks representative said that this summer, “the Big Brother Live Feed will have a new home this season on”
The letter said that CBS “plans to continue with an affiliate marketing program,” because those at CBS Interactive “understand the critical role you play in generating the interest and subscribers for this product.” It added that affiliates’ “support has been critical to building a large and vibrant community of Big Brother Live Feeds subscribers.”
That means there will most likely still be a charge for the feeds, because it wouldn’t make sense for CBS to pay affiliates for referrals that did not result in a transaction. Last summer, ABC’s Glass House offered free live feeds on its site, but only broadcast at certain times.
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Changes, changes, changes. It will seem odd not to deal with SuperPass but we will adjust. Just keep reading here and we will update you as to the changes including buying the feeds. (Buying the feeds here helps fund the forum for the year and it's important to us!)  :hrt:

Ugh.  I hope it works better for me than everything else on their website. 

There are lots of rumors out there  regarding what is going on with the live feeds so unless you see a post from CBS directly. Do not  believe the hype :lol3:

News should be coming out by the end of the month as they would need to generate sales for a possible Early Bird purchase


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