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It is my understanding that they do NOT have visas for all countries, that they receive tourist visas, that some visas are purchased (when allowed) on site with some of the allocated funds.
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Okay, we can ask but they can't tell!

However, I bet they get to travel as if they are tourists.   ;)

Would a travel blogger have to get a visa just because they are going to make a living by their writing?

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Also from that website, for a foreign national to work in Botswana, a "work permit" is required. Guess what?? get a "work permit" to work in Botswana, you have to fill out a Visa application.

As long as you stay a limited time and your work is not paid for by a local company you generally can get by on a tourist visa. Of course exceptions apply, like a foreign journalist who wishes to report from the USA must get a special visa.

But I would expect that in almost all cases the racers as well as WRP can get by on tourist visas.


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Wynona's approach, although brilliant, would not have yielded the answer.  No visa is required by US passport holders:
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...did/do they have visas for every country they visit? 

Dr. Rox,

From past discussion related to prior Amazing Race seasons, and I don't remember precisely when it was (although Peach might), the standard procedure for every Amazing Race is for World Race Productions to place a large number of visas into each racer's passport before their race begins. A minority of them are countries they will actually be visiting but there will also be a majority of irrelevant ones to disguise where they will be really going.

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Actually you have to take the process one step further. In the early seasons (at a minimum) teams had to sign or otherwise fill out visa applications for some of the countries (the producers were able to do this for other countries) and this would be done before the final selection of teams during the final interviews.

The teams would see visas for countries in their passports some of which were not going to be visited. Another thing to keep in mind is that the producers would have to have visas for backup or alternate legs as well as the primary destinations that TPTB plan to go to for that season.

So the presence of additional visas isn't just to obscure the actual countries the teams may visit, it's also to have the paperwork done for countries that may have to be used at the last minute.

Might be a good question to ask some of the recent season racers, especially since the question keeps coming up.
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