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BBCanada: Emmett Blois
« on: February 20, 2013, 10:55:51 AM »

Name: Emmett Blois
Age: 24
Hometown: Gore, Hants County, NS
Occupation: Dairy farmer
Three adjectives that describe you: Outgoing, adventure-seeker and social
Why did you want to be on Big Brother Canada?
My older brother told me I had to do it. I didnít really watch the American version much until I auditioned. When I found out that I got in, I was so excited to tell my brother!
Do you have a strategy going into the house?
This is going to be tough,. Iím a competitive person but Iíve never thrown a competition. I donít think Iíll be able to get out of doing that in the house. Iíll probably flirt a little. Iím really good at that, and I like the ladies who play hard to get. If you donít get turned down the first time you try, youíre not having fun.
Will you hide anything about yourself from the other houseguests?
No, thereís nothing intimidating about me. I had a basic upbringing and Iíll definitely tell them that Iím a dairy farmer. Dairy farmers are the most trustworthy people.
Do you think that the physical or mental challenges will be more difficult for you?
The mental challenges will be tough. Iím looking forward to the physical ones. I will lie for $100,000. Iíd do a lot of things for $100,000. Iíd get into the ring with Mike Tyson with my arms tied behind my back for $100,000!
Describe your perfect day?
Training with the Toronto Maple Leafs.
Whatís your biggest pet peeve?
People who donít put away their dishes Ė especially the ones that are clean and dry in the rack. But Iíll suck it up for $100,000.
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