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BBCanada: Peter Brown
« on: February 20, 2013, 10:49:57 AM »

Name: Peter Brown
Age: 26
Hometown: Surrey, BC (originally from Millville, NB)
Occupation: Web Content Curator
Three adjectives that describe you: Mean, funny, and intelligent
Why did you want to be on Big Brother Canada?
Iíve watched every season of the American show and some seasons of the British show and Iíve always wanted to play. As soon as it was announced that it was coming to Canada I had a lot of people telling me I should try out.
Do you have a strategy going into the show?
My strategy is to be nice to people Ė itís the most duplicitous thing I can do. In real life Iím nice to the people I like, but to me these people arenít people, they are characters to be overcome in my narrative to the end.
Will you hide anything about yourself from the other houseguests?
Iím going to be as forthcoming as possible. In a game where everyone is lying all of the time, the trickiest thing you can do is just be up front. Then again, I also plan to be nice, so Iím not necessarily going to be honest as much as make people believe Iím being honest.
Do you think the physical or mental challenges will be more difficult for you?
I think it will depend on what type of challenge it is Ė all challenges can be tricky depending on what they are. I donít foresee the day-to-day minutiae of the game being something I have a hard time with.
Describe your perfect day.
I would probably go to a multimillion dollar theme park because it is the ultimate manufactured experience.
Whatís your biggest pet peeve?
People moving slowly. Walking on the street or an escalator, basically just slow people in general.
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