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I would think that what LaToya said would be an opinion or sarcastic comment, not meant as fact. I don't think you can sue over that.  :lol3:

I agree with Apskip, Omarosa will be on the show for awhile because she is the villain and a very good one at that.  )-**

For the record, I don't believe Trump's assertion in the final Boardroom scenes that he probably would have fired Omarosa if LaToya had brought Omarosa into the Boardroom, as was obviously warranted by her behavior and ducking out.

Omarosa <3333333 Amazing villain!

Omarosa must be a magician or something... I don't know how she keeps escaping the boardroom. :groan:

Omarosa continues to play the return of Harry Houdini. However, even if she had as warranted made it to the Boardroom she would not have been fired. It's not time quite yet as her purpose for being on AllStars has not been fulfilled yet.


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