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TAR Ukraine 2! Pre-race INFO (for now!)
« on: June 22, 2013, 05:13:33 AM »
Good news! The 1+1 network has put up a casting page at, so they are apparently planning to have a second season of TAR Ukraine. They are also putting up tweets about it on their Twitter feed with links to Facebook pages:

Tweets (translated to English):

1 1 1 +1 @ 1plus1tv 15h
# Casting # amazingrace Casting to participate in the "Great race-2" has begun! A. ..

1 1 1 +1 @ 1plus1tv 19h
# Amazingrace We saw a lot of things that you can do in order to participate in the "Great peerhonah" ....

1 1 1 +1 @ 1plus1tv 21h
Heroes of Jules Verne's flying around the world in 80 days. Are you willing to take part in the "Great race 2"?

Here's some of the text from the casting page (also in English):

Great Race
Fill out the registration form

    If you dream to fly around the globe ...
    If you aspire to conquer the skyscrapers of Dubai, dive to the bottom of the Indian Ocean and straddle the Australian kangaroo ...
    If you are ready to do anything to win the big money ...
    Come to the casting of the new incredible show!
    Fill in the form and sent around the world!

Application for participation

Channel "1 1" begins casting for participation in large-scale reality TV format by «The Amazing Race» («Amazing Race"). The show will participate in teams consisting of two people in some way related to each other (husband and wife, brother and sister, colleagues, parents and children, close friends, etc.). Teams go on a world tour, during which compete with each other at different stages in different countries. The participants are waiting for test speed, endurance, intelligence, to win they must demonstrate considerable willpower and ability to play as a team. During the race they prevail against thousands of miles on planes, helicopters, balloons, trucks, bicycles, taxis, trains, buses and boats, eventually walking. Participants incredible race will see different cultures and traditions, will visit the most exotic corners of the planet and survive the greatest adventure of your life. The prize will be an unprecedented cash prize.
EVERY MEMBER OF YOUR TEAM must complete a separate form

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