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Is the glass half empty or half full? It depends on how you look at it. Although Katie and you are technically correct that 4 total days (one for only 26 minutes) were involved, it was still only 2.7 days elapsed time. I find what you and Katie are stating very misleading.

Another element to consider is the number of time zones involved in the travel. That's more of a subjective sense for the racers actually doing the traveling.

Which is a roundabout way of saying that for the teams, it must have felt like four days of travel, and teams would have had to get ready for their release from the pit stop in Hanoi, especially if they got to sleep during their rest period. So I can understand that perception of four days in the comment.

Here is possibilities for what could happen once teams reach Zurich airport (the obvious entry point into Switzerland since the nonstops arrived at 0610 on Nov. 28 and 0616 on Nov. 29):

trains to Brig:
dep. Zurich airport 0813 arrive Brig 1031
                              0840                  1102
                              0843                  1102 (change in Bern)   

trains to Visp (obviously the same ones):
dep. Zurich airport 0813 arrive Visp 1040
dep.                       0840 arrive         1112
dep.                       0843 arrive         1112 (change in Bern)
and the same pattern at :40 and :43 after each hour


Updated flight schedules on Nov 28/29, 2013.

Maun to Johannesburg
4z 8301   2:00pm to 3:40 pm
BP 211     2:20 pm to 4:00pm

Johannesburg to Zurich
LX 289   8:25pm to 6:10am (arriving on Nov 29th)

Train to Interlaken from Zurich Airport
1) 6:40 am to 8:51 am
2) 7:13 am to 9:28 am
3) 7:13 am to 9:51 am

Possible flights from Edinburgh to Belfast on 4th December (if the Edinburgh/Belfast legs are keep racing legs):
Belfast International:
BFS Belfast   U2 488   easyJet    4:30 PM    4:23 PM       Landed   On-time    319   
BFS Belfast   U2 492   easyJet    9:05 PM    9:03 PM       Landed   On-time    319   

Belfast City:
BHD Belfast   BE 688   FlyBE    3:25 PM    3:31 PM       Landed   On-time    DH4   
BHD Belfast   BE 690   FlyBE    6:30 PM    7:32 PM       Landed   49 min    DH4   


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